5 Important Reasons Why You Need to Eat a Balanced Diet


It is very essential and indispensable for every human that breaths the air to regularly include the six classes of food in their daily diet. The benefit derived from such activities cannot be over-emphasized. It is another way of maintaining body fitness aside from doing exercise. This class of food includes vitamin, Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat, mineral, and water,

Eating a balanced diet means combining all these classes of foods in the right quantity and the appropriate manner in your everyday diet. With the list of the classes above, each meal that is made up of carbohydrates or protein can at least contain some amount of mineral and fat. Then at the end of your meals, always take some vitamins. Let us take some examples

Practical explanation

While preparing any meal that contains carbohydrates (Rice or flour), always add some slice of mineral (green leaf); add protein (fish or meats), include fat (oil). Then, after eating each meal, take some vitamins (orange, mango, banana, apple, etc.). These vitamins help in the proper digestion of the food. Take water an hour before or after eating your meal. You can always take some minerals like (wall nut, groundnut, milk, cashew nuts, etc.) in between meals. Nuts in minerals can be eaten as refreshment any time aside from breakfast, lunch, dinner,

To practice eating a balanced diet as in the example above is very simple if you can also remember to add them in the usual measure. Do not add in excess and do not add below make it the normal dosage.

My research and findings

In today’s contemporary world, looking at the situation of most countries especially those still striving for development. The poverty rate is increasing on daily basis and with the rate of this deficiency. Many people find it so difficult to afford the normal daily square meal of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Most other people who only afford two squares or once, either prepare the meals without enough nutrients. While in some other cases, they will specialize in eating one class of food all through the three square meals, which still may not measure a quantity diet.  This is not funny at all. It does not aid the healthy living.

Further research exposes some facts that due to scarcity of food and low-income flow for some families, they settle for just one class of the food. As if that is not enough, this one class of food might be prepared in large quantity with little or no other nutrients. For this reason, people eat just anything to satisfy hunger as far as what they eat is edible enough and can keep them alive.

We do not just eat to be alive or satisfy hunger, many reasons call for you to eat a balanced diet

It helps to reduce the risk of contracting a chronic disease

A relative of mine contracted type 2 diabetes. Before she meets the illness, she is always fond of eating carbohydrates and other sweetened foods. Although she also takes fruits most fruits also contain sugar. The problem with my relative is that she never realizes to combine her meals, to include enough nutrients. Her dependency on most carbohydrates costs her illness.

Yet again, another relative of mine contracted a stomach ulcer. She belongs to the group of my research of those who eat one square meal in a day and yet never add enough nutrients during preparation. This is how she also contracted the illness.

It contains sufficient nutrients

A balanced diet contains sufficient nutrients that can keep the body system going all day. Nutrients are a substance that provides energy to our body, thereby helping the body to carry out different functions properly. Every human body system needs to have enough of this nutritional benefit in other to keep the body and mind together.  Most people may or may not be aware of this; the difference between the two is ignorance.

What comes as a result of ignorance is either contracting one illness or the other. This also is the result if you understand the benefit of eating a balanced diet but choose to remain adamant. People generally need to take adequate care of what they eat. After all, every activity that involves gaining income is for the sole aim of feeding the stomach.

It helps pregnant women and their babies

In other to avoid giving birth to abnormal babies, every expecting woman should maintain healthy living. In some cases, we receive records of women or their babies dying during childbirth, we become anxious to know what causes the death. Most times, we forget to seek information about how the mother took adequate care of her diet. Some women are prone to poor feeding during pregnancy, unable to meet the doctor’s feeding prescription.  This usually aids in having issues during or after childbirth. 

It helps the growing child

If you take a keen interest in some growing children, you will be able to differentiate from the other, which of them is adequately fed with enough nutrients in their diet. It starts from their physical appearance, down to the behavioral pattern of the child. Next, you think of how the child responds to different environments like the school and among peer groups. Eating a balanced diet helps to nourish the skin of a growing child, and keep the child always in healthy condition. It also helps to keep the Child’s brain alert and very responsive to issues. 

It helps to reduce excess fat

In as much as you keep taking those required nutrients in the right quantity and in the right way. You can easily avoid such things as gaining weight and obesity. Excess fat comes as a result of too much carbohydrate and unable to regulate the amount of your regular food intake. Even when you resolve to do much regular exercise without taking the necessary balanced diet, you might be jeopardizing your health. In every case that requires living a healthy life, we need to place eating a balanced diet as a priority.


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