10 Ways Women Can Prevent Infection & Live Healthy

Ordinarily, this article could be on a general issue of how to prevent contagious disease in both men and women. But I specifically want to talk about women because they mostly fall prey to infection illness. Anyone can contract the infection at any given time and place but that is if you are more careless about your health. Infection in women refers to turmoil resulting from tiny organisms, which are bacterial mostly dirty in nature.

Women are most prone to infection disease all because their bodies are more sensitive to exposure to such illness. A lot of them spend heavily on the treatment of these illnesses, which is an enemy to women. The question then is which is more preferable, “to cure or to prevent.”

When any woman is constantly on the lookout of preventing infection illness it means she is trying to be careful. On the other hand, a careless mind can be seen trying to procure treatment. Infection can cause many damages in the life of any woman who falls victim but ignores the consequences. Especially If it lasts longer it can lead to spreading further and having more offspring. Tissues and cells can be at risk of damage.

The most common types of infection in women include

Vaginal infection

This consists of all infections that associate with the woman’s sensitive areas. It includes yeast and sexually transmitted infections. Signs are always seen in vaginal itchiness, offensive odors, and painful urination.

Bacterial infection

These are the various contaminations women contract from the uncleanness of their bodies. It also includes inadequate treatment of cuts and serious bodily injuries. When an injury occurs or an abnormal sore seems to develop in any part of her body. Now rather than take it seriously she chose to ignore it. The more the wound is left untreated the chances of getting infections. The less attention she pays to those inflammations, the probability of it developing to a chronic level

General infection

This includes the bacteria’s that associated with not able to keep the environment, food, and body wears. The necessary things women should keep clean.

There are many chances that a woman can come in contact with either of these infections. Sometimes, a woman may not be too careful mostly when she does travels and make visits. when women contract infection the best solution can be treated. Although, medication can be the best resolution the simple technique could just be prevention. Simply opting for protection before harm and constantly going for immunization.

Immunization is a method a woman can use for protection against bacteria by constantly administering a vaccine to help her body become resistant to infections.

Many damages could occur in the body of any woman who carelessly ignores the fact that infection is real but chose to stay adamant.

Below are ways any woman can prevent any of these common infections?

Avoid Dirty toilets and bathrooms

Every woman should avoid using the same restroom with any man that is far from her spouse. Even in the case of living with her husband she needs to regularly wash the toilets. Also, change the toilet seat more often than not.

The toilets are the worst places where bacterial easily make their homes. It can be very easy for any woman to contract any of them from a man or any other woman having any illness such as Gonorrhea, or syphilis. Use disinfectant on the toilet waters and always cover the lid after use.

Avoid Urinating carelessly wherever

Men are at an advantage of careless urination. This is because the sensitive part of the men body is secluded from easy contraction of such illness. That is why you most times observe that they do not border where they pass out waste materials. Besides this, it does not affect them but the woman can easily contract any illness from an unsafe area while urinating.

Avoid unsafe sex or stay with only your partner

The best way to avoid contracting the infection disease through intimacy is to abstain from extramarital affairs. This is for women who are married, while unmarried women should practice abstinence until the time of marriage. But some women can give in to temptation through friendships of the opposite sex. If this should be the case, the woman should endeavor to practice safe sex.

Avoid sharing sensitive wears

Among the clothes that women put on, they are those that need discarding immediately after it is worn out. Again, those ones don’t need that you give it out or share it with some other person. Women can share each other’s dress, shirts, and gowns but the inner wears should be private wear. This is because someone with an infection illness like gonorrhea can transfer the bacteria easily if she shares the same innerwear with you,

Regularly wash your hands

If you make this a regular habit, you can easily adapt to it. Many women especially the much busy type and those who engage in business in market places don’t remember to wash their hands. If ever they do, it is either at mealtime or when their hands are stained with dirt. This is not all right as they can easily contact infection.

Regularly keep rooms and environment neat

Dirty rooms and environments are other inhabitants of germs. It is a place for their safety. For every woman, it is very necessary to avoid anything that can attract bacterial of any kind. Therefore, regular sweeping, dusting, and washing should always be in practice. A woman can contract an infection from untidy rooms and dirty environments

Treat wounds and body cuts properly

Any little cut in the body should be given a first aid treatment until it properly heals. While a bigger injury should be treated by a specialist in any medical center. Take care of wounds no matter how little it may look, clean them up regularly to avoid smells that may attract flies  

Immunize against infection

This is one easy way a woman can protect herself against infection. Immunization protects the body and prevents any disease that may find its way to the body. But Taking immunization does not mean that the woman should live carelessly.

It may only prevent certain infections like hepatitis A and B. Other infections like gonorrhea, syphilis does not have any security through immunization. So, the best practice is to adhere to preventive measures to avoid the virus.

Maintain a high level of personal hygiene

According to experts in health Irregular baths can cause dermatitis. A skin irritation caused by poor hygiene, not taking proper care of one’s body can attract infection. At the dawn of each new day, the skin of every human being is exposed to dust, sweat, and the air that blows from the weather. The air usually carries particles of dust. When those dust rests on the skin it can penetrate the body and cause infections.

Finally, a woman needs to be particularly conscious of her body’s reactions. She is in a better position to understand how her body system responds to certain medications. This will enable her to become more aware of how to handle herself and avoid all forms that might lead to contracting an infection.


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