3 Things to Do When You Suspect Your Partner Is Cheating

What is suspicion? It is an incomplete knowledge of what seems to be true but lacks evidence to prove. suspicion can only produce either of two results. It can either be true or false. It is equally something you are not sure about but within you is a feeling of unrest.

For some couples in a relationship, although it depends on individual mindset. Having partial knowledge that your partner is cheating will definitely set your mind and spirit aflame. Some might step further to wage war. While some partners will keep calm until she catches him red-handed.

Suspecting that your partner is cheating without any concrete evidence is like charging someone to court without evidence to prove the person is guilty.

Before you start suspecting your partner, you must be observing something about him or her. Things like; behaving indifferently from the normal way the person is doing before. Some very smart partners will still behave normally while indulging in their acts. In this case, it might be difficult to find out even when someone tells you your partner is cheating. Even when you hear rumors about it.

Sometimes the partner that cheats becomes friendlier with the other partner. The person starts doing certain things he does not normally do before and increases in the aspect of the one he is doing already. For anyone of the partners that suspects that the other is cheating. At first, it becomes a doubt in the mind with mixed fillings of pain. It can only be true and clear when there is any evidence to prove.

When you are busy suspecting your partner’s infidelity, your mind is restless. The feeling of love is beginning to drip away and hatred trying to peep from the keyhole. You have so many wrong thoughts fighting your restless mind.  Yet because there is no evidence at hand, you do not have any reason for accusation.

Lora starts observing her husband’s movement from the very day she suspects he might be cheating on her. She went as far as installing a phone tracker on her husband’s phone to help her clarify her suspicion. She has searched his phone for evidence still could not find anything. Since she couldn’t find any proof, she concludes within her that it isn’t true anyway.

Soon after that, two of her friends informed her they saw her husband with a fair blonde in a motel far out of town. This made her mind resume suspicion. So, she thought of the next thing to do now? Her restless mind becomes worse than ever this time. She is getting pale and thinner each passing day with the pain of suspicion.

One morning Doctor Paul, Lora’s uncle who always pays visits to her home every fortnight comes visiting. He is very surprised at the sight of his niece.

Immediately he exclaimed, “Lora are you alright? You look pale and skinny, what sickness is getting over you this time? Tell me I will take care of it”.

She felt grieve and emotionally disturbs even more, but she managed to narrate to the doctor her ordeal of suspicion.  In the end, the doctor shook his head and said to her.

“Lora, am going to give you three beautiful pieces of advice that will heal your mind, your pain, and the evidence you need to clear your suspicions”.

“But you need to promise me, that you will abide by the counsel am going to give you”

Doctor Paul started, “Lora, what if you find out that your husband is truly cheating on you, what will you do?”

I bet your reactions will be worse than finding out the truth. You will pick a quarrel, a fight, and finally a divorce, and that is if you don’t want the relationship to continue. Now I know you want the union because I know you love your husband.

So, take these 3 guidelines;

Number 1; Relax and get yourself very busy

Yes Lora, get yourself and time very busy with work activities. Push the thought of suspicion out of your mind because you have no evidence to back it up. It might not be easy for you to do this especially that you love your partner, but that’s the best you can do now.

Let me ask you, Lora, have you considered what if you die getting yourself worn-out with suspicious worries? Do you know what will happen if you develop a mental problem while worrying about your husband’s infidelity? My dear Lora, I tell you If you die on this, your husband will bury and morn you and finally marry his mistress.

Get good friends around you when you are less busy with work. Chat away your time with them but do not discuss the issue of your husband’s infidelity with them.  If you discuss it with them, the evil mind among them will encourage you to do the worse. What then is left, you will pick a fight with your husband whereas you have no evidence to clear your suspicions. So, relax you will definitely get to find out the truth, it will surface by itself.

Number 2; Get friendlier with your partner

Do not hate your husband at this instant, you only suspected without any proof. I want you to make him now your best friend more than before. Move nearer to him and get involved in his daily activities. Bring out the best love ever. Discuss more often with him about funny ideas.

Tell him secret things that look strange and familiar. Let the secret things you tell him push him to tell you his own secrets too. Pretend you do not suspect anything. Fix dates for a dinner outing, in fact, start afresh with him.

Listen to me Lora, if you put this number two guideline in practice. Two things are complex, it’s either George stop seeing his mistress or he tells you openly about her. This will be so because his conscience will no longer take it.

Number 3, stop being apprehensive over what you don’t know about

I want you to be more mature in your thoughts. Do not ask your husband any questions the truth will surely be open. Continue to be good towards him and perform your responsibilities as his wife. You need to have two options in mind when your suspicions are finally true. It’s either you forgive him and take him back because of love, or you file a divorce and move on with your life.

If you ask me, Lora, I would rather you forgive him as your husband. Nobody is above mistakes; you can equally do similar mistakes yourself. So now what more, throw your worries in the trash and grab these three pieces of advice I just give you.

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