The 7 Different Types of Love and Which Is the Best

Love is a strong affection, care, protection, and other good intentions you are having for someone or something. The different types of love are the various categories of love that show various aspects.

I wrote in one of my articles, “Love Vs Lust, that it is either you love or you lust. If you are having a strong feeling for someone and you desire to have that person, your feelings could mean that you either love or you are doing the opposite.

Let us talk about the different types of love. Many times, people get confused about what type of feelings they are having toward the other person. You may hear them say, “I love this guy but I don’t know why.”

You may again hear them say, “I simply love her and that is all I know.”  Sometimes you may see people who boast about loving other people but still maltreat the same person they profess to love.

Looking at this act from a distance you would ask what is the cause?  Does it mean people do not understand the real meaning of love? You can only get the answer to this question if you already understand the different types of love and which is true. You will get to understand which one you would like to take and which one you may fall for.

The different types of love

The Philautia love

It is the type of love that deals with self. It is simply called self-love. This love goes on to describe how important you view yourself by respecting and understanding your self-worth. Acknowledging your needs, care, sorting after your happiness, and well-being, and trying to build a worthy personality.

While some people may be ignorant of this love and live a reckless life, others might through self-awareness understand it as the best thing to do for oneself.

The journey of loving other people starts from this type of love because it is home love. As they say, charity begins at home. Therefore, Philautia love starts from loving yourself but should not end there, as loving yourself could help you to love others.

Philia Love

Philia is love without string attached, that has no romantic feelings or attraction. It is the type of love that exists between friends and the same family members. It can also exist among friends of the opposite sex who share the same views and values. under a more mature and understanding situation.

In this love, people make sacrifices freely and with cheerfulness. It could best be described as close friendship love.

Storge love

Storge is the love that exists within the family you were born to. The love of a father for his children and vice versa. This love is similar to philia in the sense that it does not accommodate romantic feelings.

This love is natural and unending as it has to do with blood connection. The strong affection of parents for their children goes on to live undyingly

Agape love

Agape is a type of love that happens regardless of any condition, a charitable love. Irrespective of whom the person is, you do not mind but you give out for love’s sake. Agape love displays the real form of Christianity, love your neighbor as you love yourself. While your neighbor could be any person even a stranger or beggar on the street.

It is an unconditional love whereby you do things or give kindly without expecting anything in return. Your acts have to come from seeking the best for your neighbor with concrete and unbiased heart.

It is almost similar to Philautia and philia’s love which professes self-love and the love of your brother. Philautia and Philia’s love both has a segment in love but agape love describes generally unconditional love which covers all.

Eros Love

Eros love deals with desire and feelings that comprise sexual attraction. Eros is erotic or passionate love. It is a type of romantic love usually found among couples (husband and wife). Although it is not limited to marriage as it can also exist among intimate friends of the opposite sex.

It is a love that desires physical touch like when you hug, kiss, or even has sex with another. The Eros love has two effects which are good and bad. Good because it helps to bond couples and build stronger affection. It can be bad because it can lead to sorrow producing heartbreaks and hurting feelings.

Pragma Love

Pragma is a type of love that deals with long-suffering and endurance with the purpose of commitment. Pragma comes from Eros, as couples seek passionate affairs and through understanding turn it into a life commitment. People build this type of love while undergoing some process.

Pragma goes with passion otherwise it may not last long as it resolves to endure to the end in other to achieve its purpose.

Ludus Love

Ludus is an innocent love, the type that occurs among kids whose motive is simply to cherish. It is always full of happiness, playfulness, and laughter. For adults, it usually exists at the beginning of a relationship, like during those days when they were dating but as the courtship advances, it could turn to Eros.

Which Is the Best love?

Judging from the different love listed above, the different meanings and what they reflect. One may easily pick out one of them and quote it as the best. The truth is, they all have their different functions and they are all very important. While some may be more important than the others but still may have a disadvantage over the others.

Conclusively, we may pick out this very love that covers every other love. No matter what every human may do there is every need to practice this very love which is AGAPE love. There should be a slight if not all visibility of unconditional love in our dealings with our fellow. A universal love that has no ties and boundaries