6 Ways to Identify Your Weaknesses and Strengthen Up

Every living thing on earth has its weakness and strength. One’s weakness is those challenges that oppose our strength, weigh us down, make us feel inferior, and seem to intimidate our physical nature. Those things that seem unable for one to meet up in life. In its simplest explanation, a person’s weakness is one’s inabilities. Those are things you need to do in other to add value and greatness to your life but you find it very difficult to do. Or you can’t do it for fear of losing it all.

They are those risk you need to take up and work towards it for success but you become afraid and lack the courage to take it. When such a thing happens, you need to understand the problem-solving step to take

Sometimes, in our individual lives, our weakness seems to overcome us but we may not be aware of it. And when this happens the people around us tend to notice it, and then tag it “laziness”, but in an actual sense it’s not anything about being lazy. Our weakness is an inborn trait that seems to be connected with nature. Most times it makes us stop fighting for our dreams.

I have this friend of mine who once said to me, “I don’t think I have weakness, because I do so many things including the ones I never imagine I can do”. Hearing these words, I immediately understand that my friend doesn’t exactly know her weakness. Then all I need to do is take her down the memory lane for her to understand her feebleness.

Below are One’s weaknesses

  1.  When you procrastinate some things, you were meant to do simply, because you don’t just like doing them. Or you don’t have any passion and desire for them, that’s just one of your weaknesses.

2.  If you allow yourself to be intimidated about something, maybe you feel inferior towards it. That’s just another of your weakness.

3.  Even when you are doing things, you do it reluctantly while others do the same thing faster and much better than you, it means you are showing weakness towards it.

4.  Sometimes you want to get things done but you are having some challenges that are preventing you from taking action, and you find it very difficult overcoming the obstacle, while others get it done very fast. That’s your weakness.

5.  If you are feeling nervous over something, maybe nervous about speaking in public or appearing in front of a large gathering, that becomes your weakness.

6.  When you refuse to see things in their present situation, you are always counting and living in the past state of things, you don’t believe that things can change. You are showing weakness.

7.  Again, when you feel it’s not necessary to do some things that you have the opportunity of doing at a particular time. Something that will be a big benefit to you, but you feel reluctant towards doing it.

Maybe you feel it’s not necessary or there isn’t going to be any advantage or usefulness in getting it done. This is just another of your weakness.

Ways of strengthening up from your weaknesses

1.  You Need to Develop the Habit of Being Smart

Be alive physically, and mentally. Challenges will come but it’s all about how well you confront and conquer them. Don’t give room to a sluggish lifestyle but always be calculative, sensible, and active.

2.  Seek for Wisdom and Apply It

People always say that wisdom is rare. But you can only acquire wisdom by learning from experience and reflecting on the process of trying new things. Now to overcome your weakness don’t only seek to try new things but also seek to put them into existence. Be the type that makes things happen. The type of person that wants things to keep moving. According to King Solomon, wisdom is gained from God. Seek wisdom from God too.

3.  Get More Knowledge to try things out

The knowledge they say is power, when you don’t have adequate knowledge of many things in life, you will be limited to much exposure especially to opportunities that might lead to success. Seek for knowledge cause no knowledge is a waste. Knowing many things gives you the likelihood of trying things out, and you will be amazed at the direction of your lifestyle because the hunger for activeness will build up in you and you will take action.

4.   Make Use of Every Opportunity You Know

Don’t postpone things or try not to take action. Try things out, things you would like to do. Although, the challenges involved might make it difficult to accept. Maybe a kind of financial challenge, but looking at the opportunity there seems to be another way out, but might look risky. Take the risk and regard it as an opportunity. Then having taken the opportunity, two things are involved. You are either benefiting, or you are losing out. But don’t be afraid of the losses because greatness is measured by the number of times you were able to rise from your own fail. But be glad you make use of the opportunity.

5.  Don’t Welcome Discouragement

Sometimes, when you have abilities and you are trying to put your skills into practice. Some people may out of envy or ignorance want to discourage you, and when this happens you automatically fall to their influence. These kinds of people are those who allow their weakness to get hold of them so they will also want people to join them. Another way of discouragement is when you are having a double mind, one opposing the other. In this case, just close your eye and take a deep breath, when you open it you will realize the right mindset to follow.

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