Toxic People; Simple Ways to Avoid Them and Move On

How do we describe toxic people? Toxic people are those whose character and attitude impact negativity in the minds of others. They usually result in upsetting other people’s feelings.

Humans they say are not perfect, they make a lot of mistakes. But this saying should not be a guarantee to a means to deviating from the normal life people are expected to live. For every reasonable human on earth, there should be a sense of maturity. Normally at an early stage in life, people exhibit a kind of immaturity. But as time goes, they learn to understand what is right from wrong. Thus they gradually out-grow an evil or wrong character.

Then when some other person refuses to outgrow some odd behavior, it means they are irritating and frustrating. People will not like to associate with them because nobody wants to make trouble or be embarrassed, or even be humiliated by other people’s ugly behavior. You can find such people within the family member or the neighborhood. At workplaces even in the church or in the community anywhere at all. They are known by the character they possess.

These kinds of people see their behavior as normal because it’s usually inborn which might be living or flowing within their blood vein. Most times they can’t be convinced to make a change in their lifestyle. Consequently, they view it as their strength and source of manipulation.

People indeed change with age. And the change comes as a result of experiences they have on some reoccurring issues, and events. While some other times the change comes as a result of learning, maybe from other people’s mistakes or life stories. But when people refuse to learn and also refuse to change Such people are called toxic people and need to be avoided

Ways to Avoid Toxic People 

Brief Discussion

Don’t engage in a long conversation with them. Make it brief but when you engage in any conversation at all be mindful of your words. Avoid argument or any topic that might result in an argument that may upshoot an insult or some kind of rudeness from the person.

Put Them at Arm’s Length

This doesn’t mean you should keep malice with them, NO! Just avoid being too close or too friendly with them. You have to share pleasantries as usual. But you don’t need to have any prolonged or tight dealings with such people. Except if you are very much prepared to accommodate their unruly behavior because they must definitely show the stuff they are made of.  whenever you are having any dealings with them, know when it’s time to quit or you can always avoid any action from them that might trigger their toxic manners.

But Don’t Let Them Intimidate You

Approach them mostly with serious matters, and make them see reasons. This kind of people usually thinks that the world revolves around them and so they would always want other people to have it their way. It’s all about them. Most times they are very selfish and self-centered. Proud and arrogant. So, be confident enough to approach them but also be smart to understand when an argument is about to erupt and move quickly away from them.

Set A Temporary Boundary

Such people sometimes like quarreling and fighting. If in the case of a family member or in a workplace, where the person’s presence may not be avoided, then all you need do is place a boundary between you two in terms of approaching the person. You might just decide to acknowledge his presence but then be away from any activity that might bring you in common with the person.

Understand Their Mood

A clear observation of these people shows that most of their manners and behaviors are in-born negative traits. For this reason, you need to help them as much or as little as you can. First by advising them to be of the reverse behavior. Nobody might indeed be perfect in all aspects but they need to change a bit. Then secondly by moving away from them when they can’t help it.

Advise Them About Their Behavior

A clear view of these kinds of people will show you, that sometimes they can’t help themselves either. They don’t even know when they melt out such manners and characters to people while it is regarded to them as the normal lifestyle. So, one way of avoiding their ugly manners is to sometimes call them to order by giving them one helpful piece of advice or the other to help bring them back to reality.

Can toxic people repent or change in life?

They can change, but don’t get high hopes because the chances of their repentance are likely to be slim. And even if they change it will be temporal and then they go back to their former life. This is because their toxicity is an inborn behavior that they normally see as their strength. Although they say people change with age, out of 100 % of people with this behavior, 20 % are likely to repent but this can only be at a very old age. While the remaining 80 % dies with it.

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