When Physically Unwell; 5 Simple Ways to Feel Relaxed

Sometimes you might not know how it feels, the agony, pain, and stress of having to cope with illness. Sometimes you might not understand it, you might not know what it feels like to be sick if you are living a healthy life, and you keep maintaining your healthy living.  When you don’t pay visits to hospitals or consult a Doctor for health-related issues. But until you eventually get sick, if not of a certain illness, maybe of pain resulting from an accident or cut, then you will know how it feels to be unwell and the stress involved.

The good question now is can anyone confidently say that he or she can never get sick for any reason at all. This question can only be answered by an individual who has everything it takes to live a healthy life. So, the person might just assume that being unwell is far an option.

But this person is wrong! Now look at this, if you think you can be very careful in life as not to make mistakes then I guess you must have the ability to read the future. Then I also guess you should try by all means to avoid every misfortune and disaster. Because you can’t avoid some certain things like; sudden accidents or some kind of catastrophe which might lead to injuries. The injuries leaving you with broken legs and bruises all over your body and then causing some sickness.

Again when you accidentally get injured by a sharp object either a machete or you are being hit by a heavy object, the pains will definitely give you illness. More also, you might be beaten by a wild animal like a wild dog, cat, or insect.  You understand well enough that when things like these happen, you are definitely bound to encounter an illness that can lead you to the hospital for treatment.

Initially, you weren’t sick at all. You were very careful about your health trying not to fall sick. But all of a sudden you become a victim of circumstance finally finding yourself in the hospital. So, you see, with all these reasons we may not be able to avoid being sick, but we can pray to live healthy all through our life.

In this context, we are going to talk about managing the moment of illness. How best to live, and coup in time of sickness. This post is directly made for everybody to understand that staying unwell for any number of times like; weeks, months, or years doesn’t bring the world to an end. Instead of having feelings of anger, depression, and anxiety all over, there are best simple ways to move on with satisfaction and hope. These ways will definitely lead or help in quick recovery to normal health again.

1. Don’t worry much, try to worry less

Usually, as the case may be for some people when they feel sick, they get so much anxiety about their illness. It’s not all right if you are the type that worries whenever you find yourself feeling unhealthy. Having that feeling will rather increase the pain and add to your sorrow.

At a time when one is feeling unhealthy, the best thing to do is feel relaxed, and think less. The best thing for the person is to focus on God’s grace for quick recovery.  Sing songs and hymns will gladden and cheer your heart and soul. Don’t worry about your condition because worrying will not bring healing nor the solution to your illness. But rather it’s best to relax, eat enough food, fruits, vegetable, and nuts as recommended by your Doctor. Ask questions on what might border your mind. Play games even on your sickbed and interact with a random guest.

2. Get enough sleep and rest

The best form of resting is sleeping.  When you sleep, your mind and soul are at peace. It helps to boost your immune system and gives your body the ability to fight off the illness. That is when your body gets the healing that it needs to get well again. Have you noticed that sometimes when you get wounded by an object having treated it, when you sleep over the night, in the morning the wound stitches together? It means a step towards healing. Wounds are best healed when the body is not awake. Sleep as much as you can during this period for that’s exactly what your body needs so that your body damages could be repaired.

Then at times when you feel like not sleeping or maybe the sleep is not coming. Maybe because of noises, then lie straight on your bed, relax your legs, thighs, and curves. Clear your mind of worries and put a song in your mind while still facing upward exhale and relax your chest.

3. Move to a quiet zone

Just like a newborn baby who doesn’t need noise to sleep that is how it is with a physically unwell individual. The sound of noises resulting from chats, sounds of music, moving cars, might affect the chances of getting healed fast. When the body is feeling unwell, the body needs a quiet area. Even if the hospital or environment is noisy, but at least once in a while try to move to a quiet place to relax. Move over from the loud and chaotic surroundings. You can’t always have a rest in a rowdy place. Your body won’t relax in such a situation. The quiet zone will help the mind, body, and soul to fix together and be at peace. Your brain works faster when relaxed and the patient gets to remember things very well and easily.

4. Take adequate care of your poor health

If you are not staying within the hospital environs, that is if you are not admitted as sick patients. Maybe you are at home managing your illness. Then, you need to understand this; make sure you are always visiting your Doctor on schedules for checkups. Adhere to your Doctors drug prescription and other advice given to you.

Don’t assume things on your own and don’t carry out your assumed ideas. Sometimes, as the case might be some people find it difficult to eat during times of illness, but you don’t need to starve or be on an empty stomach. It might not help your recovery.  But you can do better by taking some fruits that can give you some apartheid, such as; fruits, juice. Try to take some foods like white rice, bread, and egg white.

Again, try some little form of exercising your body, as you could just move from one end of the pole to another. Do a little bit of shaking your body, legs, and arms. Then move back again and get some rest.

5. Take your normal prescribed drugs

It’s not advisable to skip drugs during times of illness. But supposing you forgot to take your drugs at a particular time that shouldn’t mean or make you take double the next due time.

When you skip a particular time for taking a drug, go ahead and take the normal dosage as prescribed by your doctor.  Trying to fill the gap might cause you to overdosage which might cause some harm or damage to the process. Drugs prescribed to you by your Doctor are meant to heal. So, when properly administered or taken will help put your health at safety and also help your body relax, and get quick recovery.


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