One-Sided Love; Why You Certainly Need to Avoid It

Do you know what true love really means? I guess if you do you will understand fully well that one-sided love is not in the least advisable. It can be risky.

One-sided love usually takes place in a relationship where the love of one partner is not reciprocated. In other words, it is where one partner fails to understand the real meaning of love. Then directly or unwittingly hurting the other person’s deep fondness.  It is also called unrequited love or unreciprocated love.

Finding true love is finding natural happiness without stringed attached. There are some cases where you might love the other person truly from your heart but are unable to receive any response.

Sometimes, as the case might be. People who get involved in this kind of relationship tend to do everything possible to make the other person reciprocate back. And if it happens thus it usually produces a bad effect.

If the person who had loved is a woman it’s not in the least way respectful for her to make the first move. It’s dishonorable for a woman to want to make a man love her back. Then if the reverse is the case, it is very disheartening for a man to want to make a woman love him back.

Why You Certainly Need to Avoid It

Because it can be treacherous

Yes, it can be unsafe, and you surely need to avoid it. This is because the other person who doesn’t love you as much as you do can do anything to always upset your feelings. The person can size any slightest opportunity available to always make you feel depressed. As such he or she won’t care a bit how you feel either. Then what is the need for the relationship in the first place, because the person who did not love can even be a threat or a betrayal.

Because it can be time-wasting

Supposing you get into a relationship. Then knowing fully well the other partner never loved you as you did and you are hoping that someday the person will love back. You might end up getting disappointed.  As you are hoping and waiting, first he might not say openly to you that he or she doesn’t love you but the person’s action will prove to you.

Secondly, because the person doesn’t have any atom of feelings for you, he or she will never confide in you. Not even any of his plans or secrets which true lovers find easy to do.

Thirdly, as the person is hurting your feelings, he or she is equally looking for true love outside your relationship. So, you see, with all these you will end up wasting your time and quitting the relationship someday.

Because true love comes naturally

Like I said at the beginning, in this context that true love is happiness. If the love is not one-sided then it will be returned. When the love is reciprocated then it means it comes naturally from the heart. Then when this happens everything about the relationship will become beautiful and enjoyable.

Because you can’t force the love to exit

There are some situations where the woman or the man decides to take the laws into their hands by trying to make the other person love back. Maybe, they have tried every means of pleasing the person. Through buying gifts, giving financial support and other things as such, just to make the other person love back. Still, it’s doesn’t work. Then they resort to making it by force and opt for some diabolic means which eventually backfires.

But that’s not advisable, it’s very dangerous. Rather than doing this, it’s best to move away from the person. Also, move away from anything that will bring you in contact with the fellow. If you are already in the relationship then it might mean to either quit or prepare to get a heartbreak someday.

Because you can seek solace in prayer

I always advise people especially women to find comfort in prayer, when they seem to find things difficult. If you loved someone and the love was not returned. Good and fine! Chill! Don’t start thinking up something stupid. Rather than do that, why don’t you resort to prayer? I think that’s the best.  Make a deep meditative prayer that God should provide you with someone who will love you back the way you love the person. Yes, it works.

You can go for counseling

A love that is not reciprocated can be regarded as mere infatuation or being obsessed. Now, the person who had loved will feel wounded at heart. But if it so happened that way, then the person should seek counsel. Let someone who understands the things of the heart give the person some good advice to help the person come back to reality. Don’t go grieving in silence. Find a way to free your heart, and look forward to loving a new person.

Because the end can be disastrous

Sometimes one will begin to imagine why two people would ever agree to build a relationship when one of them doesn’t really love back. Maybe because one among them is rich, or naturally endowed, or was even forced to do so. But whichever be the reason. The relationship may not last long. But if it ever lasts, it might end up being toxic.


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