Sleep Tips; to Relax Your Body Naturally & Ease Stress

Sleep is the act of finding oneself in a state of unawakenedness, surrounded by loss of consciousness of one’s surroundings. Sometimes the occurrence of dreams is accomplished. Although it might be considered as just closing your eye and dosing off only to find yourself awake, and realize it’s already daybreak. But it can best be done in a more relaxed way to get the best stress relief.

The act of sleeping can further be described as when one is lying down with a full-body stretched out. The body stretches out in such a position that the whole organs in the body are set free from anxiety, and troublesomeness.

Sometimes, some people due to some circumstance, or condition may find themselves taking to any form of sleep. They sleep in different forms like; lying on the sofa, sitting on the floor, squeezing up in a corner, or taking a sit-down- and-bent-forward position just to pay back to nature the debt of sleep.

Consequently, no matter how people see it Nature has made it that within the 24 hours in a day at least 9 hours should be dedicated to sleep. Therefore, since nature has made it so, nature will definitely take its cause. Remember you can’t cheat nature. You must sleep. Most of the times people don’t regard sleeping as an aid to achieving a healthy lifestyle. They view it as something that occurs at its own time.

That is why you see people work out of the normal hours required to work within the 24 hours of each day. They work from morning into the early hours of the next morning only to surrender when nature comes around to fulfill its part.

Now having said all this it is very important to acknowledge that sleeping is very essential to the human body. It plays a vital role in keeping to a healthy lifestyle. It is during sleeping that the body cells are repaired and energy restored, hormones and proteins are released too. Even if we decide to sleep for just one or two hours within the 24 hours of the day which is not in the least ever advisable, we should endeavor to make that short time a pleasure and a thorough relaxation moment.

Yes, make it the best of time. The few hours you decide to make out for sleep during the night due to heavy work schedule, or some kind of inconveniencies and lapses. Try as much as you can to keep your body, and soul together and relax properly within these few hours. Make sure that the stress is relieved at the end of the sleep. This means; as you wake up, it is to realize that you are feeling much agile and stronger to continue with the day’s activities.

Having come back home from the day’s heavy work schedule. The busy moment in school, in workplaces, in the business arena even sometimes those who stay at home still get stressed up at the end of the day. Now you are about to retire to bed, learn below some tips which can help you get relaxed, feel new and fresh as you wake up the following morning.

This tip adequately adds to keeping your body system healthy too.

Take a cool or warm shower

Most times people don’t like taking shower before bedtime. They feel so overwhelmed and stressed out after the whole day’s struggles. Labors, and workplace activities, getting home to find themselves trying to retire to bed without a shower. If eventually, they succeed in dozing off it will only be a shot of disturbed sleep, especially during the hot weather when the heat is alarming. It will just be a troubled sleep, waking up at intervals.

Loosen all tight wears

I will advise you to sleep naturally, without any clothes. But considering the weather condition, if it’s cold, then put on a heavy pajama without any under-wears. But if the weather is hot you can sleep without nightgowns. The most important is that you relieve yourself of any wears that sticks or hugs tightly to your body. When you do this, it helps free your body and free yourself from inconveniences, and give you a relaxed sleep. Again, it helps in the easy flow and circulation of blood to other parts of your body.

Keep the air in your bedroom suitable

During winter when the air outside is very cool, it’s best to keep the room slightly warm. You can add a blanket to your bed sheet and shield yourself to suit the condition. Whereas if the air outside is warm that is during summer, you can endeavor to keep the air inside cool. In this case, you can even choose to sleep naked without any nightwear. Again, you can also choose to leave the doors and windows ajar for cooling ventilation.

Disinfect your room before bedtime

Fumigate your room one or two hours before retiring to bed. Disinfect to clear and kill any insects perching around. This can cause you troubled sleep if not taken into consideration. No matter the suitable weather condition of the room if the insects like; mosquito flies and bugs are not wipe out, you will not have a relaxed sleep. Similar to this; you can put on an air freshener to aid the room with suiting odors. This usually helps because as you sleep you inhale the freshness of the air within the room.

Avoid drinking caffeine before bedtime

Caffeine can keep your brain alert and keep you awake for a longer time. It can even leave you tossing to and from in your bed not giving you the normal relaxed sleep that your body needs.  You can take caffeine, but avoid taking them immediately before bedtime. Take these stimulants four hours before bedtime so as not to keep awake all night.

Keep your bedroom light off

Although, keeping your bedroom light off is a matter of choice. Some people when asked will tell you that they feel better with it when it is on. while some other persons will tell you they prefer the opposite. You should keep your bedroom light off whenever you retired to sleep for a good and healthy relaxed sleep. It will also help to reduce depressive symptoms. But if you must sleep with lights on then you can choose to sleep with the red bulb light.

Close your eye and meditate

Now having observed all the tips above and you are still finding it difficult to get a relaxed sleep. This simply means you are having some strong depression and worries. Most people are very sensitive to matters of the mind in the sense that a slight problem or uneasiness can deprive them of a relaxed mind and cause them sleepless nights.

In this case, the best natural solution is to lie straight on your bed, take a deep heave, close your eye, and start meditating. Don’t meditate on your problems or worries, it will add more to your injury. There are two things you can meditate on to help you come out of your worries and become fast asleep. The first one is to start meditating on a song precisely a gospel song. The second is to start a meditative prayer.


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