Regular Exercise; 9 Benefits to Keep You Healthy

Have you really observed that people who have the ability to walk, almost do one form of exercise or the other on daily basis? Yes, we indirectly or directly carry out one form of physical activity or the other without knowing it.

Now let me explain this, when we walk from our various homes to our workplace, schools, or business venues, either on a short distance or a long distance, we have performed one physical exercise or another. When we carry out some domestic chores within our home, we have done some exercise. When we move any part of our body, we have also performed an exercise. Maybe until now, we haven’t realized this but it’s true.

Alright, let’s look at it from another angle, supposing you are not in agreement with me, or what opinion can you give of someone who has been lying on a bed for about 2, 3, or 5 years or ever since birth. What about the person who has been sitting in a wheelchair for the same period of time? I guess your opinion or view of such persons will be, “illness”. They would probably be sick people. They can’t move out and they can’t be able to do any chore within the home.

So, with this, you can see that anybody moving around today is indirectly doing one physical activity or the other. Exercise is very important to human health. It is one way to show we are alive and moving. Doing it on regular basis helps lower the risk of developing some disease. Below are tips to help you understand how exercising on daily basis can help improve your health.

1. It helps to minimize the risk of getting sick

As you go on moving around, doing one form of exercise or the other, it shows that you are fit to perform one duty or the other, maybe within the workplace or at home. Some illnesses like stroke, arthritis, and other related joint pains will be eradicated. Sometimes when you get sick, having taken your drugs and rested for a while. Try moving around the environment, take 10 minutes or 15 minutes’ walk as a little exercise. When you do this, you are likely to get well quickly. Even those in the hospital do take a walk or move around. It helps for quick recovery.

2. Helps in weight control

When you engage in various physical activities on daily basis, no amount of food intake can make you overweight. But then gaining more weight has no benefit at all, but instead, one will be exposed to such illnesses as diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure. To some people who are overweight and are finding it difficult to lose weight or some people who have moderate weight but finds it difficult to control or manage, exercising daily is the best and simplest method to use and also resolving to a mindful way of eating.

3. Helps to build strong bone

Now take a look at those people who perform sports activities. for instance, the athletics or the footballers, when accidentally they get injured on the spot of activity, after administering a first aid treatment, they immediately go back to the pitch. This is because the activity they engage in will enhance in healing the injury, and make the bone stronger particularly if it’s a minor injury that occurs in the joint. Apart from this, daily exercise keeps your bone strong enough to perform stronger activities.

4. Helps to maintain normal body growth

Take a look at those who engage in a daily exercise like jogging or running. Look at those people who perform sports activities like athletics and even those who always play football. If you look closely at their body built you will realize that they usually have slim, straight growth, and sometimes the muscle size may also increase along with the body shape.

 5. Helps to keep your brain alert

I have observed this myself. Each time I engage in early morning activities of jogging before going to my workplace, I feel alert all day, I get more active in my work. I think straight and clear, and I get things done faster. Regular exercise is very good for the brain. It helps to coordinate your daily activities, keeps your blood flow improved, and helps protect your thinking skills.

6. Improves blood circulation

As you go on daily physical activities, moving your hands, legs, and also breathing fast, that is how the blood in your veins flows normally through every area of your body. Jogging is one form of exercise that helps the circulatory system in your blood including the brain to improve the circulation of blood. When your blood circulates more oxygen and energy are gained.

7. Reduce joint pains

Have you really observed that when you stay so long a time in a particular place, maybe sitting down or standing up for a very long time, then all of a sudden you decides to change position by standing up or sitting down, you gets to feel a little pain in your waist and leg joints, on the knee particularly? Yes, it happens, all because you stayed too long in that position without moving a bit, and remember I said earlier on, that movement is one form of exercise.

8. Reduce stiffness

Experiencing stiffness in any part of the body is usually associated with a lack of body movement. When this stiffness occurs, it means a shortage of blood or non-circulation of blood towards those areas. Then for normal blood circulation to occur, the person has to engage in one form of exercise or the other. You then feel the stiffness reducing gradually until finally restoring to normality.

9. Give you a relaxed sleep

If you are the type that does exercise daily or the kind of person that always carries out domestic activities within the home, you will agree with me that normally after performing one activity or the other especially strenuous one, you get tired and longed to get some rest. Now, any sleep you take will definitely make you feel whole and refreshed, and at the same time, your mind and body feel relaxed.

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