How to Re-Start a Relationship after a Breakup with An Ex


Re-starting a relationship after a breakup needs thorough consideration. After going through the trauma, agony, and pain of the formal affair, you want to reunite again. Perhaps something must have ignited the desire to come together again.

When two people disengage for a certain reason, it takes the two of them the total agreement to do so. Therefore, for them to restart again it will still take the two couples to agree on reconciliation. But then is there any guarantee that the relationship will survive this time. Before thinking of re-starting again, you need to ask and answer certain questions such as;

Question 1

Were both partners able to find new lovers within the period of breakup?

Answer: in a case where the love is genuine, it is difficult for both of them to find new love so soon. The trauma of the breakup might take a long time to overcome. This can make it more reason to re-start again.

Question 2

What leads to the breakup of both partners?

Answer: so many factors can constitute the reason for a breakup. Let us say a case of infidelity or some kind of toxic behavior that initiated the separation. It means that for them to start again the one who engages in the act must make serious repentance. The culprit must resolve never to act abnormal again, and keep his words.

Question 3

Whom among the ex-partners insisted on the breakup?

Definitely one person must be adamant on both going their separate ways. But supposing it is the idea of the female partner, but it is the male who now wants a restart. It will take the consent of the female ex to patch up otherwise there will be no restarting again.


What if the cause of the initial breakup happens again, are both ex ready to uphold until the end?


You see, in life no one is perfect, and I keep telling couples that no marital relationship can ever meet 100% perfection. That is why in every relationship the two most important things to look for are love and understanding of each other. If both couples love and understand each other, they will understand as well how to handle their flaws and weaknesses.

The quote, “experience is the best tutor is very visible in such cases as restarting a formal relationship. In these cases, both exes will have to learn some lessons from the initial union together. However, before they come together again, they need to resolve within them. Affirming themselves to reframe any issue that will result in separation again.

Now to the main issue at stake, how can both of them reunite again, they can restart again in the following ways

Make up your mind to restart

You cannot just wake up in a day and then decides to reunite with your ex. The desire to do so must come first, then you immediately flash your mind and refresh your memory on what brought up the separation. Are you ready to start over again? Perhaps you have forgiven and forgotten whatever offenses that happen. Now you are willing to make amends, maybe you have learned the lesson behind everything and you are ready for a second chance.  You have conducted full research of your inner self and you feel the assurance in you that you want your ex back. Making up your mind for a restart has to do with the craving to accept back.

Learn to understand by giving yourself wise counsels

Whatever must have been the issue for the breakup is not something new in every relationship. It could be one of the common issues couples face that usually result in conflicts and fights. Every union that involves a man and a woman experience one problem to another but the question remains how mature are they to be able to handle them. How knowledgeable are the couples to see the real reason why they should accommodate each other’s flaws and shortcomings?

Remember if you want a restart with your ex you must learn to accept your partner’s blemishes. You must understand your partner’s weaknesses and know how to handle them. You need to understand how to handle whatever happens in the initial union in case such a thing rises again.  The full summary is that you need to grow up.

Give a second thought about the issue

Think about the reunion over and again and be very sure you are ready for what you want.  Assure yourself that you don’t want your ex back because of his fame, money, or beauty. Make sure it is not because you pity his condition. Make sure nobody is convincing you into restarting with your ex, maybe the person wants to see both of you come back again. The only reason that can look authentic is that you love your ex and have missed him or her so you want back the relationship. 

Relate the issue to your cleric

Almost every marital relationship starts with an administration of a priest, minister, or prophet. Some other relationships might just start on their own. So, supposing the ordination of your union was made by a cleric, and then you can approach the same person for counseling.

You can still do so even if a cleric did not ordain it. Aside from a priest or anyone belonging to the sacred mysteries you can approach someone you feel is an expert in relationship issues. All you need now is wise counsel from a godly person; your self-conciliation might not be enough.          

Schedule a date to meet your ex

You have done everything necessary to do, let us assume you have gone through the above step. Then it is time to meet your ex. Meanwhile, you need to find out if all the while you have gone your separate ways that your ex does not have a new lover or hook up with another. Again, make sure your ex is willing to take you back. If you are sure of this then go ahead and schedule a date to meet your ex.

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