The Best Three Types of Love Every Relationship Needs

The three types of love that must exist in every relationship are those loves that have significant effects on every union. When we talk about relationships, we think about family, friends, groups, and other like-minded associations.

Among other types of love, we try to distinguish three types that show morals, affection, and self-love. This loves plays a vital role within the relationship and in the individuals that make up the union.  As individuals grow up they tend to understand that without this set of love living may be incomplete, as we need them to make life meaningful.

Now, what are these three types of love?


We are talking about the affection that survives in a relationship and the bond that is needed to exist within it. Love is most important because it shows that the people involve having blood circulation that holds them strong.

The Philos love is one of the loves that dwell strongly in every family and among friends. Here you treat all members of the family, as you would do to yourself. We all know that families and friends are more important in our life because they are the people we regard as our flesh and blood. All through our lifetime, we continue including them in our activities and plans.

The Philos love becomes necessary because, in every relationship, family and friends are the special people we share our secret and public affairs with. We need to love them and the love must be permanent. Those families and friends are the only ones to be there when we grow old and leave this life. Therefore, Philos love has a great impact on every relationship.


Every relationship needs Eros’s love. It has more roles to play ranging from procreation and the need to feel belonging to a particular marriage. When God created the world, he installs in man the desire for sexual intimacy.

This is where it becomes necessary for every man to take a woman and both form a union called a family. Eros love takes place between them and they start procreating children. Those children are necessary on earth, as they become the humans that dwell in this world.

The Eros love stimulates the desire for physical touch. When you kiss and hug another person, it comes into play. It is erotic and impacts more on the individual who possesses the feelings. Eros’s love also contributes to man’s happiness.


Agape is very familiar among people and we all hear of it almost on daily basis. It is the love the pastors and clergymen preach in churches. It talks about being charitable and the need to love not considering the circumstance or situation of things.

Agape love is an unconditional love that reminds us that we are the same as our fellow. Apart from our immediate relationship with family and friends, we also have a connecting factor with others.

Now you might ask how this love becomes one best to have in a relationship. First, your love starts from loving yourself but should not end with you. This means that you extend it to your fellow humans regardless of who they may be. You cannot stop your relationship within your family because you still need to create another family outside your immediate union.

Your relationship with others helps you want to have a new connection with them. So, Agape love demands that you love others unconditionally because you may not know what the future holds.

In conclusion

These types of love all make up the love you have for your siblings and parents. They have meanings that are connecting to the other, which makes them needful for every relationship.