6 Ways to Live a Happier Life: Follow Your Instinct

Living a happier life means living at ease and having some degree of peace of mind. It is having some extent of amity because no human being can guarantee to live a complete life. A life without any worries or problems.

We have two forms of happiness: personal, and material happiness. The formal has to do with you being content within you, having no worldly attachments like wealth.

Material happiness has to do with having physical possessions like money, and any form of worldly belongings. The latter has got to do with physical satisfaction that whenever you look at them gives you contentment. But we are going to be talking about how to live a happier life as regards the personal life; follow your instinct   

There must be something bordering you as a human being, it’s only a toddler who has nothing to worry about except to eat and sleep. Living a happier life connotes a simple straightforward heart. It mostly points to the heart because when your heart is at peace you are bound to be happy.

If you ask some people to give their different views about what they think concerning a happy life. I bet you out of 100% of the people you happen to interview will have their opinion as thus: A happy life is a life with so much wealth and fame, but I strongly don’t believe in this.

There are many people today who are much at ease and peace with their hearts, yet they are living poor. In the same vein, we still have very wealthy people such that they could afford anything that money can. These same people are yet grieving and crying every day. So do not look at living a happier life as someone having so much money because money cannot buy everything.

In this explanation, living a happier life simply means when your heart is at peace with yourself and with the people around you.

So many people desire to live a happier life but sometimes one thing or the other distracts or stops them from living it. You can cultivate it if you so desire, you can implement it. It is a matter of self-decision and being in control of your life.


Do not just accept anything from anybody. People have policies and a way of doing their own thing. You can’t be exceptional. Do not allow anybody to lure you into living their way of life. Remember it is your life and you have the freedom to associate with whomever you want.

Don’t go having the impression that you might just accept their way for a while then afterward start living yours. No, it’s wrong, start from the onset of time to reject what you do not want in life and accept what you want. If you do not act initially, it might be difficult for you to start later because any other time becomes too late.

When such things as this happen your mind and spirit are hurt, you become angry with yourself. This is because you have chosen to please others at the expense of displeasing yourself. If you keep the situation around you that way, you will not live happier at all.

So, in all things accept what you feel is best for you, good for people, and beautiful in the sight of your creator. This at least is the fundamental aspect of living a more comfortable life.

Do not let other people forcefully dictate to you

People can advise you, and give you directions. They can equally give you good councils but they cannot force you to accept any of them. Follow your intuition. You need to be wise enough to understand when people give you good councils. You also need to know when they give you directions that will be more beneficial to them.

If you give space to accommodate people’s dictations concerning how you do things while within you it does not fail in your likeness. As time goes, you will feel inferior towards them. That said, you will get used to their dictation and gradually have no willpower of your own. It won’t make you feel good. You won’t live happily with this.

Do not let people intimidate you

Some people like being superior to others especially when it comes to matters of decision-making. They will not only want their voices to be louder than others. They will also want their opinion to be in action. Such people like making other people’s life sad and miserable.

You cannot live happily with such characters of people. So, do not allow them to intimidate you. All you have to do when in the midst of such people is simply make sure your opinion is morally incline and straightforward.

Remember you can’t please everybody. So, give out your wonderful opinion and make them see reasons why it needs to be so.   Intimidation is making others feel low and invaluable, but you can equally support their opinion if it goes in the right direction. All of these make one’s heart at ease and happy in life.

Be patient with yourself and with others

Don’t be in a hurry over anything in life. Some circumstances demand that you apply patient and understand what is happening before devising a means to handling such a situation. If you are in the habit of doing things in a hurry, not only will you make mistakes, you will also end up in regrets.

Regrets put people in sad conditions, especially those you can’t undo either immediately or letter. A particular circumstance may require you to take immediate action or things might go wrong. In this case, act immediately but with a complete perception of what it is all about.

Do not feel ashamed of doing the right thing

A low value of oneself can make you disregard what you are supposed to do at the right time. Do you know that when some persons do not do the right thing they get disturbed at heart? This is because they feel something is not in the right way.

Doing the right things always will make you feel happy. So far you are doing the right thing that will benefit everyone around. This goes along to include speaking the truth and saying what you know is right about any particular thing. 

For instance, if it is a case that involves two different people and you are to be a witness. Your mind will be more at peace if you say the right thing, you know concerning the issue you bear witness to.  Let us say again you are giving an enticement to bear false witness; your mind will certainly not be at peace.

Always find a space in your heart to forgive and move on

This is the most tempting aspect of living a happier life because it is not always easy to forgive. Temptations can stuck at any time to deprive your heart of having that peace it needs to live happier. Someone might do something so nauseating and remorseless; it is one of life assessment.

Definitely, you cannot keep it out of your mind especially each time you remember it, you feel sad. You need to get it out of your mind otherwise you won’t live happier. This calls for the need for you to forgive and move on. If you find it too difficult to forgive then it means you will keep grudges each time people upset you. Remember you cannot live happier this way.   

Be cheerful and welcome people always

Always be friendly with everyone around you regardless of status and position. Sometimes people can be so annoying even in your sociability but then push it aside and move on.

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