What Makes an Evidence of Good Living: Find Out

If everyone on earth individually was asked to choose the kind of life to live, then everyone wants to live normally. Everyone would desire to live with each passing moment being perfect. If you ask me, that is the desire and dreams of our lives.

Individually, we all want a life without flaws or blemishes, where nothing can ever go wrong or anything be done wrongly. No stress, no chastising, no punishment, no sorrows, no castigation, no worries at all. A life whereby you don’t need to be disturbed about anything.

But do all these define a good living?

Now, if you were opportune to ask or grant an interview to some people seeking their opinion on what evidence of good living is all about. 60 out of 100 percent are likely to believe that: Evidence of good living means being able to feed the stomach at all times without any starvation not even for a minute.

While 20 percent tend to believe that being joyful, accompanied by laughter and entertainment at all times is the basis or the proof of a good living.

Then what about the remaining 20 percent, what have they got to say? Maybe, I should be among these 20 percent, because in my own humble opinion, evidence of good living simply means living a virtuous life.

The other day I happen to come across a group of colleagues disputing among themselves on this particular issue. The most out-spoken of them believed that when one has everything going perfectly fine in life, the person is living well.

She went further to stress that having lots of money to solve all problems both material and otherwise also adds up to it.

Then a second person chipped in saying that having achieved a fulfilled life is an indication. A fulfilled life that involves attaining a higher educational level, and has invested in many projects is evidence that one is living good and the best of life.

But an opposing fellow was under the conviction that; an example of one living a good life is seen in an individual living in pleasure, and enjoyment all along. Being content with everything around him.

But how do we explain clearly the Evidence of Good Living?

The answer is not farfetched.

Evidence of good living is clearly seen in the life of an individual living a virtuous life. Being happy, fulfilled, and free at heart. A life that adds value to oneself and is worthy of emulation to the general public. Moral and upright in character and action.

Alright, then how do we explain a virtuous life as the basic prove or evidence that one is living a good life.

Virtuous is morality. For you to exercise either of them you need wisdom, you need knowledge. Life is garbage in garbage out. In order words what you give out is what you receive. Having a good life is what every individual may like or dream of

If you have money, that’s a credit to your personality, but make sure you are making and spending your money in the right way. You can also acquire so many material possessions, that’s also a credit.

You might decide to live in pleasure drinking and always in merriment; if you do it the right and responsible way with wisdom and a sense of maturity. It will also be a credit to your personal life.

You might also have power, once you exercise it in the right way it will be a welcome advantage to yourself.

Then having said all this, let’s look at some typical examples of what makes evidence of good living. in the life of an individual;

The golden rule of life

The golden rule is a very popular saying, “Do unto others what you would like them to do to you”. This quote is also figured out from the Christian bible. It is used to instruct moral principles.

This aspect or rule of life is seen as very demanding. Most times people consider their own feelings, prioritize themselves more. They, however, pay less attention to whatever they do either in communication or inaction towards others.

But I tell you if you can maintain this golden rule you are one-way showing confirmation of good living towards your fellow person.

Make happiness your watchword

When you are happy, it means having contentment and gladness of heart. It also means being satisfied with yourself. Then go ahead and show satisfaction to others by also sharing in the happiness of other people around you. It doesn’t end there yet, also “seek” other people’s happiness as well.

Be an ambassador of good deeds

I mentioned above the golden rules of doing unto others what you would like them to do to you. Then, let your good deeds and your good works contributed towards the development of the community be seen as an example for other people to emulate. It’s evidence of good living, for one to interpret your moral acts as a credit to your personality

Be contented and at peace

Be good, be kind and respect yourself; try always to manage the resource available within your capacity.  That’s the evidence of a good life. Don’t be selfish and greedy and always wanting to have more than enough, and whereby you can’t have it all you resort to violence. This is where the act of self-control comes in. Being able to recognize your worth and understand the importance of self-discipline.

Now when we talk about being Virtuous, it has many underlying factors. And some of those factors are explained below;

Have a forgiving Spirit towards your fellow human, make peace with your past so it won’t contradict your present life and situations. You need to have an open heart and mind and smile when needed

Don’t be quick to judge people and don’t be fast to condemning their actions or shut the door of your goodness towards them. Be patient enough and give it time. Time heals everything.


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