7 Items To Avoid To Reduce Your Chances Of Cancer

We eat a lot of different things every day, and we don’t know how much it harms our body. It’s important to know which foods are best suited to your lifestyle and diet, so we’ve put together a list for you. Be sure to cut these seven foods out of your diet to reduce your risk of cancer.

1. Farmed Fish

Many people don’t realize it, but farmed fish is full of harmful chemicals and other substances that can harm our health. These fish are fed the wrong food to grow, usually GMO. Similarly, farmers use other farming methods that affect our health.

2. Non-Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are good for you, right? Well, that’s not always true. Whether these foods are good for you will depend on their quality. For example, organic fruits and vegetables offer various health benefits, while being harmless.

3. Canned Food

Canned foods are bad for our bodies, and it comes down to the amount of BPA they contain. It is a harmful chemical used in many food products, especially those packaged in bottles and cans. This chemical has been linked to causing cancer in people, so it’s best to avoid foods containing BPA at all costs.

4. Diet Soda

You might see the word “food” and immediately think it’s good, but that’s not true. It may not have as many calories as whole soda, but instead it contains many harmful chemicals that can contribute to long-term health problems, such as cancer.

5. Popcorn

We all love to sit down with a bowl of popcorn before watching a movie, but they contain many harmful ingredients, such as hydrogenated oil. Microwaved popcorn is especially bad for you because the chemicals in the package are harmful and can cause cancer.

6. Hot Dogs

All lunches are bad, that includes bad hot dogs. This processed food is made with high levels of sodium phosphate, which has been shown to destroy cells in your body. In fact, this type of animal has caused the country to lose more than 35,000 people every year.

7. White Flour

White flour seems to be in everything, and that’s because it makes things taste better. However, consuming products containing this substance can increase the risk of developing cancer. Skin loves simple carbohydrates, and eating too much white flour can help them grow into cancer cells.