9 Tips to Staying Healthy During the Pandemic

Pandemics are usually scary, due to their immediate outburst and global spread. During its effect, it causes anxiety as much as discomfort because its sudden occurrence moves like a wildfire. Thank goodness, the recent epidemic (coronavirus) came with better preventive measures even before the introduction of the vaccine.

Maintaining healthiness during a pandemic can be very challenging but that is the more prevalent way of resisting any virus. The disease is no friend of man as many safety measures are strictly set up which requires adherence. This is in other to stay safe and avoid being infected.

The Pandemic

A pandemic is an infectious disease that breaks out and spreads wildly across countries and continents, causing abnormal panic to humans. It is usually caused by an infection that transmits from animal to human or human-to-human. While some other times from the environment of habilitation or exposure to some harsh chemicals. Examples of pandemic diseases are Lassa fever, Ebola, Yellow Fever, Influenza, meningitis, Coronavirus, etc.

Now a more important factor that needs prioritizing is keeping your immune system very healthy, taking every necessary precaution so as not to fall victim. Although one cannot be too careful, even when falling victim there are things to do to quickly fall back to normal. For instance, during the covid-19, you will have to isolate yourself for further prevention and healing.

Now, rather than choose to contract any virus and resolve to isolation, it is best to adhere to maintaining healthiness and staying safe. Tips for preserving good health during any outburst of disease that gives global unrest can be as follows.    

Maintain a healthy balanced diet

Giving extra attention to your nutrition especially during the pandemic is very needful. A proper diet can help you stay healthy, although you still need to comply with the rules of avoiding the illness. But proper nutrition can give you more energy and help keep your immune system working. Doing this can be very simple, including all the six classes of food in their adequate proportion and quality. Eat enough fruits and more often add vegetables to your normal diet, it can help your healthiness.

Get enough sleep

While the outbreak is still severe, it is more advantageous as you stay indoors. Although, this does not mean you should sleep all through the whole 24 hours. But with your daily indoor routine, you should be able to sleep more than being awake. The merits are immeasurable, sleeping calms your immune system and gives it new energy to resume alertness. It helps vaccines to work effectively. It improves mental ability, helping you to focus more on reality than unawareness

Take enough water

Avail yourself enough intake of water, this could help flush out tiny bacteria’s that incidentally finds their way into the immune system. They are likely to get you infected. Notwithstanding that the body system according to researchers is made up of roughly 60% amount of water.  This can be depending on age and sex. Research proves that adequate intake of water could help to keep your body healthy and help digestion. Take a moderate amount because the fruits you take daily also contain enough water.

Do a bit of body training workout

There are many indoor exercises available to help you keep healthy during the epidemic. While staying indoors you can do some stretches or weight training. Train your body to maintain healthiness. You might not be able to carry out proper exercise especially if you do not have enough space. The pandemic is not a safe time to visit the gym and not also a good time for outdoor activities. This does not mean you cannot exercise at all, so for the time being include exercise in your daily schedule. Exercising during the pandemic is a good way of maintaining healthiness.

Stay indoors during the spread

The best method to stay safe is staying indoors while the virus lasts. It might not be too easy because you will need to move out and buy your groceries, or even get some other essential items you cannot do without. well, they are other precautions to take, wear a hand glove, and take the sanitizer along with you. Then while still outside avoid going closer to anyone.

Practice safe distance

During a pandemic outbreak, everyone is in a critical condition regarding his health. No one wants to contract the illness; it is mandatory for everyone then to stay indoors to avoid the virus. It is another way of preserving your healthiness. However, one thing or the other very important might warrant the situation of leaving the home. If this becomes the case, it is necessary to maintain normal distance while in public places. The virus is transferable. If incidentally the nearest person to you coughs, sneezes, touches, or makes body contact, you are likely to get the illness if the person has the virus.

Wear a face protector

The most sensitive part of your body to guide properly are your mouth, nose, and eye. These organs have an aperture that opens directly to your immune system. Therefore, it can be very easy for germs to find their way into your body. Using face protective equipment will easily remind you to avoid picking your nose or eye. It also shields you from contracting the virus from an infected person nearby.

Practice washing your hands always

Even without the pandemic, it is advisable to wash your hands regularly. The hand is always the target of every touchable object including humans. Most times, we touch objects without noticing how detrimental they can be to health. Again, after touching those objects we forgetfully touch our eyes, nose, and mouth. These organs of the body have an opening where germs can easily pass through to the body system. For this reason, always wash your hands to avoid contracting the disease.

Make use sanitizers

The use of sanitizer is always necessary where water may not be at reach. Hand sanitizers are very portable so you can always move about having a little bottle of them with you. Disinfecting your hands now and then helps protect against germs as you touch people and objects.  In as much as you are using this liquid, avoid handshake and having to hug someone. This is another way of protecting yourself and staying healthy. 


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