What Is Emotional Intelligence & How to Make Improvement

People have dissimilarities in behavior and act towards self-direction. The issue is not how we behave but how cultured our actions are. How our feelings and emotions make a positive impact on others. It reflects on us in terms of how other people view our actions and react back to them.

What is emotional intelligence?

It is the ability to recognize our behaviors and handle our feelings, responses, and stress to reflect positive traits. It is also the ability to compose oneself, manage challenges and channel our relationship with others to communicate the positive outcome. It further seeks to address certain issues as:

*Being able to coordinate our activities in life and deal with divergences

*Being able to understand other people’s behaviors and treat them cordially.

*Being able to recognize other people’s feelings and stressful moments and help to relieve their stress

It relates to mental ability or wellness in such a way that what comes to our mind produces the action we display. Emotional intelligence revolves around our life individually.

It also relates to self-awareness, having a concise knowledge of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Hence, the slight difference is that emotional intelligence seeks to channel those sentiments towards having a positive effect on the individual.

How to improve your emotional intelligence

By developing self-awareness

By being aware of our thoughts and feelings, more especially our actions. pay attention to your inner conscience and deliberate between what is good and bad. This is how you control the outburst of your feelings. Improving emotional intelligence through self-awareness does not include shying away from necessities. It includes doing things that are worth doing well. It connotes being aware of what your feelings are and how best to display them in words and actions.

By understanding different human traits

Understanding other people’s state of mind and behavioral Patterns can help to improve your emotional intelligence. This way you can figure out how they do things and what triggers their different actions. You can be able to devise a better way of dealing with their traits. It goes further to illustrate what will be the outcome of outbursts of your feelings and again how best to handle the situation.

Teach yourself some lessons

Ordinarily, either on a rare occasion or more oftentimes, during harsh situations, our emotions may seem to drive us abnormal. Thus, leaving us in regret afterward. Then, it is time to teach yourself to learn the right thing. Which is learning to withhold your feelings from reacting negatively to certain conditions. Some circumstances might call for serenity while others might seem aggressive; it is your sense of intelligence that will give you the direction to play fair. So, how do you teach yourself to learn? It is by giving a deep thought over the issue before choosing to take action or not.

Learn to manage your stressful moments

Normally, when we become overwhelmed by some circumstance, we usually let it out on the nearest human or object around. Emotional intelligence educates us to control our emotions by learning to be patient and calm. On the contrary, the need to avoid unnecessary stress becomes the option. Then when faced with inevitable anxiety, an alternative to handle it would be to maintain peacefulness.

Building more relationship

By associating with more people and having daily interactions with them could help you learn more about them. You can be able to understand the positive angle of dealing with their behaviors. People normally express their feelings from several interactions especially on serious topics when you are having a conversation with them. This way you could be able to know how they will react in certain incidence. Those people might not be able to apply emotional intelligence but your ability to restrain your outburst can equally keep them reasonable.   

By having vast knowledge about everything

It may not be possible to understand how everything in the universe works. But you can strive to acquire some knowledge about every little thing that comes your way. This can help to develop your mindset and understand things by mere observation. Thus, this can give you more insight into human psychology reasoning, a method that can help you understand yourself more. It can also help you read people’s minds by merely looking at their faces.

Learn to manage depression and challenges

Depression and challenges, two can show up at any moment depending on the situation of things around you. How you try to handle the outcome of these two helps to improve your emotions and you become more conscious of future occurrences. Depressions can flair up unwanted actions from you. However, if you can control it and channel it towards a positive direction you are gaining emotional intelligence.    

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