Special Short Love Messages for Newly Married Couples

Every marital relationship deserves the best of things. When couples who newly got married start the journey of marriage it is usually fun. Each of them expects that the union will grow stronger and stand the test of time. It is the duty of each couple to try as much as possible to make the other very comfortable.

It is also the duty of each one of them to work and sacrifice everything to make the marriage work. Among many other things, couples can do to make their relationship work, sending love messages to each other is one sure best. There is no specific time or number of times for them to do this. They can send short love messages countless times especially when they are apart from each other even in workplaces.

Text messages cheer the heart, makes couples feel more special towards each other. It also makes them have some sense of belonging. It is another way of keeping each other lively in spirit.

Below are some special short love messages newly married couples can disseminate to each other.

Let us start with:

Prayerful love messages

My love, may God protect you each time you leave the home and where ever you are. May he also bring you safely back to me. I love you.

Sweetheart, God is your strength, keep dwelling in his love now and always. As we share this love may God’s love keep us stronger and unite us more in his faith. You will forever be mine.

Honey, may God give you victory in times of challenges. May he also show you the way in times of confusion. I will forever love you.

Our love is meant for each other in real and in spirit. I will forever cherish you, my pride. you belong to me now and forever.

Honey, each time I look into your eye, I find longing and passion in them, may God keep it so forever. I promise to give you everything you deserve in love. We belong to each other.

My pride, I always thank God for your life and how he made it possible to unite us. I am ever joyful for this. May God continue to keep us stronger till the end.

Romanntic Love messages

Those prayerful messages are worth it because every relationship deserves God’s intervention. Prayer should be the foundation of every union. Let us see below more other short love messages that are rather romantic this time.

Sweetheart before now I feel lonely but your presence in my life gives me fulfillment and permanent hope. You are the perfect right for me.

My Love, right now I can sip my coffee without sugar, not minding how bitter it tastes. Seeing and remembering your face makes me forget the taste of things. You are my sugariness.

My honey I promise, you won’t share my heart with another. I give it to you for keeps. I know I already have yours and I will keep it forever.

I can’t love you less but I will love you each passing second. If I am to measure my love for you my darling it’s already overflowing like the rivers of living water.

Your warm embrace and a tight hug are such a big memory that keeps me company. When lonely they remind me of your presence

Honey, you are me and I am you we both deserve each other. What’s more, we are never and can never be separable. I love you dearly.

My heart, you mean the whole world to me. I sometimes wonder if I had not met you how the world would seem to me. You truly complete me.

You are all I ever wants, sweetheart even the first day I meet you my heart told me so and I immediately concur to it.

Loving you is the best thing that ever happens to me. Leaving you can be very terrifying and worse than dead. You deserve the best.

You are my queen and I am your king we both will have prince and princess. Together we shall build one big loving domain.

In those days I use to sleep alone while hugging on my pillow for comfort only to get back distress. Now you are here giving me life and comfort.

Sweetheart, we are starting the journey together we will both stay longer in it. I promise you the sweetest things that come with it.

My love even if I have told you this before I will still say it over and again. I love you and always will. It’s unending love.

Every day I raise my hands in thanksgiving unto God for giving me such a treasure like you. I will keep you forever.

Honey, even if I reject everything, I won’t reject you. Rejecting you is equal to rejecting me. I can’t wait to have you all by myself.

You make me understand that love is magical. I can’t stop thinking of you even in my workplace, my mind will always slip and come searching for you.

My heart, even in your absence you are in my imaginations. Though we sleep together you are still in my dreams. Then when we are awake, I feel like never letting go.

If there is anything like reincarnation after death. Right now, I ask that God should destine us to reincarnate at the end of this union.

You make my life complete you are truly the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh. We both belong and till death do us part.

Sweety, having you as my husband/wife makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world. You make me feel like a king. You are my Queen.

I love you and that is the only word in my diary, in my listicle and in my agender. When I hear people pronounce, “Love”, I quickly think they are about to deprive you of me.

My Love, calling you my love feels like it is not enough, but yet I can’t find another word that supersedes it. I love you and forever will.

Honey, thank you for loving me, thank you for accepting me. I feel relieve; I feel a burden lift off from my shoulder. I feel I now have the highest diamond in the world.

Each time I look into your eye, I feel a shiver run through me. It only signifies that you live in me and act in me. I love you more.

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