Breakup with Someone You Love: 5 Simple Reasons and Ways

Breakup in its simplest meaning is to put to an end, and dissolve. So, to breakup with someone you love simply means; put to an end a union or love affair between you and someone you cherish without the issue of death coming between.

It’s always painful and devastating to say goodbye to someone you have been sharing your personal life with all this while. Maybe you have been trusting in this fellow, sharing your sorrows and joy.  Making some future plans of being together for the rest of your life. But all of a sudden you wake up one morning to realize that you have to break up from this very person. You simply have to let him or her go. You can no longer take it; maybe, it has come to the height of it all.

The experience can be shocking, at first, it might look as if you won’t get over the shock that is if you truly loved. But at the dawn of each new day, you get to realize that you simply have to move on. And as you start moving on the effect of the breakup gradually slips away to leave either a bitter or sweet memory behind. But why would you break up? That demands for a “REASON”.

Now, let’s look at it from this angle, couples don’t just break up for no reason. There’s definitely a reason for such behavior. They cannot be any smoke without fire. You can’t just wake up one day and decide within you that you don’t want to love your partner anymore. If you do, it simply means there was never any love or genuine love in the first place. Alright then you truly want that breakup to happen, but would you like to do it rightly? That demands for the option, “WAYS”

We are going to be talking about 5 reasons that might lead to breakup with someone you love

Generally, breakup in any relationship usually happens where the two partners involve fail to understand themselves. Or fail to realize the reason why they actually initiated the affair in the first place. Do they actually come together with selfish motives or interests and whereby they can’t achieve their selfish desire they seek to breakup?

But in this context, we are going to talk about the very reason why you would break up with that very person you love. Sometimes we might call it divorce.

When you are the only person sacrificing, and trying to make the relationship work.

This is the number one reason why you may decide to call it quits. Why you may decide to breakup with the person you love.  This can only happen when the love is not reciprocated. Remember love is reciprocal. Both partners are expected to work together to make the relationship a success.

There is definitely no way one person can be the one doing the giving, sacrificing, and make-it-to-work process. While the other person just doesn’t mind if it works or not. Yes, you really loved him, you really loved her but if you decide to continue with this attitude you will definitely not get any good results in the future. You might crush someday. So, the best solution is to dissolve the affair.

When you notice your partner is seeing or dating another fellow

This usually happens where either the man or the woman was attracted to the other person physically. Maybe, by her beauty or his handsomeness. Not genuinely for love. For instance, a guy might be attracted to a lady’s physical attributes, while the lady had loved the guy genuinely. If in the long run, the guy finds a lady he truly loves and starts dating her, this will definitely call for a breakup from the first lady who has loved the guy genuinely.

When there is a third-party intruder

A third-party intruder is someone who intentionally fakes his or her motive and takes advantage of the situation on the ground. What I mean here is this; Both partners have actually loved themselves but incidentally, a quarrel arose between them. A third party was invited to settle the conflict.

So, rather than the third person settling the conflict between the couples, he decided to settle it in favor of one of them. And then uses the opportunity to gain relationship access leading to infidelity from one of the couples. When this happens, the other affected person might seek a breakup of the relationship.

When you realize there was never any love before

As earlier said in this context. Sometimes, two people might come together for a relationship, having individual selfish motives not really understanding what their relationship is all about thinking they love each other. Then, in the long run, their primary motive was not achieved or accomplished. They start picking quarrels with every little thing that doesn’t call for argument. If at a point they can’t coup further with the  relationship, they seek for a breakup

Domestic violence

This reason is rarely seen among couples who truly loved each other because if you truly love someone you will do everything to protect the person rather than physically abusing him or her. But they are some love which is called one-sided love that is unrequited love.

When partners come together under such kind of love there is bound to be a kind of physical abuse from one partner especially from the person who can’t reciprocate the love. But why would they come to unite in the first place?  They came to unite maybe, the one who had loved thought the union could stand but when eventually it turns into physical abuse the person who had loved seek for a breakup.

5 ways to break up with someone you love

Talk to the person respectfully

Remember the devil you know is better than the angel you do not know. If you decide to go through the odds of breaking up with someone you love and having high hopes of finding another love. Then ask yourself; how very sure the next person is going to be the perfect partner without flaws. So, for this reason, approach the person in a calm and most respectful manner.

You can start by expressing sadness. Outlining how you really wished the relationship had continued, then ending that you strongly want to do this with your whole heart, because you feel it should be so. Don’t raise your voice and don’t throw in insults, but just be moderate and considerate in your speech.

Schedule a date between you both

When you want to breakup with someone you once thought you love and could have shared your future life with. Deliberate within you and fix a date. Don’t just fix any day you feel it will be suitable for you alone. But rather choose a date that you know will not mingle with you or your partner’s work or busy schedule. Then make sure your partner compromise with the scheduled date.

Make him see reasons

Call him or her quietly and talk respectfully to the person. Make the person see reasons that the breakup is just for peace, and the good of you both. Again, since there is a reason for you to breakup with this very person you had loved, then you need to do it in a more reasonable and mature way, so as not to hurt the other person’s feelings. Who knows, you that initiated the breakup might be the person to seek a reunion again in the future?

Schedule a venue

It is very common and ordinary to see people who carry out breakup where ever they possibly can do it. It doesn’t matter to them that predicaments can arise within the very location of the breakup.

Sometimes in issues of breakup one partner might disagree and, in the process, become aggressive. For this reason, it’s best to fix a venue somewhere outside your home, or immediate environment. Maybe, in an open field where both of you can be alone, or at the drinking bar where you can just order a soft drink while you present the issue.  You can choose a cool joint where some live bands are on display.

End the mission properly

Make sure that you both come to a final agreement. A total conclusion that you no longer want the relationship to continue and each one of you going your separate ways peacefully without grudges. This is because some partners don’t breakup properly as a result of one of them feeling cheated or is going to be abandoned. If this occurs the offended partner may consequently seek revenge, and stage ambush for the other person knowing fully well that breakup is normally painful. This usually happens where both partners truly loved themselves but were forced to separate because of infidelity from one of them.


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