Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We are improving fortune, this is our home; we value the business as well as our users, and visitors who frequent our site. We highly appreciate their patronage and their interest in the information we display here.

We believe that even as users frequent our domain, they will be very interested to understand how we make use of the information they leave behind. This is because the data we collect from our users as one of the channels of interacting with them is very important to us. For this reason, we deem it fit to bring to their awareness the process by which we handle those data.


The kind of data we collect from our users/visitors

We receive data from visitors who choose to interact with us. They can reach us through our emails, contact form, webmail address, or mobile number. We collect such data as: first name and last name, email address, social media profile, web address.

We regard the information users provide to us as data, which we also store or make public depending on the nature and interest of our users. We will state categorically here that because we value our user’s/Visitors’ interest we also secure every data we collect from them.


How we collect data from our users

Each time any of our users interact with us using any of the channels we provide. We gather the information, including the information we receive from our cookies, and record them on our server log. However, we seek the consent of the users to verify the personality of the data before disseminating each one. We also collect our visitor’s frequency behavior and analyze them as it also helps to resolve issues of records between our server and administration usage. With the use of Google Analytics, we are able to monitor the traffics that enhances those data collection.


Why do we collect our user/visitor’s data?

We collect our user’s data in other to keep accuracy, and proper management of the business by using the information to analyze problems. We also collect those information’s to understand the impression our various users leave behind after visiting our website.

To gain knowledge of the tendency at which our website browser loads as a way of gaining knowledge of our user’s experience. Our commitment to receiving our various visitors’ data will also enhance us to research further on their immediate needs from us. Furthermore, the data we collect will enable us to find the right advertisement that can increase user’s life experience and solve needs.


How users can decline/opt-out

Ordinarily, improving fortune does not use those our visitors’ or users’ personal information to recognize or discover an individual. We rather use it to improve the business by providing better content and help our esteemed users to gain a better experience.  Users or visitors who frequent this site are opportune to interact with the website owners at any given point in time, and can as well opt-out.


Cookies on our website

we include the use of cookies in our site to improve users’ experience, and to help us identify you. You can as well change your browser preferences to either accept or decline our cookies. Although, we at improving fortune will appreciate if you accept, as it will help users utilize all of our services.


Third-party usages

Improving fortune may deem to say that we do not have control over third-party personal information gained from our site such as affiliate companies. This is because the information obtains therein maybe use to also gain data about our user’s visits to our site. We will not have control over cookies used by some of our partners such as affiliate business partners.


The duration of our user’s data

When our users leave a comment, those comments are preserved indeterminately. This is so in other to help us ascertain how we can follow up with the upcoming information from the user. This goes along to imply that any users (those who register with us) can as well gain access to any comment they provide if in the future they wish to withdraw such comment.


User’s right over data

Users or visitors who frequent our site and leave comments behind are deeming right to request for any record we have in moderation with them. Again, they also have the right to request that we delete the data we have with the particular user. However, they also can request that we provide a copy of the data to the particular user. We can still insist that we hold back any information that we feel is very necessary to us, which we may view as legal in other to help our administrative function and furthermore for security purposes.


How user data are protected

The SSL lock encrypts on our website, serving as a linking point between our web browser and any viewer’s browser is a clear indication that every of our user’s data is protected from the view of the general public. Again, with the support of our hosting server, we are able to indemnify a strong security assurance.