5 Stretching Exercise to Relieve Pain & be more Flexible


Stretching exercise is a body fitness workout that you can do to help all the connecting joints of your body to function properly. It helps to relieve pains that develop from the veins and arteries, especially as they engage in everyday activity. Such things we do on daily basis like walking, sitting, standing, and performing other duties that require movement of bones relating to joints.  

Even as the name implies, “Stretching”, so is the nature of this exercise. Anybody can freely perform this easy workout from the comfort of his or her home at any time and moment. It improves the flexibility of the body.

Sometimes you might wake up in the morning feeling pains in some part of your body due to a sleeping disorder. The best treatment at that moment is to give you good stretching exercise. Again, you might experience some dullness, stiffness, or bodyweight, unable to move from one position to another. All you need to do is give your body some stretches.

Doctors and specialists most recommend the stretch exercise for patience in the hospital or at home receiving treatment on joint injuries. A clear observation indicates that most people who engage in sports activities usually perform some form of stretches before the game starts. It is because the body needs to be flexible enough and able to move it around while in the competition.

Even in our various ways. There are times we perform stretch unconsciously without knowing it. When we sit too long in a steady position, when we get up we stretch our hands in different directions.

Let us look at 5 of the most important stretches that can help relieve pains and improve flexibility as well.

Shoulder stretch

The shoulder stretch helps to strengthen the bone on your arm up to your shoulder and neck. This exercise is all about your shoulder. You can perform it in different ways. Let us take four of the methods

First method

Stand on your 2 feet, head straight with both legs jam together. Now, slowly move both hands backward and hold them together at your back. Still holding them together slowly lift them while your chest shoots forward, and your face is looking forward. Remain in that position for seconds then slowly release yourself and then repeat the process multiple times.

A second method

The second method is still the same process but the difference here is that you will be sitting down. You can sit on a chair but to perform it better it’s best to sit on a mat so that you can stretch more easily. Repeat the same process of holding your hands together at your back then slowly raise it up and down. Repeat this several times.

Another method: while sitting or standing raise your 2 hands and hold them together above your head, straight up. Stretch it high up while your face is looking at your both hands and the ceiling. Remain in that position for 30 seconds then release yourself and repeat.

Yet another method, the fourth: this is the yoga shoulder stretch. You can either stand or sit, this body stretch is a bit difficult but you can manipulate yourself to do it. Slowly move your 2 hands backward and join them together at your back.

Let the palms of your hands clutch to each other like you are demonstrating a prayer. Gradually produce a curve while still in that position. Remain steady for some 15 seconds then release yourself and practice it again.

Triceps stretches

This is mainly of backward position; you can achieve the best result while standing on your two feet. Raise your right hand and bend it backward, letting it rest on your back shoulder. Raise your left hand then cross it over your head and place your palms holding your elbow. That is it! For some seconds, remain steady them gradually release, and repeat several times.

Hamstrings’ stretches

This flexibility exercise uses many different methods ranging from standing up, bending down, and lying down. Whichever method you chose is always simple to achieve. It mainly involves the leg. From the hips down to your feet, the process is done using a rope. Tie the rope to your feet then lie down and get hold of the rope, use it to draw up your feet. You as well can choose not to use any rope.

Another method of doing the hamstrings: stand on your feet and rest your whole body on your hips in a sitting position but a hip level. Stretch forward your two hands and your left leg all in front of you. Maintain such position for fifteen seconds then retrieve and repeat on the other leg.

Hip Stretch

The hip stretch is another way of exercising your body to relieve joint pains. This time you are training your hip flexor to maintain adequate daily fitness by helping it to be more flexible. As you engage in this form of stretch, you can avert most of the diseases associate with the hip. For instance, Osteoarthritis, Avascular Necrosis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis are some of those diseases. Unlike all other stretch workouts, it also has a different method of training, but let us take two methods.


Slowly kneel on both legs, raise the left leg to hip level, while drawing the right leg backward gradually, gradually until almost flat. Maintain such position for 15 seconds then switch over to the other leg.

Second method:

Lie on your back straight with both legs. Next, bring up both legs to knee level.  Lift the right leg to cross over the left leg.  13 to 30 seconds stillness then repeat with the other leg.

Forward lunge stretches

People engage in this training mostly to strengthen backbones and relieve back pains. In places like Africa where we have people who do manual cultivation, the forward stretch is more visible.

Sit on your butt, with both hands and legs stretch forward in front of you. Next, slowly bend your whole body down; down again almost align with your leg. That is it! You maintain for 15 seconds the gradually release yourself and repeat.

The second method is just the opposite because this time you are standing on your two feet. Next, bend your whole body down to hip level allowing your head to almost touching your feet. Maintain such position for some seconds, then release yourself and repeat again

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