Self-Development: Practical Guide on Why You Need to Build Yourself

Self-development is self-growth. It is a lifelong activity that comprises of an individual’s effort in building oneself to achieve progress. By training the good natural abilities within him or her.

It also goes along to include the training of one’s inner character and outer behavior to conform to a suitable way of life. The activities and efforts include shaping those capabilities in an individual’s life to fit into the global economy. And also building a trustworthy character and a moral inclined lifestyle.

For the fact that life is made up of stages, self-development also takes a gradual process consisting of stages. Then at each stage, the individual is obliged to make progress as a sign of successful development.

For every normal human being on earth, there is definitely one or two as the case might be, a natural inbuilt quality ascribed within the individual by his or her maker.

Those potentials that one is gifted with, in other to help the person become well established in life. It is those abilities that when the individual realizes and develops, people who see it will describe him or her as being successful in life.

Two aspects of self-development to Understand better

Self-development is pursued in two different angles but each angle has a connecting point to the other. The first angle is geared towards striving to;

1. Building your inner capabilities

When it comes to building your inner capabilities, this is you, and the proficiency lying underneath you. You need to understand that there is a natural deposit ascribed within you as a gift to build your life and become self-sufficient both financially and otherwise. Although sometimes we can say that nature is mystical in the sense that some people are multi-talented. While some other persons are vastly talented.

Multi-talented are those people who have more than one gift. These people can handle two skills and still be very good at them. while those who fall under the category of vastly talented can do every kind of skill very well and still be the best.

That is why in schools you happen to find some students who are having difficulty in choosing a particular course of study. They can adapt to more than one. In junior classes, you happen to find a student scoring high grades in all the subjects. So, when it comes to identifying and building the inner capability in such people you will realize that passion has a role to play in one’s vast capabilities.

“I can write, I can play the piano, I can sing”. These are my capabilities, and I can do them very well. But there is one out of the three I can do very well even in my dreams. That one becomes my passion. and the main ability in me.

The second self-development angle is;

2. Building yourself to a reputable moral standard

These two angles might seem different because it is possible that someone can develop the inner ability but lacks the ethical or moral reputation. The fact that you are a lawyer, appealing in the court of law doesn’t guarantee the fact that you might not be a liar. Remember you developed your ability and become a lawyer.

Again, that you are a priest serving in God’s temple doesn’t guarantee the fact that you can’t commit one sin or the other like any of your lay faithful. Sounds awful!  But that’s just the fact and so many people like that who were able to self-develop their talents but lacks moral inclination.

It is not enough if an individual should discover and build the inner abilities in him but fail to build his character and behavior to conform to moral justification. It is equally not qualified if the reverse is the case. So, therefore, for self-development to be complete, an individual is expected to combine and build-up with both.

That is why I stated initially that self-development is accomplished in two different angles but each angle has a connecting point to the other for it to be complete.

So now, why did you need to develop yourself?

On some occasions, an individual might ask “why do I need to struggle and build my potentials when I can easily live and accept what comes by. Just in the same vein, a rich man’s son can equally say why do I need to build myself when the great fortunes of my parents are lying in wait for me. Or why do I need to ascertain my character and behavior when my money can speak for me.

Success is not only when an individual has much money in possession. It is also not only when the person acquires a large estate full of mansions. It also includes an individual achieving one professional level or the other.

Thus, a professor is a successful person. A teacher is a successful person. A doctor, engineer, whatever career you have achieved is a great development to your life regardless of the career is giving you wealth or not. Likewise, a person who has moral reputations but has no wealth has definitely developed him or herself in life too.

So, you need to improve yourself in other to;

Become a responsible human being

Some individuals have much-inherited wealth but never improve their lives.  Such people have nothing to boast of in life. They have no personal achievement, thus; they rely on their inheritance. Now supposing tomorrow, the inheritance disappears, then what can they boast of. I guess the answer is nothing.

Yes, you might have a lot of inheritance which includes monetary wealth. You need to improve your life; use the money you have to establish yourself personally. Think of what you can become in life so that when the money is not there you can still stand in control and be accountable to no one.  Think of the natural abilities in you, supposing you realized what they are, then help yourself by improving them. Your improved qualities will fetch you the wealth you need and also help you manage the possessions at your disposal

Fit into the global economy

How can one fit into the global economy? That’s a very good question. You can only do this when you strive to improve that quality in yourself. Think of the musicians, politicians, Actress, teachers, so many people in so many works of life trying to rise high.

Every day you see people trying to gain fame or trying to gain reputation on one aspect or the other. Everybody is striving to get to the forefront. The second question arises. How are they trying to achieve it? It simply by improving the in-built qualities in them. A musician has actually improved the qualities in him, likewise the professor which made them become what they are today.

To educate others to rise

It’s only when you understand that you have a quality in you and then train that quality to stand out. That is when you will be able to educate others to follow your footprint. Yes, indeed you can’t tell others what you don’t know.

Now, look at this if you happen to train your inner qualities and stand out with achievement. You don’t need a revelation to understand that people will voluntarily come seeking to know how you were able to make it. Then that is when the need will arise for you to educate others to become like you. you will be able to teach them about the process and stages you underwent.

Because you may become a great leader

When you become a leader. Maybe your leadership came through family lineage as with some people in certain parts of the world. How do you lead a congregation of people when you have no moral inclination in you? How do you make rules that contradict your very own lifestyle?

This is where self-development comes to play in your life. You need to be leadership by example, otherwise, you will find your regime extremely difficult to handle.

Apart from leadership that results from family lineage. How do you see a situation whereby someone is aspiring for a leadership post and the person is faced with the option of being voted for in other to gain the leadership position? Honestly, I tell you if you don’t have a good moral reputation, you won’t be voted for. Again, if you don’t have achievements, that is self-developments you won’t be voted for.

Take another instance someone who is seeking a particular position in a company. What do you include in your resume? Indeed, you will include your abilities, your religious background, and the good qualities in you.  And someone might need to attest for you. So, you see another way self-development has to speak for you.

In other to become self-dependent

It doesn’t look nice and it doesn’t suit anyone to get to full-grown adult age and is still reliant on someone.  Still trusting and still at the mercy of someone for feeding and financial aid. Such kind of thing can only happen to someone who refused to train or improve his or her inner worth.  You need to develop yourself, improve your inner capabilities so that at the necessary time, you can rely on no one. Rather than relying on somebody, you will have people that are depending and looking up to you for sustainability.


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