More Practical Guide to Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

If you desire to maintain a healthy life, you do not just sit down and expect things to happen you need to practice doing certain things. It’s just like adhering to your doctor’s prescription to do some certain thing in other to get healed from the illness.

Although, nowadays you see people live recklessly and feel it is the normal thing that one can get sick and easily cure the sickness. Yes, you can cure the sickness but do you know some illnesses have no cure and we can contract it through the way we recklessly live our lives.

Taking some precautionary measures and putting them into practice can actually make us live healthy for years without having to visit the hospitals.

Let us look at the practical guide below and explain them one after the other,

Practice eating good food

Drink an adequate amount of water

Always eating good fruits

Always add enough vegetables to your meals

Take adequate amount of sleep

Carry out regular Exercise

Clean your homes and environment

Maintain a high level of personal hygiene

Avoid getting sick

Avoid overstressing your body

Practice eating good food

People always think that eating good food means stuffing so much fried beef and fish in the meal. Well, it can be part of it but that does not actually mean good food. Good food simply means eating an adequate number of varieties of foods, but it does not end there.

It implies always changing your diet with the 6 classes of food which include protein, carbohydrate, mineral, fat, fiber, and vitamin, and also how neatly the food is prepared.

The most important aspect of good food is washing the ingredients and utensils used for preparing the food very well. Again, you need to prepare those meals in the right way.

For instance, some foods need to be steam and parboil while some need that you cook them completely well before consumption. Another thing about good food is the neatness of the surroundings where you are cooing the food.

A dirty surrounding definitely is not hygienic enough to prepare a good meal because one can as well contract germs from eating such food.

Eating good food also entails adding the required quantity of ingredients to the food. This is because if you include more salt or add more spice more than enough; the food might be unhealthy to eat.

Drink an adequate amount of water

Always make it a habit to moderate your intake of water. Drink enough water whenever you are thirsty. Apart from when thirsty, practice the rules of drinking water, do not just be drinking water always to avoid water intoxication.

Water is very good for health. It performs so many functions in every human body ranging from the fact that:

It helps cells to function properly

It helps in the digestion of every intake to the human body and helps to flush out waste materials that are not useful.

This same water produces the urine and sweat that forms the waste from the body.

Water also helps to regulate body temperature.

Notwithstanding the whole benefits that water gives, it does not mean we should always be seen drinking water.

Always eat good fruits

Take enough varieties of fruits at all times, and endeavor to take them in the required quantity. Simply because fruits and foods are essential to the body do not mean you should take them too much. Eating fruits regularly can help reduce the risk of developing such diseases as cancer, diabetes, heart disease.

You need to avoid eating some fruits on daily basis. Some of them are Mango, banana, watermelon, and fig. Eat those fruits in the required quantity to avoid having high sugar levels, and always wash them before eating. Among the six classes of food, fruits are very rich in fiber minerals, and vitamins.

Always add enough vegetables to your meals

Ordinarily, the best way of eating vegetables is to include them in your meals while preparing. Vegetables have low calories and fats, just as fruits it also help to prevent chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease. Vegetables work the same as fruits giving almost the same nutritional benefits as the other. They are very essential to maintaining human life. It helps to nourish the skin giving it a youthful appearance.

Carry out regular Exercise

Exercise is the movement of your muscles, joints, and other parts of your body making you produce sweat, breath heavily, and in the process burn calories. Regular exercise is very essential to health. It helps you stay strong and fit avoiding some related diseases associated with joints like; arthritis, Lupus, Gout.

Every individual benefits from regular exercise but mostly in adults, as they grow older their bones are getting stronger. Exercise is very important even if you do not do it on regular basis, you can resolve to some simple indoor exercise, to maintain a healthy life.

Always take an adequate amount of sleep and rest

Take good care of your normal sleeping hours. Do not extend your working hours to compromise with the time you are expected to be sleeping or resting. No matter how you try to deprive yourself of sleeping when the SCN in the human brain sends a signal to the pineal gland, you will have no other option but to sleep.

Having enough sleep is very important; at least resting 9 hours out of the 24 hours in a day will make you feel fresh and energetic as you wake up. You can as well take some minutes that might not be up to an hour during the day to take a little snap. It all helps to maintain healthiness.

Clean your homes and environment

A dirty environment and surroundings attract germs and bacteria that attack human health and expose one to illness that can cause chronic disease. There is nothing so enticing as a sparkling neat home and environment it helps to maintain healthiness.

Keeping your home clean regularly helps you to avoid the risk of contracting diarrhea. If places like the toilet are always in dirtiness it brings about infections of all types. Keeping your home and surroundings clean involves dusting, sweeping, cutting grasses, and disinfecting everywhere.

Maintain a high level of personal hygiene

This simply means whole body cleanliness. Taking care of your physical appearance also contributes to living a healthy life. Take your bath and brush your teeth regularly.

Wash your hands now and then because your hand is the only organ that goes directly to your mouth, eye, and nose. Many germs out there can make you sick. Wash your clothes and underwear and change them regularly.

Avoid getting sick

Visit your doctor when you perceive a symptom of illness, and avoid self-medication if you dint consult your specialist for directions.

Although you might maintain all the rules above and assume, that illness is far out of reach. Yes, it can be possible to be out of reach but remember you also move along the road and at the same time meet a different kinds of people. In the cause of meeting people, you might hug them, shake hands and speak with them.

Think of airborne diseases like influenza, tuberculosis, chickenpox, and the common cold that is transferable.  You might get sick or contract these illnesses even if you follow the practical tips mentioned above. Yet you can prevent yourself by distancing yourself from people that is; if you avoid coming closer to them especially if you know they have such illness.

Avoid overstressing your body

Stress is giving your body restlessness and feelings of devastation. Most people will like to work from morning and then at night when they were supposed to take a rest they are still working.

Even at the point of weariness, they still struggle to work. Such situations usually tell on one’s health. If an individual continues like this and care is not taking, the person will definitely fall sick

Over-stressing your body does not make you a hard-working person but it endangers your health. If you fall sick cause of overworking yourself the work will still go on even while you are not there to do the work. So, work at the normal hour and rest your human body at the normal hours too.

Remember Health is Wealth.


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