Why Men Finds It Difficult to Propose While Dating Women

Do you know the reason why some men find it very easy to date a lady? Dating a lady simply means courtship between a man and a woman for a relatively short period of time to finally give and receive a marriage proposal.

Again, do you know why these same men who date find it difficult to propose?  A man to propose to a woman simply means; to declare an intention or wiliness to get married to the lady. Well, the answer is simply because of the differences in choice, taste, and view.

There was a seminar conducted for newly married couples, and a question was put forward; “why do men prefer to date for a longer period of time before finally proposing if they eventually propose at all. This question was actually thrown to the men folks among them.

Three answers were given randomly. The first person answered, “every man doesn’t need to get married in life”. When you hear this kind of statement you begin to think of a choice. That’s the choice of this person. Maybe, he doesn’t want to get married but simply wants to keep dating from one woman to another.

The second person answered, “I have to date for a very long period. So that when I finally settle down, I will be able to concentrate only on one woman”. “That is; my wife”. When you also hear this kind of statement you begin to think of the taste.  That’s the taste of this second man.

Then the third person answered and said; “This marriage of a thing is like an investment so whoever doesn’t want to invest should keep dating”. When you finally hear this, you begin to think of the view. That’s the way he views the issue.

Aside from these responses, there are yet very genuine reasons why a man finds it very difficult to propose to a woman he has been dating for a long period of time. While the lady keeps waiting and praying for a miracle to happen someday.

The man is not ready yet

When you hear that a man is not yet ready to get married you begin to ask what exactly can be the problem for not being ready yet. While at the same time he is dating a woman. The question might simply be financial issues.

He must have thought of the financial circumstance that surrounds marital life in general. He must have thought about the idea of having to start a family and resume responsibility as a man of the house. The financial issues involved, and his ability to take care of the wife and kids to-be. The very thought of all these might just scare him away.

He has another lover

There was once a case where a particular man feels very reluctant in proposing to his long-time girlfriend. The problem with him is that he is also dating another lady at the said time. So, getting married is far an option for him then, because he was totally confused. Every time the thought of proposing to one of the ladies crosses his mind, he immediately develops a biased mind, since he has no choice of whom to propose to.

He is simply a player

For a man to be a player is just a matter of choice because if you look at the men that fall into this category you will realize that of truth money is not the issue. Having multiple ladies is not equally the issue. The issue might just be that he derives so much joy in dating one lady after another. Not interested in proposing to any of them. Even if he eventually meets a lady who is serious about marriage, he keeps playing his games still feeling indifferent.

Because of a background issue

Some conditions can be an issue for a man not to propose to a lady he has been dating for a long while. If the man is coming from a background having a historical record of criminal or fetish activities. Yes, he has a dating partner but the very thought of his background will always put him off whenever he remembers he has to propose to her.

Might be a Parental issue

A man’s parents might just disagree with the kind of lady he is dating. while on the contrary, the said man is very much in love with his choice of woman and readily wants to propose. But due to the disagreement in choice with his parents he feels disinclined in proposing to his woman. Although this kind of situation is rarely seen these days because rather than the man chose to respect the parent’s wish. He can simply go ahead with his other family members.

He is afraid of marriage

A man is said to be afraid of marriage when he simply vows not to get married in his life. He just wants to remain single and that’s all, and he very much cherishes that idea. But the negative part of his choice of life is that he dates any woman he cares about. This kind of man usually ends up being a single father in life.


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