Reasons Why Most Women Stay In Unhappy Relationship

Being unhappy is a negative feeling of worry and resentment. An emotional sensation of a miserable condition and discontentment about a particular situation or not being able to accomplish a task.

How do we explain the meaning of a woman in an unhappy relationship? Simply put, it is a condition where a married woman finds herself being deprived of gratification and peace of mind while in her matrimonial home. All around her is hatred and distress.

How do you observe people who get involve or try to stay in an unwanted situation that calls for not being happy? Those people are depriving themselves of some sort of happiness in exchange for the deserved joy and satisfaction that should be in control of their lives.

However, there is always a reason for all actions no matter what becomes of them. I always advise people especially women no matter where you belong seek your happiness. No matter how hard you try to please other people you can never satisfy them.

So, you do not need to displease yourself in other to please others. If you try to do so, especially more than is required you will end up hurting yourself. Moreover, even at that, those you are trying to make happy will never be satisfied.

How do you consider a woman who is expected to derive at least 95% of happiness out of 100% satisfaction in her marriage, but is deriving only 30% of the whole? Then where has the remaining 65% go to? How also do you describe a situation where a woman in her matrimonial home only feels happy and relieved when her spouse is away from home? Again, the same woman feels sadness and bitterness when the same spouse is around or is with her at home.

Every relationship indeed has its own lope holes, but if every relationship should be a parcel of sorrow and uneasiness then they had better not be any commitment at all.

Sometimes, the object of uneasiness might not come directly from the woman’s partner but may come from the extended family or relation. Who might be cohabitating together with the woman and her spouse?

There are many such cases; I have seen some of them. There is this case where the immediate siblings and parents of the woman’s husband pick a fight with the woman right in her matrimonial home. While in other cases, it becomes the issue of infidelity coming from the man of the house.

It is very easy and indeed the best for a woman to quit a relationship that is not favorable. Rather stay and endure being miserable all through. Notwithstanding this, some reasons can make a woman choose to stay in an unhappy union.

The fear of becoming single again

One, among other reasons why most women stay in an unhappy relationship, is the fear of getting a divorce and not being able to find another relationship. While for some other women staying in a toxic environment that brings bitterness and aggression is the least option they can ever accept.  These are the type of women that value happiness in life. For them, the thought of transforming back to spinsterhood from an unhappy marriage is not fearsome as far their own happiness is concerned.

However, this is for some women, while other types of women would prefer staying in the union and entertain what comes out of it. She starts considering many issues in her mind, the memories of spinsterhood, thought of loneliness, loosening the regard of commitment, and fear of the unknown future.

What becomes of their fate if she accepts divorce? Will she be able to find another man who will be interested in her? What if she gets a divorce and another woman takes her place? Again, what about all the sacrifice and effort she had put in the relationship to work. The thought of losing it all?

The thought of what will happen if she eventually finds another relationship she will have to start over again.  The thought of being disrespected as a single woman, Again the conviction of people that life is full of challenges.

All these thoughts will definitely put her off the desire to separate from an unhappy and toxic relationship. She would rather prefer to endure, no matter the maltreatment she receives from her partner in marriage than quit

Staying in an unhappy relationship with the fear of losing it to a single life is not advisable. It simply means the woman is willing and ready to entertain any kind of unwanted situation from whoever is the object of her unhappiness.

If she is having a family background issue

Another reason why women stay in an unhappy relationship is due to their own immediate family background. If the woman comes from a less privileged home or a home where there is a limited resource to keep things moving. She becomes afraid of leaving the unhappy union because she will have no one to support her. She might end up returning to her wretched family to start life afresh. Each time she thinks of her background with no one to support her financially a cold shiver runs through her.

If she had other siblings who are yet to get married? Returning to her family means increasing the number of those yet to get married. They might not be enough houses to accommodate them. She also thinks of how she is going to be a burden to the family especially if she is not engaged in any job.

With all these thoughts crawling around her mind, she will have no other option but to continue with the unhappy situation she found herself in.

In all this, the neglecting aspect is that the woman who prefers staying in an unhappy relationship does not consider the fact that happiness is one aspect of living longer.

In all her thoughts, she never considers the consequences of developing emotional health issues, which might lead to an incurable illness. Now she is not taking care of her health because she is prioritizing patience more than happiness.

The fear of abandoning the kids

Parents love kids especially women. The love that exists between a mother and a child is usually very strong such that it is very difficult to disengage. They know how painful it is to give birth to a single child, what more if the kids are more than one. It is not so easy for a woman to abandon her kids on any ground at all.

There are many cases where the women who could no longer bear the unhappy condition decide to take the kids alone with her. They would rather take their kids than leave them at the mercy of someone else.  In the same vein, the man of the family will disagree and insist on having the kids as the rightful owner and father.

This in essence brings conflicts and fights that may call for division and this will not be in favor of the woman. This makes the fear of abandoning the kids another reason why a woman will keep enduring unhappiness in a relationship.

Again, what if she abandons the kids, what becomes of their fate, and what becomes of their future without their mother?

What people might say

We know that every relationship is not a bed of roses. People encounter one challenge or another while in their union together as a married couple. There are some cases when a woman might decide to get married without the consent of either the parents or siblings. In this case, everyone concerned is against the relationship.

Meanwhile, both couples are deeply in love with each other and because of the love involved, it becomes difficult for the woman to leave the man. In the long run when conflicts arise and the purpose of misunderstanding is coming from the man in the sense that the woman can no longer tolerate his attitude. The best option becomes to quit.

Now, this woman sees herself in this unhappy situation and remembering the negative attitude and disagreement of her parents, siblings, and relations before her marriage. What will be their reactions if she quits the marriage, and return to them. The news of their rejection to the consent of the union must have spread far beyond her family line.

Now the relationship is giving her the reverse of what she bargained and she is not feeling happy at all. She might consider enduring the unhappy situation than face what those people will say.

In conclusion, it is best to stay happy in life and move away from miserable conditions no matter where you belong. Unhappy people do not usually live long because everything around them is irritating even their own life. Any woman who happens to find herself in an unhappy relationship should try to take a walk. Yes, quit and go find your happiness. It matters a lot.

You need to live a happy life.


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