Social Network Romantic Relationship; Find Out 5 Truths

A social network romantic relationship abounds, or  exists through the use of internet-based technology. It is used to facilitate the sharing of ideas, feelings, and thoughts in a more intimate way that gets the user’s attention glued to each other.

The people or couples involved get to know and understand themselves through the imaginations of the brain. And sometimes through a photographic means of the video call or utilizing a voice call.

The truth is that 80% of the world’s activities on relationships have been occupied by social media. Consequently, people are getting more involved in it at the dawn of each passing day.

The rate at which it is spreading has actually left no group behind in the sense that both teenagers, full-grown adults, middle-aged, and the aged are all involved in the race. Sometimes it brings fortune while some other times it brings misfortune. This has to be so because what has a good side must also have a bad side.

You see, this life is all about what works best for you do it fine. This is because what works for Peter might not work for Paul, peoples destiny differs. As humans have different faces and different character so is everyone’s destiny.

If you decide to embark on a survey on how couples meet themselves through social media platforms and become couples you will get to find out that some people actually find true love from this platform. They believe that social media is equally good when looking for a love partner or romantic affair that might eventually last for a lifetime.

In the same way, some other people will tell you that they don’t believe in all these internet connections. They can even stress the topic further to tell you that social network is full of fake lives. They don’t agree with what people post, say or do on those social platforms. So, it doesn’t or won’t ever work for them. They believe in physical, and face-to-face affairs.

But the basic truth is this; Just as it is in real life so it is in social media life. Whatever is found in one is equally found in the other. But they can be a slight difference between both and what makes that slight difference is what makes one what it is.

When people live fake lives in real life you can easily discover it but in social network life, you might not easily discover it.  Well, I am not trying to say that you can’t discover the truth about a person who is living fake life while on a social platform. But they are ways to find out the truth about the person you actually have an affair with or maybe trying to have one with.

Below are 5 ways to find out

1. Find out about Personal Profile

This is one way of finding out the truth about someone you are having an affair with within a social platform. Engage the person with his personal profile details or profile picture. When you are trying to build an affair with someone you have not to meet before in real life.

Although it depends on you, and how serious you might be.  But let’s assume you are serious about him or her, off cause you would want to know the person better. The first approach is to visit the person’s personal profile and picture. Try to read meanings in the details outlined on his or her profile.

Start by asking questions on things you feel might not be real. For instance, the person’s profile might be having an African nationality but has educational details from America or Europe, and tells you he is staying in Africa. Or again he or she attended a university in Asia but now lives in Australia and stuff like that. Those details might be genuine, those details might be false. But fact that they are mixed locations you need to seek clarification.

Find out the profile picture

Next look at the profile picture does the person portrays what is seen on his personal details. Then at a given point in time try asking the person to send some other of his or her pictures from the gallery. You can tell the person “oh I would prefer to see you on the field, why don’t you take some pictures there and send them to me”. More often than not keep demanding his recent pictures. Then compare those pictures with each other and see the identical or the difference.

2. Find out about communication

People always say “No communication, No activity”. If you truly want to have a lot of things in common and build a strong romantic relationship that will really get both of you somewhere interesting. Then you have to look out for this second truth. Does he or she like chatting with you? Does the person like spending some time with you while online. Or is it the kind of person that sometimes avoids you when online even when you initiate a conversation? Maybe letter he comes back to give excuses and then chat with you for a minute and goes off.  He doesn’t seem to value your conversation or he assumes there is nothing to chat about anyway. But still confesses love for you.

3. Make video and voice calls

You need to find out the real truth about this person you want to start loving or you have loved all this while. Now, you have seen the personal profile, and pictures of the person.  All this while you have been communicating with the person via text message. Then it’s time you make a video call and see the person face-to-face.

Many social media platforms will provide you that service. While on video make sure the person you are looking at is still having the same tone of voice as the person who speaks with you on voice call. Also, make sure the person is having the identity of the person on those pictures that were sent to you.

If you want to go further, you can tell the person you would like to video call him or her while in the office, or the marketplace. You can choose anywhere you think you can best use to determine his or her location. You can also choose to create a video of yourself doing one thing or the other in a particular place.  Maybe, for instance, you are cooking, or playing games with friends or swimming or dancing any beautiful activity at all and also tell the person to do the same and send back to you.

4. Seek clarification

In as much as it is a social media relationship and you are very much interested in this person, and you want to find out more truths. Then ask the person more about his or her background, family, siblings, relations. Seek to know what they do for a living, and their location.

You can get the true result of this clarification if you schedule it on video call so that as you are discussing this issue you will be watching the person’s reactions whether sad or happy. Yes, the person’s reaction is another way of revealing to you if the person is living fake or genuine. Finally, on seeking clarification you can demand to speak with either of his relationship on a video call. Maybe either of the parents or siblings or any relation close by.

5. Always repeat the past conversation

Yes, you have to do this because you need to find out the truth. Once in a while visit your past conversations, and off cause this should be done intentionally but with carefulness because you want to find out the truth. Some people don’t believe that social network romantic relationship works and can be the best especially for people who want to meet their future partner on these platforms. Ask those questions you asked him or her before.

Maybe you asked that particular question two weeks back so you purposely ask it again to see if the answer will still be the same as the former. But before you ask those questions keep in mind the exact answer given the first time. You can do it more often, you can raise it as a topic of conversation and still gather more facts ahead.


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