5 ways public speaking skills can aid personal growth

Public speaking is the act of conveying ideas, opinions, and views to the general audience. The audience in return pays attention to your speech and at the end either makes a suggestion or assimilates the information.  

The significant point in public speaking is that it is information one delivers to the public regardless of how the audience receives it.  This in effect explains that public speaking can take effect in different ways.

For instance, it can be giving information face-to-face to a large audience. It is equally spreading information using social media channels like the TV, Radio, Video, either way, the speaker chooses.

Public speaking can enhance personal growth

I remember the first day I make my first speech in public. For me, it is an exciting experience, although I thought it would be different all through. The fact that I am facing my audience for the first time made me feel nervous and a bit uneasy. It is all because I am a first-timer.

Mr. Holland my trainer said to me, “You need to show confidence out thereby preparing yourself very well. It is normal if you have those nervous pimples in your skin and that is because it is your first time. It is all right if you feel anxious but tries not to give yourself away. Breathe in and out, memorize the headings of your speech and make sure you speak with a clear voice.  

I act according to Mr. Holland’s instruction but guess what, after the speaking, I become guidance and a therapist. People now regard me in high esteem. They now respect my opinion after my first encounter with them. This is something I never understand will happen to me

Public speaking skills

It helps you to Build Confidence

Confidence is the sincere assurance within you that something is real, and the boldness to continue trusting it.

Regardless of the fact, that initially you might not have the boldness to face a listening audience. Even if you are doing an audio speech, you will still wonder how your voice will sound in the ears of your listening audience. Gradually and regularly engaging in the act will increase your ability and drive away every fear and anxiety within you.

After my first appearance in public, I become more equip, I also develop an overwhelming desire to continue with public affairs

Ability to teach others

In as much as I need to face the public allows me to embark on different research adventures. It increases my knowledge and exposes me to other areas that seem strange while bringing with it an innovative experience.

I can now engage a large audience and teach them different things as far as the subject matter is concerned. Thanks to Mr. Holland, his actions bring about encouragement.

Yes encouragement, even if you do not have someone to encourage you then you need to encourage yourself. However, foremost is gaining assurance within you that you can do it. Be confident that is the root of it.

Even in our own little ways, we seem to engage in public speaking without knowing it. Anytime you speak to a group of a listening audience outside your family circle, you have indirectly made a public speech.

You have also imparted knowledge to those people.  In other words, tutors in higher places of learning also engage in public speaking. Making more research and findings not only equips your knowledge but also acts as a weapon to defend yourself and educate others.

You will get to assess your audience Opinion

You must expect questions from your audience, no matter your level of preparedness. Your confidence comes into action at this particular stage. Do not be afraid of questions, because it will also expose you to more avenues where you may need to direct your area of research.

Sometimes rather than receive questions, your audience might prefer to make some suggestions. This might be as a sort of help to fill in the gap where you might be missing it. Do not feel some sort of embarrassment but with boldness, you can easily say, “thank you for that wonderful contribution.”  This also has to give you an insight into what to expect next time you will be meeting your audience.

Now among your audience, are people from different angles, which you might never know their level of education? Some might try to assess your level of brilliancy thereby throwing in confusing questions. This also calls for confidence, but another way of evaluating your audience and also a knowledge of how worthy is their observation on you. 

Exposure to some unknown facts

As you keep making a public encounter with your audience you are gradually building yourself to greatness. You are not only teaching but also learning, and getting to understand new things.

More so, when you engage in the question-and-answer section with your audience you are widening your experience. If your audience gets to understand you better, you can gain recognition for a higher recommendation. This will not only bring you honor but can also bring about your unexpected celebrations.

Ability to engage in other skills

Apart from the ability to teach, you get to understand other skills behind instructiveness, and public relations. Public speaking can build you to worldly comprehension, making you able to interact with all manner of people.

Your ability to speak to the public can help you meet more opportunities that can aid your growth. It can be so more especially if you engage your audience in face-to-face speaking. They will get to assess you physically and easily conclude your level of ability. However, with the present situation media platforms are now in vogue, it is, even more, a better aid. 


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