Tips to Make Your Introvert Partner Feel Relaxed & Loved

You can call them shy; you can call them reserved or you can as well call them quiet partners. They are the same people referred to as introverts.

In a relationship, a partner is said to be an introvert when the person feels or keeps more to his or her inner self. They usually abhor the thought of mingling with a large gathering. But are more likely to feel at ease with their love partner.

If you happen to understand this kind of people, you will realize that they are selective when it comes to love. That is to say, they don’t love easily but when they love they love for real. Again, they are the type that takes every odd to keep a relationship aflame because they usually sacrifice a lot. But do you know the one beautiful side of an introvert? They hate the idea of heartbreak. If on the contrary, they fail a victim, they usually find it difficult trying to love again.

Sometimes, this kind of person suffers the pain of dying in silence due to their kind of reserved nature and quiet heart. This is because they usually tend to find it difficult trying to express love toward a lady (if the person is a man). While for the lady she may find it difficult following up with a love affair.  But one thing about these people is that they usually go for what they want when it comes to a real love affair.

Now, having giving the above explanation of the nature of an introvert in a relationship. Let’s see below how to make the introvert partner feel relaxed and loved while in a relationship.

Don’t take advantage of her weakness

Supposing you have a partner who is always shy and reserved.  Supposing the person is a lady. You need to understand, that it is her weakness. Don’t take it against her. Sometimes you might feel irritated with her manner. Don’t go all the way to accuses her and remind her of her weakness. Don’t start telling her how shy she is, and how she can’t even speak boldly anywhere. Don’t ever talk or discuss your partner’s weakness with another person right in front of your partner’s presence to remind your partner that he or she is an introvert.

Be a best friend

For the very fact that you have loved this fellow really demands a lot from you. If for instance, you are an extrovert, an outgoing person. You feel you are not comfortable with his quiet and reserved nature. If you decide you want to make him or her come on average; you need to be the person’s best friend.

How do I mean? You need to study his attitude, know what springs up his or her anger. Know when the person usually withdraws to his inner-self, and know his or her likes and dislikes. When you have found out all this. Then, the next thing is for you to put yourself in your partner’s shoes and start retreating the person from such a manner.

Take advantage of those quiet times

An introvert is a quiet person who mostly loves being reserved. In other to help the person feel relaxed, each time you see or notice that person is in that mood of quietness.  Move towards the person and try to initiate a conversation. Even if you don’t know what to say to the person, start a story.

Maybe, you can start a story about a fairy godmother, try to make the person express amusement and giggle at intervals. Learn to be an orator, that is a good speaker. Sometimes too, you might initiate a popular song. Once you know the person also knows too well and invite him or her to join you.

Make the person take advantage of your own time

Now, on the reverse maybe you are such an outgoing and sociable person, tell the person to take you on an outing. You can go to many places like; movie shops, drinking shops, and jamboree. Most importantly tell the person to take you to visit places of his or her own interest. You have to start with the person’s places of interest in others to make him or her feel relaxed and free. When you notice the person is free to take you to his or her own place of interest. You can then proceed with sharing by going to places of interest. (Turn-by-turn).

Be your partners best friend in public

When you go places together like; parties or other celebrations that attract public association don’t always leave your partner’s side. I don’t mean you should be security or bodyguard over him or her. No, just be a companion but don’t overdo it. What I mean is this; you already know your partner is a shy fellow. Divide your time between the person and other attendees of the occasion. Give him or her time to also stay with other people so that the person can feel the impact of socialization. Then come back to your partner again. Also, be a good speaker while by her side.

Make your introvert partner talk moderately

People say too much of everything is bad. The fact that being shy and quiet is not all that good, but then have you considered talking moderately. There are sometimes when you might influence a quiet person into being out-spoken, the person will end up a professional talker. Make it moderate, even the extrovert sometimes also needs a quiet time of not wanting to talk to people.

Help the person to overcome his or her weakness

Knowing very well that being an introvert is a weakness. The best thing to do is to help your partner come out of his or her hole. Quite alright it might not be easy because the person is already an adult signifying that the attitude is already established in him or her. But if you persevere and persist in a more experienced way you will definitely succeed in minimizing those attitudes. How do you do this; you can do it on a gradual but steady basis pull her along with you


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