Why Marriage Is very Important: 10 Good Reasons

Marriage signifies the starting point of every union between a man and a woman. It is one of the most beautiful things created by God. That is the reason why after God created man, there was no other thing among other creations that fits man’s liking until God creates the woman. From then onwards, man becomes happy. This signifies that the coming together of a man and a woman has received God’s approval from the beginning of time.

Now, because it is God’s initiative that man shall not be alone because He also finds out that there is no other similarity like a man. God then made a helpmate, a companion, a look-alike, and from the ribs of the man to be with him. That is how it has been in practice that a man will go lurking for a woman to be with him. Therefore, for this activity to be moral in the sight of God, (because God dwells in morality), he ordained this union to be called MARRIAGE.

What is the ordinary definition of marriage?

Marriage is an official pronouncement that a man has taken a woman to become his wife. It involves the process of both of them taking a nuptial vow to live together forever. In ancient times, marriage is seen as an obligation, especially for the womenfolk. It is looked upon that every woman must be betrothed to a certain man with or without her consent. While the menfolk can take as many wives as they wish. This ancient conviction deviates from God’s definition of one man one woman.

The ordinary man’s reason for getting married might be different from God’s purpose for instituting marriage. The two individuals who come together to form a union might have different purposes for accepting each other. Some marriages are primarily to reproduce and have offspring, while some just love the act of being together as a couple.

Today, if men should adopt God’s purpose for ordaining marriage, then some men would rather choose not to marry.

Below are the very good reasons why marriage is very important.

To legalize a union

Many people do not understand that one of the reasons for uniting a man and a woman is to make it legal. Officially known by everyone that both couples are now bound to live together for the rest of their lives. Therefore, those who do not understand simply get together and start procreating. When this happens, people who observe them or who know them too well go on complaining and gossiping that they are not yet married.

The illegal union will go further to affect the children born from this union, thus making them become illegitimate children. This is because there is no official pronouncement, and most of all no prayers or blessings were pronounced upon them.

To procreate and retain the image of a man on earth

Trying to understand the philosophy of life, no human being lives forever. Every day in the world, new babies are born into one family or the other, and there is also a record of death. If God has destined only death without birth, then there will be no image of a man on earth. This means the only creation will be the first image of the first man and woman.

Before a man dies, he leaves behind a child that will succeed him, thus the child will also leave behind another successor. Therefore, marriage has made it possible to retain an image of a man on earth

For lifelong companionship with the opposite sex

This is in the accomplishment of what God has instituted initially when he created the woman and brought her to the man as a helpmate. To have two people who share common happiness and understanding. Marriage has made it possible for a man and a woman to live together and become intimate friends. They share things and have one mutual tolerant, which will keep them long until death do, they part. In the absence of marriage, a man may not have any commitment and when this happens, they may be a countless number of illegitimate children and sexual immorality on earth.

To satisfy the sexual urge of men and women

One of the reasons why God created marriage on earth is to eliminate the issue of sexual immorality. It does not seem right for a man to have any intimate act with a woman that is not his wife, this is also applicable to the woman. Therefore, marriage was ordained for a man to take a wife and a woman take a husband and both share intimate acts.

To keep God’s creation pure

This is mostly applicable to young men and women in teenage, and to the married couples who practice adultery outside their union. Marriage helps young adults to keep hope alive, they have to look up to the time of getting married and refrain from immorality. While married couples should endeavor to keep their union sacred before their maker.  

To make procreation legitimate (security of children)

The marriage made it possible for children to have complete parents. And children born out of wedlock are by law illegitimate children. There are some cases where a man may have his first son out of wedlock and another second son while in marital union. These two children will disagree on who is the rightful heir of the father. Thus, the issue of marriage makes the second son a legitimate child of the man.

To avoid the spread of some certain illness

Recent development has shown that so many infectious diseases are in circulation. Most of these diseases are contracted through sexual intercourse, such as HIV, syphilis, Gonorrhea, Herpes, and the likes. To avoid the spread of these illnesses the issue of one man, one woman a union called marriage becomes the best odd. Each man and woman stick only to his partner and the spread of such ailment becomes invisible.

To create generation

Marriage is the reason why generation after generation is surfacing on earth today. A man is a generation of his own and a woman is a generation of her own, coming together to have children has produced another generation on earth. These children also grow up to procreate another generation, and so the generation keeps reoccurring without end.

To have people of common interest

When a family comes alive through marriage, having a man, his wife, and children, they share one language, idea, view, culture, and background. They do things in common and relate together differently from anyone outside their family. Anyone not part of this family is a stranger and cannot be included in the share of their secrets. Marriage is what unites them to form this ally.

Security of the children

Now supposing a woman decides to procreate without being involved in a marital union. The children may have to face the risk of parental insecurity in the future if eventually their mother dies leaving the children behind. This is because the father of those children may not be able to claim ownership of the children who were born out of wedlock. Marriage makes the man able to withstand his position as a father while the children have the security of their father.



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