How to Keep Passion Alive in a Romantic Relationship

What is passion as regards to relationship; it is the strong enthusiasm and desire of the partners over each other. The longing and yearning to be together more often than not. Therefore, keeping passion alive in a relationship described as romantic is maintaining a moderate level of desire and longing for each other. Which is expected to be so throughout the lifespan of their union even unto a more advanced age.

When couples at first instance get to know each other. That is when they are newly married, or newly came together as would-be partners. They tend to have a kind of longing for each other, longing to stay together always. Longing to live happily ever without pains, hits, ups or downs, and that is the desire of every couple today. To keep the passion alive and moving.

The passion of every relationship is like a bulb light that shines within a house.  It is like a fire that is lit within the house where two couples are living. Now, guess how it will look like if the bulb light goes off or the fire is blown off. The couples will stagger around looking for each other like two blind people trying to get hold of each other.

There is what we call “first impression”, and also trying to maintain the impression. What I mean is this; The first impression couples give to each other at the first instance actually matters much. It is this act that when maintained will lead the relationship either on the smooth ground or rough ground. For any relationship to have passion and maintain it, it has to start from the very first day of their union together. Yes, start that longing and desire from the first day and keep it aflame.

Make your partner your best friend

Ordinarily, before couples come together to know each other, they may be having friends individually. Those friends might simply be the person they confer with within the time of need and advice. Most people go as far as making that person their best friend and get more attached to him or her. Sometimes that attachment gets to a level that they can’t do certain things without getting each other involved.

This is exactly the kind of bond that is expected from a romantic relationship right from the very first day of their meeting., or getting to know each other. The only difference here is that the man or woman learns to disengage from his former friend and build a new bond or new attachment with his new friend. Then continue with the characteristics been shared with the former friend, by transferring the whole passion to his or her new friend.  Although I am not saying that the old friend should be abandoned, there should be a total difference between the new friend and the old friend. But most importantly the new friend should be the best friend.

Go places together

Keep the passion alive by going to places together. Now, this option has everything to do with making your partner your best love. Why did I say this? Before you meet your partner, you once had a friend and yes you go places with your friend and that is what makes you the friends you call yourselves.

Now you meet your partner and become couples not only couples but best love. What then stops you from going to places together. Nothing will of cause stop you from continuing that characteristic you once shared with your former friend. Now that you are in a romantic relationship, never stop going to places together. It’s one of the lively scenes that makes couples stick together.

When you go places together you get to talk about new things, share new ideas, and have new visions. You also get to have more things to discuss, even more memories to keep ahead. Going places together is very important it is one most important tools that gum the passion in a relationship.

Always add humor and joke in your conversation

This is another way for couples to keep the passion alive in a relationship, adding humor and Jokes in their conversations. They can do this more often except when discussing serious issues that need serious attention. For instance, when discussing matters of sensitive issues like; financial issues, or issues that need immediate attention. Quite alright any topic of discussion that involves financial issues is sensitive itself. So, it is best to discuss it with a kind of cheerful and jovial approach. In this way the passion is alive.

Apart from financial issues, other issues like “Trust”, Should also be discussed with some sense of humor. This is because in every relationship each couple would want to trust and believe in the other person. But if they can’t trust, then there is no passion. So, in other to keep the passion alive any topic that borders on trust should be discussed in a jovial manner. For instance, if the woman suspects that the man is having an affair behind her, rather approach the matter aggressively and getting it all wrong. It’s best to confront the issue with smiles and humor, by so doing she will understand the truth behind her suspicions.

Share your secrets

I happen to attend a convention some days ago on “women and marriage”, and the moderator asked a question. “Is it the best for couples to tell each other their secrets”? This question actually got the arena divided, because while some were of the opinion that some secrets should not be shared. Some other people were of the opinion that every secret should be shared among couples. I actually contributed to the answers.

This is what I advised my fellow women. Every secret that has got anything to do with both couples should be shared together. Tell your partner what he or she doesn’t know about you that is supposed to be known. As far as the secret is something that has to do with both of you. Then any secrete that is outside your relationship you can choose not to share it except you want to do so. Therefore, in this context, I am advising couples to share every bit of secrets related to their relationship it makes the union get more passionate.

Use romantic words and names for each other

This is very important, the work of this option in keeping the passion alive is that it hides or clears every impression of anger from the couples. For instance, if both partners are very much used to calling each other pet names like; “sweetheart, Honey, my love” and such romantic names, even when they are angry or arguing with each other they will still maintain it.

Take for instance the other day Paul shouted to his wife with a high tone. “My love, I don’t like it when you put too many sugars in my coffee”.  “I have told you this a number of times”, for the last time stop it, Honey”. This statement having romantic names at the begging and at the end simply signifies that there is passion and love in their relationship. However, he was just cautioning her to be careful. While the wife herself, hearing those words and romantic name would not feel offended nor take it personally.

Remember each others anniversary

Anniversaries are a big celebration for couples. Celebrations like; Birthdays, weddings, graduations, and other occasions that need to be celebrated. They are one big way of keeping the passion aflame between couples. Do you know what it means when couples remember each other’s celebrations? It actually means they are individually having it in mind and preparing a surprise for themselves. A beautiful surprise for a birthday celebration goes a long way to show not only that you care but you definitely have a portion of your heart reserved for your partner.

Make kissing and body contact a common habit

This option should be a regular practice. They should see it as something ordinary and normal. Not alone kissing, but also hugging, holding hands, and sitting together in public places. They can sometimes rest their heads on each other’s shoulders. All these are ways to kindle the fire of passion in romantic love life.  What more if all these are done more often than not, and continuously running throughout the lifespan of the union. There will be absolute passion in such a relationship.

Always feel free and at ease

To feel free and at ease with your partner is a much easier way to keep the passion growing stronger in every relationship. It means freedom and peace of mind with the very person you love, and it is selfless. Selfless in the sense that it comes with happiness, desire, and fulfillment. At this, there is always a gap when one partner is not around with the other, the feeling of loneliness can be visible. But when the gap is filled there is an absolute passion.


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