What Is the Best Time of the Day to Exercise: Staying Fit

You can exercise at any time of the day in terms of being clockwise, you can train either indoors or outdoor. But in a case where you may prefer the outdoor workout, it is more advisable to avoid the very chilly weather. As it may not be healthy especially for people with threatening health conditions like asthma or heart disease. Even if you feel you are healthy, enough you might not know how risky the weather may affect your health and arouse a laying illness in you or make you contract one.

There are three-part of the day, morning, afternoon, and sunset. A lot of us desire to perform one form of exercise during the morning hours but the activities of the workplace deprive us of that opportunity. Then during the afternoon, the sunlight is necessary for every human body but not suitable for exercising as the sun may likely burn your skin. What about the twilight? Most of us who come back from the workplace at sunset hours usually get worn out from the day’s activities.

This whole indication gives us more reason to ask the big question “what is the best time of the day to exercise” just in other for us to stay fit.

Ordinarily, every time is suitable for exercise so long as the weather is very conducive to performing a workout. Any weather that threatens the health condition of humans is considered not beneficial for exercise.

Now exercising during the day depends on the weather condition of any geographical area and the place for the particular exercise. Every form of exercise can take place at any season of the year but under normal weather conditions. For instance, one cannot carry out a jogging exercise outside his home during the wet season and under raindrops. Such is not fit for health.

Best time of the day to exercise in winter

It normally snows and freezes during winter, countries like America and Britain usually experience cold temperatures and strong winds. This season occurs between autumn and spring. Now, during this season when the day runs shorter than the night, performing exercise may take a shorter period as there is limited time before nightfall. Exercise during winter can be more of indoors as the cold outside is likely to be unfavorable for the body system.

According to experts in fitness workouts, anyone can still perform exercise during this season once the body system can adapt to it. During this time of the cold weather, you will likely need less energy and sweat less. It is also an opportunity you can utilize to perform more exercise than during the hot season when the sun usually comes up early. The cold winter season has no exceptional daytime to carry out body fitness.

You can train in the morning, at noon, or before bedtime, because the weather temperature is cold. You may need a stronger outfit to keep your body warm throughout your training. Although it is more preferable to perform your workouts while indoors, in your home, or at the gym, if you must train outside you will need to give yourself specific minutes or hours to avoid the freeze.

Best time of the day to exercise in autumn

This season that occurs between summer and winter, is also called the fall in some parts of the world and the dry season in other parts.  Its temperature is usually colder, while the duration of the day gets shorter but progresses as the season rolls by. The colder weather makes the leaves on trees turn yellow in massive then, dries up and falls.

Exercising during autumn can be fun because you have no snowfall to contend with but only the cold. The weather outside can be conducive for exercise but depends on the individual’s body system. In autumn, it is better to consider exercising between mid-morning and mid-afternoon. This is because during the early morning hours it can get colder and harsh for the body to adapt. The method to use here is to give yourself a few hours of walking walkout or some stretches. Some other exercises like football, basketball, and tennis can fit this weather for a few hours and then retire. 

Best time of the day to exercise in spring

The spring is preferable the best season when everything on the surface of the earth becomes awaken and livelier again. Spring occurs during the gradual passing away of the winter season and getting to meet the summer. The climate slowly rises from colder into warmer conditions. At this time, the general weather may be described as normal. People move out at any time and perform their duties.

Exercising at this time can be very interesting and fun. You will get to choose when it is more suitable for you to train outside, because you may not need indoor training at this period. Due to its warmness, you can exercise in the morning before the afternoon to avoid a warmer climate. You can also choose to exercise in the mid-evening sometimes hours before bedtime so that you can be able to sleep.

It also rains in the spring season therefore, when it rains you may likely have to withdraw your body training indoors. Train outside for two hours while it is not raining and train indoors while it rains. Every kind of exercise can take place during this season ranging from weight training, flexibility, aerobic, and all physical activities workout.

Best time of the day to exercise in summer

Just like the winter and autumn when the weather is at its cold and the inhabitants of such geographical areas get affected so is the summer. During summer the weather is at the warmest, it usually gets warm from early morning on to midnight. It is the hottest season of the year.

Exercising during this season can be discouraging because of the hot climate. But whenever time you need to perform any of the workouts it may have to be done outdoor. You need to wake up early enough in the morning and give yourself the needful workout your body deserves. After the morning era, you can best perform another workout in the mid-evening when the hotness has subsided a bit.

Finally, exercising has to be done with time, but there is no general time in any given country or region for body training. The best method is to understand how the climate condition runs, and then be able to fix your time.

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