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About Evelyn Judith & Improving Fortune

About Evelyn Judith & Improving Fortune

Helping You to Improve Life

My Mission

There is this notion that behind every successful person, there is a story to tell and that’s very correct. 

ImprovingFortune.com is a website created  in other to help people understand the basic aspect of living a normal good life.

Sometimes, people tend to conceive a negative impression that only those  who are wealthy and educated can live a respected, well-mannered and successful life.  

But the contents on this blog explain clearly that everybody is entitled to live a successful life and be respected too, regardless of your status, and level of education.

Even those who are not in any way enlightened in one bit can be very successful in life as well.

Life is fortune. When I say this, I mean if you happen to find yourself alive, then you are very fortunate. So , for this reason you need to help yourself by doing those things that will improve your life, and make you a good and responsible human being on earth.

Defining yourself, Living healthy, having good relationship with your fellow human and also with God are all in one, ways of improving your fortune. 

This is not a case of someone who happens to find him or herself in a poor home. Then try to use his background as a justification of not being able to live up to his expectations.

No! But the answer is, you can do all things if you believe and make an attempt to improve.

There are many contents on this blog that can help you improve your lifestyle, and enable you stand your ground to become a successful person everyone would dream to   be.

Some of the write-up are written from  non-fiction, but out of true life experience.  While most other ones are written from true happenings in our communities and society at large. 

My Story

My name is Evelyn Asomugha Judith, and I am the author of the website ImprovingFortune.com. A graduate from   Nigeria higher institution.

I developed the zeal for writing When I was very young at an earlier stage in life. This is because I was very passionate about it.

I remember I use to write on every thing that crosses my mind and surprisingly enough I could just pick up a pen and start writing on a topic that gets my attention. And before you know it I have written one or two pages on something very interesting and educating. So, I find the act enjoyable, because I was just passionate and creative about it all.

When I was in junior school I used to write few pages of novel and share them to my school mates and even to my relatives. It was fun doing that, because they would in return congratulate me, and also encourage me to go ahead.

Aside writing I read too. I read books like; Novel, magazines, articles and news. Reading and writing was just my hobby.

Then before my graduation from high school I participated in various essay writing competition and was among the best.