7 Weight Training Exercise You Can Try While Indoor

 There are a whole lot of exercises you can certainly perform while indoor. Among them are also the weight training workouts, which you can perform for special purposes.

A weight training exercise is especially for building muscles and strength. It normally requires exercising equipment that is mainly for weight training so it is not a case of using any equipment.

Most times people view body fitness as one that seems very difficult to undergo because of its’ nature and style. Many people who undergo it always get very tired mid-way before time expires.

Starting a weight-training workout while indoor can be interesting because it helps you to concentrate more on your ability. In some cases, it requires some training equipment while in other cases you can perform it without any of them. One significant purpose why people engage in weight training is usually to gain strength. 

There is usually a belief that once there is strength, there is equally enough fitness.   A more visible way people build strength and broad muscles is through lifting weight. However, because of the tiresome effect of this exercise, it is advisable to use a time check.

Give yourself at least 30 to 45 minutes. This will help to produce a more desirable result. It will also help you to submit freely and establish a good performance rate. 

Most times people detest this particular body training, due to how it transforms an individual’s body stature. The individual’s chest, shoulder, and arm show a muscular physique.  Apart from this dislike, we still derive some benefits like;

It helps you to lose weight

Keep slim and maintain body posture

Stay fit at all times

It increases your strength for the harder task

As well as building broader muscles, that make the bone stronger.

Having said some benefits that might contradict the way people despise the weight training workout let us look at some of them;

Training with the weight lifting equipment

Weight lifting involves pulling up a barbell, which is usually a heap of plates.  This aspect of strength exercise helps to produce broader muscles to the chest, shoulder, and even the legs. It also helps to burn calories, keep your body fit and in good health.

Its main purpose is to build rigid strength and weight especially when you need to perform a harder task.  Again, people argue that this form of exercise is mainly for men, but women can as well engage in it especially wrestlers. Notwithstanding this notion, the rate at which women get into it is lesser than the men are.

Training with the dumbbells equipment

The dumbbell is typically equipment for weight training. Unlike the barbell, the dumbbell is of smaller size but very powerful too.  These different equipment seems to be similar but they vary in usage. The dumbbell normally comes having 2 pairs for every hand but you’ll still like better to use it separately. It all depends on choice but for a perfect or near-perfect result to occur you need to train with both pairs.

For those who find the use of barbells tiresome, the dumbbell can serve as an alternative. With it, you can train yourself in various ways or you can as well stick to a particular way. There are over 12 different ways of using the equipment so it all depends on your choice.  The most important aspect is the result you achieve while using any of the methods.

Performing the push-up

This is another weight training exercise that builds muscles and increases strength. However, it can also be overwhelming but a more serious approach will definitely give the best result.  The push-up is in direct contact with the floor exercise, which does not involve the use of any equipment.

Start by placing both palms of your hand and chest on the floor, then legs stretch backward. On a gradual process, begin to push up and down. Allowing your chest and shoulder mid-way towards the floor, then continue for 20 to 30 minutes. Do this bodyweight exercise on regular basis to gain better results.

The aspect that produces many results is holding the barbell either above or shoulder level while standing. Maintain that position for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

The squat workout

Squatting is a bit flexible weight training exercise; anybody can easily engage in it. Start by pushing your whole body weight to rest on your butt. While the butt shuts backward, becomes parallel together with your hip and knee. The demonstration is like someone who wants to poop or pass urine but in a hanging position.

If you desire to build a more visible result then you need to add the use of a dumbbell or barbell. Another effective way of building muscles and strength is squatting while holding either of these pieces of equipment in both hands. Regular training of 25 to 30 minutes is enough to produce good results.

The Overhead press workout

The overhead press is another serious weight training exercise. It gives adequate results in terms of building muscular shoulders and a bigger arm. You can also call it military press or simply, “the press.” It involves lifting the barbell, up to shoulder level, or above the head. The method varies but depending on your ability.

The aspect that produces many results is holding the barbell either above or shoulder level while standing. Maintain that position for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

The Row

Just like every other weight training exercise that includes using equipment to perform in various ways. The row is again another muscle-building exercise. It helps to reinforce the muscle linking to different body joints. Start by lying straight on your back facing the ceiling, holding either the barbell or the dumbbell. You can also choose to train with a vertical steel stand that has a horizontal crossing above.  While lying down Hold on to the horizontal steel, then lift your whole body from the floor up to the height of the horizontal steel. 

The Hip Hinge exercise

The hip hinge involves bending forward to a hip level while allowing your butt to shut backward. You can choose to stretch your hands forward or downwards. It is another weight-training workout of its own, so you can also choose to include the use of any of the equipment. The benefit is that it helps to strengthen backbones and muscles. It also helps to relieve back and waist pains.


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