8 Ways to Be Composed, And Gain Self-Respect in Life

Self-respect simply means assessing and understanding one’s worth, how important you are, and trying to act responsibly. Adding maturity and genuine wisdom accordingly. Knowing yourself and how important you are can only end within you. People can only value or regard your importance when you play the role of composing yourself. That is showing to them those values you have.

Nowadays we see or notice people who live their life as though nothing is wrong with the way they act. They behave so absentminded, carefree and believe it’s the normal way of life. This kind of person never believes that there is something like self-respect, or there are rules that govern the way people live.

Sometimes too, people do things that ought not to do and regard it as noting or see nothing wrong with it. This is because they view those things as being wise, radical, or sensible enough. Yes, quite alright it is very good to be wise, radical, and exposed. But then everything under the sky has a time. Not only that but also doing those things at the right time, right place, and normal extent. So, gaining self-respect also entails that you do things at;

The Right Time

There is always a time for everything. Even as the daytime separates from the night time so is everything expected to be done at the proper time. It is also called time management. And if properly observed everyone can avoid doing the right thing at the wrong time and vice versa.

The Right Place

Sometimes you see someone doing the right thing at the wrong place which might eventually earn him or her a scold or embarrassment. Especially if it’s in a public place, and when this happens that person has lost some respect then.

The Right Extent

Too much of everything they say is bad. When we do things that are required of us; we do it in the normal way. To the extent that is best understood to be the right measure. But overdoing an action might be regarded as being out of control or lacking self-control. Thereby making it look stupid at sight, or lose their self-respect and worth in the sight of everybody.

Below are 8 ways to help compose yourself in life and gain self-respect.

  1. Self-Recognition

The first thing in gaining self-respect is getting to know yourself better. Appreciate and value who you are, your personality, your abilities and potentials. Be honest to yourself always, determine what you want and what you can’t accept and always stand on justice. Believe in what you are capable of doing and not doing. Be the very best of yourself and don’t allow intimidation.

  1. Recognize Others

Do unto others as you would like them to do to you. Have value and respect for other people’s welfare and their life in general. Know it or have it at the back of your mind that everybody deserves respect.

Even a newborn baby has its own worth. So, try as much as you can to be good to people. Smile at them and greet them were necessary. Use reasonable and good words when referring other people to them or discussing other people with them. Remember, bad words travel fast. Try to desist from any kind of gossip because they can bring down the worth of somebody, and make the person scorn in the eye of the public.

  1. Your Sense of Dressing

Do you know that the way you dress and appear in public, I mean your neat physical appearance goes a long way to tell exactly who you are? Does it give self-respect at first sight? Yes indeed, “You will be addressed, the way you dress”. Not only the dress you put on but also your hairstyle or haircut and how it is neatly kept. Down to your shoes and the smell you wore (are you wearing a clean smell or a dirty body smell).

You can put on spray to avert bad body odor. The dressing should not be neglected because the first attention people get before assessing your character is your physical looks, and it commands great respect. Remember the quote, “first impression matters”.

  1. Your manner of approach.

How do you confront people especially seeing them for the first time? How do you confront issues? Are you the type that shoves both hands in the pocket while showing courtesy to your elders? Are you the type that first looks at people from head to toe before deciding either to acknowledge them or not? Do you flare up at the slightest provocation or do you take things calmly and act like somebody having a matured and understanding heart.

How do you welcome strangers or visitors in your home and workplace? You should be the type that smiles and give an encouraging look. Not only to the people you know but also to those you are getting to meet for the first time. Always endeavor to use “please”, and “thank you”, when asking for a favor or when a favor is done. It gives self-respect.

  1. Your manner of interaction

It is true you can never please everybody but don’t displease yourself either. All you need do at all times is to stand on the truth and be your true self. When you chat or have a conversation with people, have some sense of humor. It makes you friendly and helps put the other person at ease. But don’t be carried away with laughter as to led to abuse of privilege except if you are with a more intimate relative. Learn when to talk and when not to talk. It’s not even the best if you are the type that says everything that comes to your lips.

  1. Don’t be taken for granted

People always say that “action speaks louder than voice”. Don’t let people take you or see you as a “common person” who has no worth. Take for instance, if you are the type that always likes to do things as though you are a kid whereas you are not. Or maybe you always act like underage children. People will certainly take you for granted and treat you likewise. If you are the type that’s always in a playful mood, then you might be likely to receive insults from people most times. So, for this reason, you need to balance things always.

  1. Your manner of giving

Be charitable and help others in any way you find yourself capable, either in cash or in kindness. If there is any way you find it possible to give a helping hand. Like teaching, counseling, and giving good advice for free to people in any way you feel can help them live a positive life. Then if there is a way you can support other people do it. Either financially in feeding, paying bills or health issues or to start something for a living, either of these ways also makes people gain self-respect.

  1. Your level of understanding

Don’t always drag things with people especially in public. Resist the act of quarreling and fighting over issues of any kind. Whatever you think might bring such things should be overlooked, done in a more mature way that will add respect and not disrespect.

Where do you need to compose yourself?

Nobody is born with self-respect; it is something you build and train yourself to achieve in life. Self-respect is needed in every area of one’s life; if possible, make it a habit. Most importantly even if you forget to behave yourself then, there are some places where it is very much needed. Places like one’s place of work, schools, communities, neighborhood, and other social gatherings. where you will get to meet people of all races, cultures, and colors, national and internationally based. Now when you meet these people you are bound to leave a positive impression on their minds.

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