Reasons Women Choose to Stay Single & Be Happy than Marry

A single woman is one who either by choice or by other circumstance decides not to take the nuptial vow with the opposite sex. She has chosen to avoid the aggressiveness and hurdles that go with marital life. And avail herself the opportunity of being happy.

Most people’s observation about the single woman points mostly to fetish belief. They keep seeing the unmarried woman as having reasons that are associated with an evil omen, which keeps her from veering into a matrimonial home. Many convictions have come to establish themselves.

First, the woman has rejected all the suitors that seek her consent in marriage. She dislikes every one of them for one reason or the other. None of them ever met her taste. Maybe she deserves to be with the perfect man.

Second, she might be a gold digger who only wants suitors with gold. She is a rich woman so she is opting for a rich man too. A typical kind of man who can afford her needs, she cannot imagine living a broke life. Again, she sees herself as the most beautiful woman and so wishes to unite with a man of the same endowment.

The question now is, can all these speculations and beliefs about the single woman be true? The answer is so clear to understand. No woman wants to be single and lonely. The reality is that some unwanted circumstance that is beyond their control might have deprived them of getting married. Some of this can relatively be by choice.

However, with the speculations above and my observation, I happen to come across three women who willingly share their different life stories.  They also give reasons why some of their counterparts wish to stay happy while unmarried.

The first woman who happens to be married lives with her husband and kids. “I enjoy the company of my family and I love them too she said. The realization of having commitments and responsibilities makes me feel some sense of belongings to them. Nevertheless, if given a second chance I would rather prefer to stay single and avoid marital responsibilities.

The second woman who got married and had kids got a divorce from her husband. In her opinion, she is full of regrets forever getting married in the first place. She could not bear the pain of leaving her kids behind so she took them along with her. Now she has all the responsibilities because the husband never cares about them. Even while the husband lives with them, he had never cared about his family. She had wished she never married.

The third woman never got married, she feels contentment and at peace with her situation. Initially, she had wanted to accept a proposal from her boyfriend, but experiencing some toxic behaviors from him she decides to settle for a singlehood.

Now, these three women have expressed their life as regards being single women and have made a significant objective. The three of them point specifically to one common purpose which is they choose to remain single and be happy than getting married.

Why did they choose to remain single and why did those who got married have the regret of doing so

The first woman’s reason:

The kids are troublesome

Even though she is happy with her family, she had to handle the burden of domestic chores and the noisy home. She spends most of her time taking care of the home and not having a single time to look after herself.

Financial responsibility

She has to share her monthly allowance in meeting the family’s needs. What baffles her most is the fact that before her commitment she is the only one that benefits from the monthly income. She has enough for herself and this is what makes her happy as a single woman. Now she has to extend the allowance to her kids and sometimes to her husband.

The second woman’s reason

She committed but then got a divorce and has preferred to stay single.

An abusive relationship

She initially got married to a man she thought she could love and live the rest of her life with, but she is wrong. Often and on people, keep settling quarrels between her and her husband. Noting she did could make her husband appreciate her effort. He always sees her as a punching bag, and each time he beats her, she always falls sick. As if that is not enough, the husband never cares about the kids too.

I ask her a question, “Was there any love before they become active couples.” Yes, there was love just for the first six months of the union. Then it suddenly varnished and turns soar. I wish I remain single I would be happy.”

The third woman’s reason

He acts Infidelity

She narrated her experience thus: I thought I could be able to accept my boyfriend’s marriage proposal. Then suddenly I notice some odd behavior from him. He is seeing another woman even while assuring me that I am the only woman in his life.

Several times, I had asked him but he keeps denying it but I am very sure of my suspicion because I have evidence. I do not know what he wants, he is sleeping with another woman and still wants to marry me. Therefore, I just have to reject his Marriage proposal. Now I wish to remain single, I feel all men are like that.

He is Possessive

She again gives a second reason: He is possessive; he keeps tracking my movement and questioning my whereabouts. One thing I cherish most in life is freedom because I travel a lot. I love making new friends and paying visits to them. Lack of restrictions is another reason I love staying unmarried because I cannot bear the pain of losing that freedom.

The three women had all given their different reasons for preferring to stay single than marry. Then generally, they keep giving other opinions and reasons why most women prefer to stay single and live a happy life.

The ego of feminism

Most times when women try to speak their minds and contribute to decisions regarding the affairs in a family. The man simply tags it, “feminism,” but they are wrong. This is another thing that puts some women off in a relationship with the opposite sex; they never ask the opinion of the woman. It is all about their view and decisions that matter.

Most men hate the idea of gender equality; they strongly believe that woman has no say in family matters. So they make their rules and subject the woman to surrender easily. Each time the woman signalizes of making a decision or saying her opinion they quickly dismiss it and say she is being feminist. But the truth is men and women should have equal rights.

Submission to Authority

The issue to be under a man, take orders from him, and submit to his Authority put some women off most times. Women believe that once an official pronouncement is made between a man and a woman as married couples, they are one already. Therefore, every activity should be on equality basis. They would prefer not to have someone give them unnecessary others and still confer them to adhere to it.

The godly life of sisterhood

This refers to the Christian woman who by choice prefers taking the religious devotion. This is a call to perpetual sisterhood to remain in the sight of their maker. This set of women take a vow of never to get married but to serve God and remain happy in his vineyard. Throughout their life, they will have to detest men and every worldly relationship that might connect them to the opposite sex.

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