Lust Vs. Love: How to Tell the Difference and Signs

We are trying to put side by side the meaning of lust and love in a relationship. Lust is a negative force that produces a strong desire to possess or has someone. It is usually a craving backed by depravity, an unenthusiastic factor that goes with infatuation, which leaves its victims in regret at the end.

While Love is a positive force that produces a deep emotional feeling, wrap up in intimacy and wiliness to commit to someone. When we say that love never dies, it is the emotional aspect that lives forever. Love can be the opposite of lust. It is either you love someone for real or you lust after him or her. Therefore, Love is always true but if it is not, then it is Lust.

How to tell the difference between Lust and Love

Lust is immorality while Love is Moral

The Holy Bible described lust as a sin, something not pleasing to God. So, you can imagine what is not gratifying to your creator can be evil as well. On the other hand, Love is decent signifying upright. Still, in the same Bible, it Quotes that, “love bears all things” this at least shows that anything that comes out of love should be God-like.

Lust is negative while Love is positive

Lust can be harmful and unenthusiastic. When a person lusts after his fellow, deep within him he knows there is no such thing as joy in his feelings. At that moment his thoughts are categorized by a strong desire to possess. While love is equipped with safety and a feeling of optimism categorized with emotions of joy. You are sure that what your heart is telling you is right. 

Lust is false while Love is true

Lust can be deceitful and to realize it you will only be interested in getting what you want from your victim. Then afterward you will have nothing to do with him or her. The person becomes a secondary issue or a foregone alternative. While love never dies, it does not want anything in the first place other than to be with its victim at all times. Even if it wants something, getting it will not be enough, as the love will continue to the end. Therefore, there is no such thing as fake love, it is either the person loves you or he is lusting after you.

Lust fades easily while Love stands the test of time

Lust immediately ends the moment it achieves its purpose on its prey. That is when the strong desire to possess will subside and usher in the reality. At this point, the culprit and its victim will begin to nurse some sort of regrets. When love achieves its purpose, it keeps living even when its victim is no more. Sometimes when you love someone and eventually the person dies, his or her memory continues to live in you. Love has a longer life span or we can say that it is immortal. This is the reason why the Bible quotes it that, “God is Love”.

Lust is always terrified while Love is full of courageous

When someone is lusting after you, he will always do it in secret trying to be anonymous to the public. This is because he knows what he is doing is not right. With Love, the person takes a bold step, knowing what he feels within is real. He is not afraid of losing because he knows that if the fellow is not for him then there is someone else for him.

Lust can hurt its pre while Love can protect

Lust can hurt its victim’s feelings to any extent and still feels no regrets about it. Love will always find a way of protecting its victim even if it may cost its life, knowing that its motive is genuine.

How to tell the signs between Lust and Love

Where care is absent, it is lust.

He or she never gets worried about how you fare in life, and never wants to discuss it with you. Never interested in sharing your problems and never get disturbed at your challenges. It is Lust not Love  

Where communication is all about sex.

He or she does not like talking about any other thing except that which involves sex and other areas of lovemaking. Once you change the topic to something else, the person gets up and leaves. This is a sign of lust

When the person only calls or communicates with its prey when he needs him or her to satisfy his selfish urge and not the other way round. It is a sign of Lust

Where there are lies at all times.

There is never a single truth associated with Lust. It is full of empty and unfulfilling promises and always in disguise. He or she finds a way of giving one flimsy excuse or the other even when caught in the art. It is Lust.

Where there is narcissism and selfish interest, it is lust. It does not care who the victim is so long its prior motive is to achieve its aim. Lust will always want you to do its will. It does not care about your feelings

Where there is greed, it is Lust. The person is not ever willing to share anything with you, even when you plead to have it still feels selfish. On the other hand, he or she is very desperate to have yours.

Finally, it can only be Love which is the exact opposite of all the signs listed above. Therefore, for anyone who is baffled at the kind of relationship he or she is having. Look out for those signs at the initial stage and judge within you the right step to take