Signs of an Abusive Relationship: Causes and Solution

When actually does a relationship go sour? When does a relationship start taking the negative route and become unbearable? When does a relationship become abusive?

A relationship starts going sour when the love turns to hatred. It starts taking the negative route when grievance and sadness close the door to happiness. It becomes abusive when peace eludes the couple and turns them to become arc enemies with each other.

An abusive relationship is simply a marital affair or love union having the feature of malicious violent behaviors. The actions of either or both couples display spitefulness and aggression towards each other. 

Signs of an abusive relationship

Some simple warning signs indicate that your relationship is turning abusive. The earlier sign gradually starts when you notice some odd and irritating behaviors from your partner. When you start seeing some irritating actions from him or her.

Abusiveness does not just start; it gradually begins from one little issue to another, then escalates to a bigger issue. If you are observant enough you immediately take action before the issue gets worst. Some earlier signs of abusiveness in a relationship include:

Picking quarrels at any slightest provocation

Everybody can get angry and such partners can get upset with each other. They can as well settle their differences within time but when the quarrel happens often over and again. This is when you should understand that something is wrong. This is when you need to take precautions and seek a solution before it soars high.

When your partner is always leaching out threats

Threat is a willful serious warning to carry out an action that will lead to harm.  If your partner randomly dispatches threats, it can be preferable. However, when the issue becomes a wishful act and the threat becomes more regular. You do not need a suit sawyer to reveal to you that something is amiss. Now, you will gain more advantages if you discern the situation as not normal and make effort to make peace.

When your partner starts being possessive

In this instance, your partner wants to be in charge of everything you do. Your visits, your phone calls, your friends, and the people you associate with on daily basis. Your partner keeps monitoring everything you do, it is irritating.

This is just the sign of early abuse; it becomes a late sign when the person compels you to take to his or her orders. It is not a matter of taking the orders but it’s an issue of not allowing you to have your opinion. Therefore, at this level you need to take charge and voice out your disapproval, it is still early to correct the oddity.

When your partner becomes judgmental

Your partner keeps opposing everything you do, nothing is ever right when judging you, always condemnation. It is always negative and contains insults, even when you try to please the fellow something must be at fault. You should see the vision now ahead of time.

The late signs of an abusive relationship include but are not limited to

Physical violence

This is when your partner crosses the limit of abusiveness. Physical violence includes hitting you even with objects, not only at the slightest provocation but always find a means of doing so. It also includes constant quarrels that lead to pushing and finally end in terrible fights. In the end, you either have bruises all over your body or unresisting pains. An abusiveness that takes to this extent has really got out of hand. It dints just start, so that makes it a late sign.

Publicly insulting you

This happens when your partner purposely throws insolent words at you in public places without showing any remorse. The person not only does it once but also occasionally and still feels a sort of gratification from it. This is time you understand the boundaries are no longer safe. Your partner has crossed the limits.   Your spouse to disrespect you at home is tolerable but in public, it is very awful. So, that makes it a late sign.

Sexual abuse

When your partner introduces a different type of sexual activity that is very strange to you and does not comply with your taste. The person not only tries to initiate you but also forces you to abide. It can be dangerous to your health, and you do not need to prioritize pleasure to your physical condition. So, it’s time you realize you into danger and save your life.

 It also includes social harassment

This mainly happens on social platforms whereby the couples belong to the same group and share views and opinions of issues. Just like publicly insulting you physically, so it is with the groups that you both belong together.   

Things that can cause a relationship to become abusive

Feminism: most men in a relationship don’t like the idea of their female partner giving them orders. Telling them what to do and at most be in control of the marriage. This kind of situation exists mostly in marriages where the woman has more financial background than the man.  

Disagreements: This can lead to disobedience. It can lead to relationship abuse when couples are constantly in disagreements with each other. They both make rules and keep challenging themselves on who the rules should apply to.

Family Issues: This happens when either of the couples brings in a family member that might be in disagreement with the other partner. It may be a condition that does not favor the other couple, at first brings disagreement. As time goes it involves quarrels and finally nastiness

Infidelity: The action of one partner going out to have extramarital affairs is usually an issue that destroys a relationship. Its resultant effect is always quarreling from then it becomes abusive

Try out some Solutions

You need to understand within you that you have every right as a human being to live. You also have the right to freedom of movement. You can’t continue in a relationship that doesn’t support your freedom to live.

For this reason, you need to do some fact check about yourself. What actually causes your partner to start portraying this kind of manner towards you? If you are the culprit, then you need to try your best to make an amendment. Remember nothing happens without a reason.

If your partner is not abusive at the initial stage of your union, then something must ignite the ugly attitude. Talk to your creator about it. Everyone on earth has a creator to depend on for solutions to problems. Approach your partner for reconciliation. If you do not have any courage to meet him maybe in the process, he or she might retaliate abusively.

However, either of these ways, if your partner turns your request down or in the process attacks you. Then you need to seek help from a third party who can be either your relative or a professional in relationship issues.  You can also approach any member of your partner’s family; it may not be easy to involve a family member.

Sometimes involving family members tends to make the issue fiercer as family members usually take sides with their own kind. However, of a truth, the best solution to an abusive relationship is when couples reconcile between themselves.


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