The Importance of Physical and Mental Health

The physical and mental wellbeing of human beings is as vital as life itself because both of them make up human existence. Now talking about physical and mental health, we can classify this into two aspects.

Physical and mental illness; is the unhealthiness of the mind, thoughts, and behavior.  However, we are not going to discuss the former but the latter. The physical and mental healthiness and how important it is to every human being.

What is physical health?

It is the complete well-being of the body system of every human being. The physical health of every living being comprises so many areas. Which includes being free from harm and injuries, illness, and bad health conditions such as disabilities. Free from poor nutrition, contracting germs, and free from poor hygiene. Thus, an individual may be having some pains resulting from injuries but not properly sick yet his physical condition is not healthy.

Since physical health is important, it is necessary to take proper care of it. However, various things help to show that our physical health is very essential. By doing those things, we can keep our physical health in good condition

By keeping our rooms and environs, clean.

We need to keep our surroundings clean because our physical health is one vital factor that makes up our existence. By doing this, we are trying to manage our physical health. Otherwise, germs and bacteria that live in dirty environments will feed on our bodies and give us illness. When this happens, we become physically ill.

Exercising more often

Why do we do exercise? Sometimes we do it occasionally while other times it is regularly. It is all because we want to stay physically strong and not fall prey to illness. Exercising can help keep both your physical and mental health alert, build strong bones that support the body.

Engaging in physical activities like a domestic chore

Each time you engage in one domestic activity or the other, you are trying to keep up with physical health. You carry out those tasks because you want to keep things in order all for physical wellbeing. It also determines your complete wellness because you may not perform activities when you are not feeling well.  

Eating a proper diet could help to prevent illness, nourish your skin and give your physical appearance an attractive look. A good diet is one key element that indicates how important our health is to us. It is what gives the body system enough energy to stay alive,   

The total cleanliness of our body helps to maintain the health of the immune system. By regularly taking our baths, brushing our teeth, changing and washing our clothes, these are all ways of staying healthy. We do all these because our physical health is very important.

What is mental health?

It is the complete wellbeing of the mind, a sense of awareness including emotions and actions. It also involves a good sense of reasoning and your relationship with others. Mental health helps to control physical health because a good sense of awareness gives you knowledge of who you are. Now since our mental health is very important, we need to devise a means of managing certain things. There are those things that can in help our mental health stay healthy.

By controlling our Annoyance

Annoyance is neither a virus nor a bacterial but a mental feeling of frustration. When you keep getting angry at the slightest provocation, you are likely to get a mental disorder. Something is not right, you may be sick psychologically and it can lead to certain damages. Therefore, you need to control your anger in other to protect your mental health.  

Hopelessness – is a state of dejection, which affects mental wellbeing. A feeling that nothing possible can emerge from a worse condition. It is depression and may lead to mental illness. You need to get rid of it because your mental health is important  


Addiction is a mental feeling of passion or obsession. It can affect one’s mood and character and if you become ignorant of it can cause mental disorder. Human mentality is very sensitive that is why it is very important to protect it. Whatever affects the human mindset affects physical health in terms of behavior.


It is a state of emotional disturbance that something bad may likely occur, a state of uneasiness and fear. Each time you become nervous, the amygdala and prefrontal become weak which may lead to high blood pressure. To control anxiety, stand up to your fear and face it because you need to take care of your mental health. 

 Both physical and mental health is important and whatever is important deserves to be taken good care of. To improve the well-being of both take immediate action on any problem that may affect the mentality. Take action against any physical problem and balance both to be in good condition.