What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Alcohol Everyday

such as the bone marrow, lymph, node, tonsils, spleen, etc. These networks of tissues communicate together to protect your body system against diseases such as bacteria, germs, viruses, etc.   

when your immune system becomes weak resulting from much consumption of alcohol, your body security becomes a red flag. It can lead to any form of chronic illness, which includes stroke, liver disease, and different kinds of cancerous illnesses.

Alcohol is a colorless liquid manufactured by the formation of certain fruits and grains, which has many sources as sugar. Most of these alcoholic drinks are beer, wine, rum; whisky vodka, etc. In as much as everything in life has merit and demerits, alcohol drinking has its effects. What makes it more abhorring is its excessive consumption.  When intoxication sets in the way of the individual who consumes it then become drunkenness.

Drinking alcohol can only have a few merits, which is needful to alleviate certain conditions such as:

It could help to reduce the risk of contracting heart disease

It could help to reduce the risk of contracting diabetes

People use it to warm up body temperature during the cold climate condition.

These merits can only be effective when you maintain a moderate level of consumption. Rather than choose to drink alcohol daily, you could only take it occasionally or when the need arises for its consumption.

The moment an individual consumes alcohol; this liquid immediately finds its way to his bloodstream. It flows from his brain, next is the kidney, the liver, and lungs.

Below is what could happen to your health resulting from the daily consumption of alcohol

It can cause liver failure

When you become so much influenced by the daily consumption of alcohol, it causes fibrosis also known as inflammation of the liver. It can lead to liver failure. We have two intricate organs in the body; the liver is one of them. It has a very significant function of filtering the blood, fighting infection, and regulating blood sugar levels.

The liver also can generate new cells. Now, an individual who drinks much alcohol has a limited chance of regenerating new cells.  When there is no regeneration of these new cells and it keeps occurring this way there is a vast chance of liver damage.

It can lead to cancer illness

There are various means an individual can contract the cancer illness. One of these means is the excessive use of alcohol, it can lead to cancer of the throat, mouth, and breast. Other cancers include colorectal and esophageal and also pharynx and larynx.  

These illnesses have no cure when it gets so several otherwise, the patient has to only deal with it.  When alcohol affects the hormones cells that act as messengers that help in growth like the estrogen, there is a chance of cancer development.

It can lead to immediate death

In some cases, individuals living with such diseases as cardiovascular illness can easily fall prey. Cardiovascular illnesses such as heart disease can lead to loss of breath and consciousness. People with this illness and such as hypertension are advised to desist from alcohol drinking.

It can lead to stroke

Research has it that everyday drinking of alcohol can lead to a higher risk of having a stroke. This can even happen earlier in the individual’s life. Note this: that there is a greater risk attached to heavy alcohol drinking especially at a younger age.

It is a situation where the blood flow to the brain is cut off. As it is, we can categorically describe stroke as a brain attack. So, it is true as researchers have marked it a fact that excess alcohol can easily cause damage to the brain leading to stroke.

People use alcohol to commit suicide

This means alcohol poisoning. When depression sets in and there seem to be no meaningful thing about life, the individual resolves to too much intake of alcohol. This could lead to brain damage especially in areas that control breathing, this might result in death. This can further affect your whole-body temperature exposing the individual to coma, which may cut off his existence.


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