Treating Your Male Partner Right Can Make Him More Loving

Treating your male partner right simply means, showing maximum cooperation, affection, and friendliness towards your male partner. Showing cooperation is teaming up with him, in other words indirectly reminding him that both of you are one. The affection is displaying the maximum love and care, also trying to remind him that both of you deserve each other Friendliness is openness both physical and at heart. You are also reminding him that he is the only one that deserves your trust.

Treating your male partner right includes:

Cook his best dishes

You already know what he likes eating and how best to prepare such a dish. Apart from preparing his best dishes, always ask after his choice of meal at any point in time. Sometimes this method might seem a bit difficult especially where other family members are around. In this case, You do not always have to cook his favorite, you can do it three times in a short while.

Reminding him of his birthdays

There are many special ways of reminding your male partner about his birthday. You can choose to buy him a very special gift he does not have in possession. Even if he has it in possession but looking at the nature of it, he can still have it double. Again, you can choose to take him to a special place you both have not spend a date before. You can also choose to organize a small indoor celebration between you and some family members. 

Be a jovial mate

Do not be the quiet type. Make yourself always in the mood for conversation, and always available for jokes. Even when you might seem busy in the kitchen, you can lure him to join you with an interesting topic. Even when he’s watching football joins him and supports or opposes his fans from their start a playful argument.

Make up for his lacking responsibilities

He has his responsibilities to take care of, but you equally need to be understanding. Once, twice even three times in a while take up his responsibilities. You can do this without his notice then allow him to give you the compliments. There are some homes where couples share responsibilities.  It is all right but you can still help out occasionally.

Do not check his phones

This is very common among female partners; they always want to know every call and text message about their spouse. It is not all right.  Yes, it is true that you cannot bear the pain of hearing him talk with another woman on phone. Honestly, I tell you the earlier you start avoiding that habit the best for you.

Do you know that treating your male partner right can make him invite you to pick calls on his behalf? You can also respond to his messages from other people. It can even make him feel guilty about keeping other women as mistresses.

It is all right if you are protective

You can always enquire about his movements, his work schedule even his personal agenda it shows a level of concern. You can enquire why he’s coming late home or leaving too early but do not go trying to check him out.

However, do not go monitoring his movements, except in the case where you suspect something odd.  The truth is when you start treating your partner right, he will not have the conscience of engaging in any odd behavior.

Understand his weakness

People have faults and limitations; you can also think of your flaws as one of your weaknesses. Your partner’s weaknesses are those things you might find difficult to manage, but understanding him can make things easier.

For instance, he might be the type that snores whenever he sleeps. He might be the type that is lazy when it comes to orderliness. All these are his weaknesses. The best you can do is accommodate it and gradually find a solution in a most peaceful way.

Can your male Partner be more loving?

There is enough fact in the statement that a man with loving intentions towards his female partner will definitely be submissive. As long as his female partner, reciprocate and treats him right. Even if your male partner does not love you, there is every indication that he will become passive towards you. Definitely, he will respect your feelings.

The moment you start treating him right, showing you care much, his conscience will reciprocate likewise.

How does he become more loving?

That your partner becomes more loving does not mean he starts taking your orders and responsibilities. No! Do not get me wrong. You cannot expect your husband to start behaving as if he is your slave. For your male partner to be meek and passive towards you he has to start doing the following things below which at least is expecting to be;

He shares his plans with you

Treating your partner rightly can make him share his most secret sins with you. This is because he now has every confidence and assurance that there is nothing as betrayal from you. You do not need to monitor his movements and listen to nay Sayers about his movement. This is because he will always relate to you everything you need to know.

He respects your feelings and thoughts

You will not ever see him do things without consulting your opinion. He will want you to partake in every decision that involves both his personal and work life. Even before he acts, he must have argued within him what your feelings and thought will be.

He always buys you gifts

Normally, couples do buy themselves gifts but treating your male partner in a more loving way can make him go the extra mile. This includes not hesitating in buying you anything that tickles his fancy. Even the ones you might not like as long as it is good. Even without your consent, he will prefer to give it to you as a surprise gift. 

He shows remorse at his wrongs

Doing you wrong intentionally is out of the game here, because he will always be careful not to upset you. If on the contrary he unwillingly displays offensive character or manner, he quickly gives an apology.

He always takes you out on a date

Now, rather than engaging in extramarital affairs of dating other women, he would prefer doing it with you. He would not mind dating you over and again as if you both are newly dating. Now and again, he will schedule dates even in advance. Moreover, when you decline a date? He will likely organize an indoor celebration for two.

He calls you pet names

Apart from the loving pet names, that couples call themselves he might decide to pet your real name. Even if he chooses not to do this always, that does not mean he does not love. He might be different on few occasions but still in a loving mood with you.


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