Personal Hygiene; 6 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Personal hygiene involves those practices an individual performs to care for his body, health, and well-being, through everyday neatness and cleanliness. It is similar to living a healthy lifestyle. engaging in those practices will help avoid the risk of getting sick or ill, and also minimize the spread of contracting them.

Performing these practices doesn’t limit to our bodies alone because, if we take care of our bodies alone, then it means we are putting or exposing our lives to more risk of germs, and other infections. We also need to extend our practices to our homes.  Yes, we also need to maintain personal hygiene in the homes where we live or stay, otherwise, the personal hygiene will be incomplete itself.

We need to keep our homes clean because our homes are our immediate contact environment. Now let’s look at it from this angle, if after washing your clothes and taking your bath, it happens that your room is not swept and there are particles of dirt everywhere, what sense will it make? Or the bathtub you used, is very dirty, what sense will it make? It won’t make any good sense at all, because the very germs you are trying to avoid are rightly living with those specks of dirt. Dirtiness and germs are good associates.

So, to understand how good personal hygiene can boost a healthy lifestyle, we need to practice keeping our body neat at all times and also keep our immediate homes and environment clean as well. Practicing these two options will go a long way in making a healthy happy life.

Here are some of the things we need to take into consideration when practicing personal hygiene.

1. Always wash your hands

The reason why we should always wash our hands daily is that we frequently touch our eyes, mouth, and nose without even realizing it. We do it absent-minded, a countless number of times within 24 hours. So, it’s very much important to prevent germs and diseases from contracting us. This is the first step to take while practicing hygiene to its fullest, because as humans what goes into the stomach starts from the hand.

2. Take your bath regularly

There is no stipulated time mapped out for one to take bath. You can always take your bath whenever you are feeling hot or body uneasy.  This is very much important as an infrequent bath can cause body odor to the skin and help expose the victim to germs and diseases. Take your bath at least two times daily.

3. Keep yourself neat always

This includes brushing your teeth to remove gums and other dirt, cutting your hair when it grows longer than necessary. Cutting your fingernails and put on nice perfumes to smell good.

4. Prepare your food and water neatly

Always wash your vegetables and raw foods properly before cooking them. When you cook them make sure they are well cooked? Avoid cooking foods halfway. Use salt while washing your vegetable, meats, and fruits it helps kills tiny germs that perch on plants while they are being harvested. Vegetables are best prepared smoked, because overcooking them may not give you the required nutrients.

5. Dust, clean your rooms and toilet

Dirty rooms and toilets attract insects and germs. Clean your rooms especially where you sleep twice daily because your room is second to yourself. What about your toilets, where you usually pass out waste products from your body? Places like the toilet need to be washed every day and always put on the air fresher.

6. keep your environment neat.

Cut the bushes and weed the grasses around your homes to avoid insect and mosquito bites. Sweep those surroundings every day. Avoid stagnant water, empty your trash bin as often as possible.


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