Why Living a Lie Can Affect Your Success Development

Lies are simply things that are not true, not real but fake, a piece of fabricated information. Living a lie is like bringing your false self to the light and leaving your true self in the dark. It is trying to recreate oneself, in other words living a life of pretense. Assuming to be what one is not.

Pretense on the other hand is simply the act of behaving in a particular manner to make other people believe something that is not true of oneself. It is claiming to have a quality or skill that is not real. A life that doesn’t really exist but trying to force it to exit.

People who tend to live this kind of life try to amaze the people around them. They try to make them believe in the new life they created by themselves. Ignorantly they also forgot to understand that no matter how hard they try to pretend it’s not going to last longer. Living a fake life, a borrowed life, or living in pretense usually takes many forms like

Telling people false stories about yourself and seriously trying to make them believe you. It doesn’t just end in you doing it once but doing it at all times and making the act of lies becoming your whole life. People who always tell lies are professionally inclined to it. Living a lie.

There is one distinct truth about people who are living a lie and that is within them they know that what they are doing is not real. They however continue to manipulate their victims until the very day of judgment.

Claiming people’s properties forcefully while knowing full well they are not the rightful owners. People claim other people’s land, investments, and other personal belongings. They go as far as taking ort to assume ownership and are careless about the consequence of the outcome.

Living a lie can be visible in an individual who attempts to transform his gender

A situation whereby a man is trying to live or transform himself to be a woman. He is always seen dressed in a women’s outfit with make-ups to look exactly like a woman. That’s a life of lies.

When you are an addict to drugs

This happens when a person is always used to taking drugs and it makes him feel so high that he can do unimaginable things. The person becomes a murderer, a robber, or a terrorist. On the normal ground, the person is not able to do it but with the effect of these drugs, they are living a lie.

The social media platform is also an avenue for this kind of life where people seem to easily believe and agree that everything they see or read is real.

Now using this platform tends to be very easy in making people agree that what they portray is truly in existence. A life that doesn’t belong to them. A life so different from the ordinary simple life God created for mankind and has given them to live.

Talking about these media platforms, it has a wide range of advantages. It Ranges from the fact that people get connected worldwide. It is also a means of sharing genuine news and other very helpful information. Using any of these platforms to live in disguise is deceiving and a sort of socialization abuse.

Apart from the social media platform, living a life of lies also exists in real life, they are everywhere around us.

A story was once told about two young men who came together and got married claiming that one of them is the wife while the other is the husband. Very incredible! They very much want to transform the work of nature not minding the fact that they may come together but they can never procreate. However, they went for adoption, but they are just living a life of lies.

Again, another story was told about a lady whose twin sister died and she stood up and take the identity of her dead sister because they were so identical to each other. she claims to be her sister and assumes every one of her responsibilities. But the question is does she know she is living a life of lies?

Individually, there are other ways we secretly live a lie

When we hide our real age; People say that age is just a number and so one’s age doesn’t matter to the public. For this reason, people claim to be much younger in age and assume positions meant for younger people but that’s just lies.

When we change our skin and face shape or color. Nowadays, you see people going from one plastic surgery to another all in a bid to look younger and beautiful. Meanwhile, they are more advanced in age. This is living a lie.

When we present a false certificate or present someone else’s data in other to occupy a position in the office. That’s living a lie. when we present false data about ourselves to other people, that’s also a life of lies;

Another story told about the governor of a  certain country who died but the body was cloned to still assume the governorship. Unknown to the citizens of the said country that he is a false figure, living a life of lies.

Even in the Bible Jacob assumed the place of Esau and indirectly received the blessings of his brother. Just for a few hours, he presented himself falsely to their father Isaac, he lived a life of lies for few hours.

It Can Affect Your Success Development?

So, what happens when the truth about these people is known? They automatically lose their self-worth. Their true nature is brought to light and everyone resolves to despise them.

Invariably when they are living those lies, their actions and behaviors portrays Genuity and might use it to make some achievements in life.  When the atrocities are uncovered, those achievements are blown like chaffs before the wind.

Yes, they tend to lose it all. What more then? Is it not better for one to live his true self and build a true long-lasting success in life?

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