6 Reasons Why Someone Can Admire but Not Love You

“I admire you naturally, but I don’t love you”. How do you feel when you hear someone you secretly love say this to your ears? Someone, you have been nursing some undisclosed feelings of love for. while praying and believing that someday he or she will reciprocate your love openly.

When you admire someone, it simply means you like and respect the person. it’s like having good intentions, and feelings of happiness occupying some portion of your heart for the person you so admire. Although when someone says “I admire you”, the person has a vast chance of truly loving you. Yes, real love is not far-fetched in this regard.

Sometimes people mistakenly understand ordinary feelings of likeness from genuine feelings of love. Most times, we regard it as a natural thing. To see a situation where someone might love you and yet waiting for you to return the feelings as a reciprocation but disappointingly gets the reverse in return. Yet the person deals more friendly towards you.

Remember that true love comes straight, naturally from the heart. You don’t have to force it. You don’t cultivate it, and it doesn’t fade. It can be magical in the sense that you won’t understand why you loved the person. True love has no reason. So, I think we can just call it a misinterpretation of feelings. Yes, when you give in your heart to loving someone genuinely because of the person’s behavior and ways of life and not naturally from the heart.

Let’s look at it this way; some people are emotionally sensitive. They simply have no space for hatred in their hearts. Such people like been jovial and friendly and that’s all. They can love easily and generally, without any strung attached. That is; unconditional love, and as they love they also tend to make other people love them back. Such people admire other people easily.

But there is something about this kind of people, they never understand that they are indirectly toying with other people’s emotions.

I am not saying they can’t love genuinely, they can, but when it comes to love for real, they go straight to the person their heart longs for. That is their lifestyle for real.

So, what are the exact reasons why either a man or a woman can admire you, and hold you in high esteem? In fact, respect your very footprint but don’t want to have a serious love relationship with you.

1. There were no feelings of love after all

Someone can keep admiring you but doesn’t want to have anything of a romantic love affair with you because he hasn’t any feelings of love towards you. But there are many ways to know when actually someone has fallen in love. Other than judging the person’s manner and attitude towards you, try reading the person’s feelings. You can do this by trying out some indirect approach towards him or her.

For instance, you already know that someone who truly loves you will do just anything for you. Then you can help yourself by doing one or two things that will upset the person’s feelings then watch and see the way the fellow reacts. His reaction will give you a clue on what he’s feeling are.

2. You are not the persons choice of partner

When this happens, it means the person actually respects you, but if not for one reason or the other you would have passed for his choice of love partner. Maybe you always sound audible at all times but he needs someone a bit shy for a love partner. Or maybe you usually display a feminist character, knowing fully well that it’s an inborn trait within you and there is no way he or she can change you. The person will simply admire your boldness, but won’t love to have you as his best friend.

3. He already knows some disliking truth about you

Knowing some disliking truth has got to do with some truths that might be relating to the person’s background. Such as; her family background, her culture, religion, and stuffs like this. Have you ever heard a guy says to a lady, “oh! I would have gotten married to this lady, but I don’t like her family background”? Yes of course I have hard such words as this more often a time. But it’s not the lady’s fault either. The man on his side might just be afraid of what the relationship will turn out to be if he tries to love back.

4. He has loved someone else

This means, for instance, if the person is a man; he has a genuine lover whom he equally admires the way the person does to you. But the difference here is that he or she had first loved that other people and his feelings for that person are real. He doesn’t want to love two ladies at a time. So, he simply admires you but not love.

5. You don’t match his class of friends

This can be the case of a man who loves so many things about outdoor life and activities more. You can call this kind of man “a tough guy”. Goes to parties, mixes freely with people, having so many friends, sounds audible. The general name is “classic. This type of man won’t love a lady for real if the lady is not his type. He will just admire the lady and that’s all.

6. Age limit can be a barrier

Take for instance again, a man when he keeps respecting and appreciating a lady’s efforts and other things she does. Maybe she does those things directly to him or some other person but he’s always acknowledging them all. Even showering her with praises both in her presence and behind her. Then not minding all these, he still doesn’t have any feelings of genuine love or he doesn’t in any way show he wants to have a love affair with her. One of the reasons might be the age limit. He is either far older or younger than the lady. And he doesn’t like the idea of courting or getting involved with a person with such age differences.


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