How to deal with your narcissistic partner: 5 simple ways

It is always me. I, and mine. It is all about me and never us. A narcissistic partner is someone whose self is more valuable than anyone else around is. It is considered mostly as a mental disorder, which can only be handled with wise counsel and professional health care.

It is usually more frustrating to imagine living with someone whose activities revolve around his life. A mere imagination can trigger the pain of having to experience it in reality. But some mysteries of life abound in every marital union which only the wise can understand. The individual can then be able to adapt to every circumstance that confronts his or her life.

For every man, there is a woman destined to be his wife and vise versa. Just as the saying goes that “one man’s meat is another man’s toxicity. The fact that you cannot live with a particular man because of his toxic manners does not mean that someone else cannot live with him. It simply means that man is not for you, because someone else will accept his manners and handle it fine.

There are different ways of dealing with people; otherwise, everyone will prefer condemning the act of association. Even as you detest other people’s flaws, you probably need to ask yourself if you are perfect in all your ways. For humans who are facing the fault of narcissism, just like every other imperfection. There is still one way or the other to handle the situation rather than condemn the victim.

Is narcissism a normal habit or an option?

None of the two questions signifies narcissistic; it is neither a normal habit nor an option. It is simply chaos in the individual’s mental reasoning which as well needs modification. Anyone going through this trauma has a lot to contend with. Which the person can get rid of, but can only take a gradual realistic procedure. An administration by a professional can help well.    

Love indeed endures all flaws, but there are ways to handle those defects for the love to keep being alive. Just like every other toxic behavior, there are ways of handling a partner with a self-absorbed temperament 

Take advantage of your partner’s happy moment

Your partner is probably someone that thinks highly of him or herself, you can seize the moment of his cheerfulness to talk about what interests you both. At that very moment, the person is in a good state of mind and everything he or she says or does is relatively about his purpose. Start by making positive remarks and agreeing to what he says. Then gradually start chipping in your side of the story.

I once had a narcissistic friend who cares solely about himself. Most of his conversations with me are all about him, even after discussing his personal affairs with him. I still expect him to ask me something regarding my personality but he never did. Then one day as usual we were having a nice conversation about his affairs. Then in the middle of the discussion, I ask him why he always likes to talk about himself and not about me too.

He suddenly becomes ashamed and displays a little smile on his face. Do you know that the smile encouraged me to understand him too well, that he cannot help it? All the same from that moment he starts realizing his actions gradually.

Start your objectives from the beginning

This can take a highly visible effect where both partners share a mutual love. Start from the initial day of your marital affair to criticize his self-involvement. You may not be able to change her but you can teach her to understand how it feels to be left dejected. If he or she truly loves you, she will accept your teachings and start making amendments.

At first, it may seem difficult but then bearing in mind that it is a psychological disorder, gives you the ability to keep teaching her. Your constant lecture can wear her out and she gradually becomes submissive to normal behavior.

Understand your partners’ weak moments

Narcissism is a disorder, which normally starts from birth. It does not come because of influence or intentional deed. Most people who suffer from narcissistic disorder mostly do not know when they display the act. They only become conscious when people criticize them or directly tell them about their manners. Therefore, in most cases when your partner starts behaving as such try and understand his flaws and bear with him or her.

Make yourself a friendly partner

So long as mutual love exists between you two, you can choose to make his odd behavior a secondary issue. Go ahead and become friendlier and jovial, and cooperate with your partner at all times. Your positive attitude should not deprive you of the normal critics. Even in the cause of being the best friend still spot out his inadequacies. Do it in such a way that even someone else around will understand you are doing it for good.  

Dominate his attitude by being talkative 

A quiet or shy person may find it difficult to unite with a person of self-admiration. There is every reason for a quiet person to feel overwhelmed and aggressive if not often, then occasionally. This is very important; being chatty can dominate a narcissistic partner’s way of thinking and acting. In the process of your loquacious tell him or her what you feel about his manners. Also, at the same time educate her more on the negative and positive aspects of being self-absorbed


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