10 Ways to Include Your Leadership Skills on Your Resume

Including your leadership skill in your resume is a way of displaying your workability to the hiring manager. Through this method, you are telling him in a written format that you are suitable for the job if given the opportunity. This action all bores down on how you write your resume. `

Leadership in any organization may be a sensitive role because with this position the directors are rested assured that the company is in good hands. Employing the wrong leader can lead to bad management and downsizing of the organization. Many hiring managers take time to go through employees’ Resumes and further compare them with the oral interview they conduct.

On many occasions, the only opportunity left for the job seekers in speaking with the hiring manager becomes through the resume. It then becomes very crucial to write it more elaborately and professionally to attract attention.  

Several organizations have their job description and they as well advertise them along with their job adverts. Those descriptions are what they require from their prospective candidates. Now having met the requirements you need to also include the following in your resume.

Your leadership abilities

Include Communication skill

Many hiring managers look forward to this. Effective communication can foster easy and constant workflow. The ability to relay information between members and directors and get feedback is vital. It becomes a key element as where there is no information there may be no activity. Communication builds relationships, and trust and inspires employees to understand the company’s mission.

Include that you are a team player

A leader’s skill must involve good collaboration with both members and the upper authority. A team player includes presenting ideas to both sides and seeking their views and opinion. After sorting opinions the leader still presents the majority’s view as the best.

It is the ability to coordinate with other members to get them to agree on a mission to accomplish a goal. This will be a great success for the organization. As a team player, you also need to render assistance where necessary.

Include Critical thinking

This skill may tend to be a sensitive aspect of leadership skills and this usually impresses hiring managers. The managers consider how reasonable the candidate must be.  When a leader makes a wrong decision, it affects the organization and its members. Implementing the wrong decisions may cause regrettable damages and take time to reverse. Therefore, critical thinking entails that leaders evaluate their decisions before presenting them.

Include Integrity

Integrity helps to point out a leader and make him outstanding among others. It builds trust and members could count on and rely on him for assistance. Integrity entails the leader practicing what he preaches and accepting his mistakes. It defines a leader as accountable for the wrong he did rather than holding the blame on members.

Leaders who act with integrity can be given a higher position hence there is the confidence that things are in the right hands. Integrity could help build credibility where investors and clients are concerned. This helps to push the organization forward in meeting financial demand.

Include Problem-solving skill

A problem-solving skill demands being creative and confronting challenges rather than shying away. A leader having such skill could proffer solutions even in the toughest circumstance. Thus, as a solution giver, his action is liable to inspire others who are likely to tread his footpath.

Now, these are the most important skill to include in your resume as you seek a leadership position. Then as an added advantage, you could go further to include the following attributes.

Include a leadership-training program

You may have attended one leadership-training course while aspiring for a leadership position. It may not be compulsory to have worked as a leader but you attended this program as a way of gaining experience in the leadership sector. It is time you utilize the opportunity of including it in your resume.

Include if you have previously worked as a leader

This is very necessary, as you would likely do this in the work experience section of your resume. Include the name of the company and what year your service was engaged. Bear in mind that the hiring manager may likely want to consult the company of your reference. For this reason, state the details about the company. This may go a long way to earning you the job.

Include two or three witness

Now, every resume has a section for referees and recruiters are also skeptical about this too. They would want to know who they can consult to testify on your behalf. They would want to know who can give them some needed personal information about you. So go ahead and include two or three people who can give credits to the overall information on your resume.

Include details of your leadership role.

Probably you must have taken a leadership role in your previous company or somewhere of reputation. You also need to include this in your resume. For instance, you can include if you have been in charge of the marketing unit or the supervisory unit in a company.  State also your duties and responsibilities, and how you were able to coordinate the activities. This is a great advantage to your resume.

Produce a concise write-up

Finally, be concise in your write-up, let every point and detail you give be transparent and informative. Avoid rambling around before giving a fact. State every option clearly in a way to makes the recruiter take more interest in your resume. Arrange your skills neatly according to your ability.