Exercise Ball: 10 Ways You Can Reshape Your Body

The exercise ball is a device used for stretching out body muscles. It has other names that it is known for; you can call it stability ball, fitness ball, or medicine ball. It helps to improve body stability and balance.

The stability ball is very common as people know and use it more often in their daily exercise. You can find a large quantity of it when you visit the gym. Sometimes you may choose to have this ball in your home. You can use it in various ways and training with them helps to strengthen muscles and stabilize the whole body.

Sometimes you perform another exercise like weight training and try to incorporate a fitness-ball exercise as well. Although, the fitness ball workout is more of a muscle than a strength exercise. These balls come in sizes so you have to find the right size that suits your height. Again, be sure the ball you want to train with has enough air and firmness.

You can use the fitness ball to train in various ways like any other exercise. The most important thing is wearing an outfit that will avail you the convenience to train in it. People also ask if the exercise ball can give you the desired result as other exercises.

The answer is “yes” just like every other fitness training it helps to maintain physical fitness but it requires determination. The significant aspect is that it helps to improve the abdomen, and the muscle and help stability.

Below are various ways to train with this ball

Single leg exercise ball

Lie down on your back, at the same time placing your both arms by your sides.

Place the palms of your hands facing down. Place one of your feet on the exercise ball while you raise the other leg upwards.

After a while retrieves and switches to the other leg.

Back extension and twist

Place the stability ball on a steady spot on the floor.

Next, lie on the ball by placing your back flat on it.

Put your hands behind your head and let your hips align with the ball, while your two feet rest firmly on the floor.

Gradually, lift your head up and then down. Turn to the left side and then right.

Start again, with up and down. Continue until exhausted.

Stability ball Push up

Place the stability ball on a steady spot.

Lie down while placing your chest directly on the ball.

Place both hands by the side of the ball; make sure your foot is stretched straight backward and firm on the floor.

Then start lifting your whole body up and down.

Step two

Lie down straight facing the floor with both palms placed firmly on the floor

Place both legs on the exercise ball, then you push your whole body up and then down.

Shoulder rolls

Lie with your chest resting on the exercise ball

Stretch your leg backward with your toe firm on the floor.

Let your elbow form a small circle on the ball then slowly widen your elbow as you push the ball to and from.

Bridge Stability ball

Get a mat and place it on the floor, then lie down on your back.

Stretch your hands flat on the floor. Lift your two legs and place them on the stability ball.

Let your hips form a slippery shape down to your abdomen.

Hip thrust stability ball

Sit down and place the ball behind you.

Then gradually fall back on the ball allowing your back to rest firmly on it.

Hold your hips and slowly lift your body while your hips align with the ball and your leg on the floor.

Hamstring curls

Lie on your back, facing upwards.

Slowly lift your feet and place them on the exercise ball.

Hold your hips and gradually lift them from the floor to form a sloppy shape.

Squat with the exercise ball

Place the exercise ball on the wall and fall back on it while standing on your two feet.

Hold your two hands together in front of you. Roll the ball up and down while your hips and back move along with the ball in a squat movement.

Let the ball roll along while at your back

Hamstring floor tap

Lie on your back and place your two feet on the exercise ball.

Lift your hips and buttock while clutching your hands together on your chest.

Gradually swing your left leg out, sidewards, and tap your feet on the floor.

Return it and switch to the other leg repeating the first process

Stability ball Chest press

Here you have to include the use of a dumbbell.

Lie on your back with your shoulder resting on the exercise ball.

Place both feet on the floor while raising your knee a bit.

Holding the dumbbell device in both hands, lift it up and down.