What Men Think about Women Who Make the First Move

It is like a woman making a marriage proposal to a man which is inappropriate. But that was then not now! I mean in earlier days when women lurk in silence for a man and keep admiring him secretly while waiting for him to make the chase.  Quietly she keeps shying away and praying within her for the man to notice her feelings.

With the changing trends in culture, region, and with the recent global development, women are now the go-getters rather than the waiters. Views and opinions differ as people generally have their various observations of this issue. While some set of people condemn the attitude others to praise it as what has to do with natural gratification

In most developed countries, women view it as gender equality. Signifying that since we are humans in the spare of relationship both men and women must have equal rights. There is nothing wrong with a woman asking a man for a date. It is equally not wrong for a woman making advances for the first kiss.

What then is the general view of men towards this issue. All men may display similar actions but have different sentiments both positive and negative. The positive reactions of men include

It shows a direct expression of love

Most men love the act of seeing women make the first move, they view it as a sign that the lady in question is truly in love with the man. If in any case, they are too busy to notice or give attention to any woman, then for her to give the attention first is a welcome signal.  Again, it benefits any man who finds it difficult to make the first chase or even make the chase at all.

Nursing the fear of rejection from the opposite sex gives them a nervous feeling. What if the woman proves hard to get, will he get over the pain? What happens if the woman decides not to love him back? If finally, the woman gives in to his demand, what can prove to him that she truly loves him

Therefore, the first move from a woman gives them some sort of relief and indicates a sign of affection. For this reason, any woman that comes showing some sign of a relationship feels flattered and simply loves the action.

It signifies self-confidence

It takes great courage and inner assurance for any woman to brass up and approach a man for friendship. The notion that men are superior and should always be in charge has given many women the audacity to shy away from so many things. Some men believe such women who make the first move has expressed a fearless action and can confront issues.

Looking at the natural aspect of a man’s life, having a daring mind and nature especially when it comes to handling tough circumstances. They inwardly pray to associate with a woman of the same nature, and not those who are a quitter. 

A sign of an extrovert

Men view those women as easygoing people; they can easily exchange pleasantries with them. Since they can withstand the odds of timidity and summon the courage to level up with the opposite sex, they can as well be approachable. Friendliness is not left out as such women can be very brave. They believe those women are the sophisticated types and they can go the extra mile.  

She can make a good relationship

A good or bad relationship is far beyond what any human being can predict. People always pray for the best when it comes to getting the right partner for marriage, but then can you tell who is rightly yours and who is not. Women are unpredictable when it comes to who will make a good marriage, but then most men keep looking out for some signs.

Does a woman who makes the first move make her a good wife? you might ask this. It does not signify it, but if you are a man, you would rather ask yourself to choose between having a woman who is quiet and resentful from one who is lousy and empathetic

Help to encourage the man

On closer observation, most men derive a sort of inspiration from the act of women making the first step. Especially those of them who are introverts. Notwithstanding this, introverts are seen in both men and women alike. The nerve to approach a woman and profess love couple with the inability to handle her act of hard-to-get attitude. This makes the man seem more likely to enjoy the act of having a woman give him the chase rather than the other way round.

Where the ma is an introvert, this act will aspire him to realize his inadequacies and shortcoming. It will enable him to see beyond his weakness and then understand where to make amends and pick up his strength like a man.  However, looking on the other side of the issue most men who accept the first move from a woman usually end up adoring her like a goddess. This can have an adverse effect anyway.

The above context only emphasizes the positive aspect of what men view about women making the first move. Let us see again the negative assessment from men

It gives an impression of a woman who lacks etiquette   

The fact that she possesses the motivation and strong willingness is an indication that she can act even in an extraordinary circumstance. This can give the man less power to make her submissive. And if this is the case, the relationship might experience some sort of regular conflict.  

The relationship will lack respect from the woman

Psychologically, you might ask is it suitable for a woman to make the initial move of love advances to a man. If eventually, the man accepts, it makes his weakness visible to the woman, it portrays an image of indiscipline and a lack of shame by her. It can be more preferable if she makes the move in a more imperceptible manner. Every woman should hold herself in high esteem and allow a man to treat her with respect.

Ordinarily, a woman who has basic home training would devoid herself of such an act. Otherwise, most men see them as wayward ladies who think less and have no regard for what people might say. This is because there is every tendency that the woman might want him to become submissive to her. That is the more reason why some relationships are controlled by the woman

The woman might experience unreciprocated love

For men, it sounds like the opposite sex making a nuptial offer to a man which is unfitting. In as much as the woman is the originator of the relationship, she might as well be in control of everything. All this is because she has sensed the weak part of the man. The notion then arises that women who make love advances to a man risk the chance of being loved back.

If the man responds positively, it is because he lacks the courage to make the first move. Therefore, since he lacks the motivation, and then agrees out of shame or pity, he might secretly not love back. This is the reason why some relationships experience regular unwanted arguments that result in conflicts.

Why do women make the first move?

  1. Some women are naturally like that. They have everything it takes to gain possession of their object of interest, no matter what it takes. Such women go for what they want and are always fortunate enough to own it.

2. Another reason is this notion of, “not being man enough” or visualizing the man as a shy person. Consequently, they size the opportunity to own their desire.

3. Again, most women would rather prefer to make the first move when they notice the man showing some signs of affection. Therefore, rather than wait for eternity for him to make a move, they choose to make the move first.  

4. Finally, as much as people think negatively and positively of all issues, it does not matter who makes the first move. What matters most is the genuine existence of love and understanding between the two people. What works well for the black might be toxic to the white. Thus, it is best for all colors to detect what method that suits them.


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