Low Self-Esteem: How to Overcome and Improve Rapidly

What is low self-esteem?

It is the abnormal regard for ones worth, and a feeling of low value towards circumstances, events, or with other people around. It includes introversion and hesitance of mind.  

It is not a crime when you feel insecure about yourself. It is equally not a crime when you lack the adequacy and confidence to establish your principles. However, it can be inexcusable if you understand your worth but choose to dwell in your nest of inferiority.

You can only realize your low self-esteem when you however understand yourself and what you are capable to fulfill in life but lacks the courage. When we think of low self-esteem, we remember inferiority complex. It is associated with not being able to regard one’s ability in life. It is associated with the act of always being available to other people’s mercies and control.

Sometimes, we characterize low self-esteem as not having the willpower to decide and know what is best to be in life. A low value of oneself in thought and action, but sometimes it does not include words. For instance, when you hear the person speak, you will get to realize that the person has the knowledge but only lacks exposure.

How to overcome and improve rapidly

In life, everything is possible if you definitely believe and work towards achieving it. Overcoming low self-esteem is very much possible. So, let us take the following steps:

Realize your importance in life

You will get to realize your importance when you see others raising to fame and gaining recognition in different ways. More especially if those people are close friends or relations. The urge and desire to flow along will definitely come over you. You want to be like them and this is how you get to realize your importance.

Understanding your worth will however make you understand that those characteristics you saw in your friends are also in you. Deep down in your thought, you can hear your own voice telling you, “I want to be like”. It brings about admiration. It starts by asking your inner self, “If I can do this or that.” Your conclusion becomes, “yes I want to be a president, a lawyer, a doctor, whoever appeals to you. “Yes I can be whatever I want to be in life”.

This in actual sense is a complete statement of someone who realizes his importance. Not everyone is born with low self-esteem, although a good observation may indicate someone with low self-esteem right from birth. The fact inherent may as well be present in environmental influence, choice of association, and communication level. All this contributes to social exposure in the life of the individual.

There is no way an individual striving to overcome low self-esteem can escape the thought of not realizing his importance. This is the first step to victory. It is the first step that ejects the person to reality and a call to action. There is a difference between realizing your worth and not having financial support. When you realize your importance, you will make every effort for financial support. Making effort exposes you to overcoming low self-esteem. 

You need to decide to overcome

You will only get to change your low self-esteem and gain self-confidence when you strongly believe and resolve in your heart that you want to do so. The spirit and the body are what make up a normal human being. Therefore, the spirit must be in agreement with the physical body to produce action.

Take for instance; you can only embark on a project when you willfully resolve in your heart to carry out such a project. Not alone resolving but also having a strong desire for action.

An individual who is struggling with low self-esteem and strongly wants to overcome will start by making a valid decision. Remember when you decide, it is one step further to conquering. Let us take another instance; it is like finding yourself addicted to a habit. You find it difficult to give up on that habit, and you realize that having that habit in you will not do you any good.

Yes, you cannot give up ordinarily but you can only give up if you make a solid decision to take the opposite.  Take another instance, supposing someone decides to withdraw you from such a habit without your intention to do it. It will not work out because your spirit is not in agreement with it and you dint decide to do it.

Of a truth, low self-esteem brings with it so much harm in the life of its victim. It deprives growth and improvement. In the real sense does not build a positive future.

Fight the spirit of fear

What is fear? It is a disliking or an uneasy feeling about danger or pain likely to cause harm. Just like, “brave, boldness, and confidence.” There is a spirit behind each one. So also, it is with fear. Low self-esteem accompanies the spirit of fear. When you lack the confidence to struggle and achieve something great.

You visualize yourself as not eligible enough to attain a certain position. You look at the risk involve and easily conclude that you cannot do it. “It’s a big risk”, but there within, you think highly and crave for it, and you wish to achieve it. The problem lies in you not possessing the zeal and encouragement.

Looking more into this issue, you will understand that people who struggle with low self-esteem really want other people to encourage them to come out of it.  This happens when they recognize it is something they cannot do when left alone.

Now, in this case, how do we fight the spirit of fear? Without encouragement or when there is no one to encourage us. It is very simple, the moment you realize your importance and make a strong decision, you immediately see yourself taking action. Action surpasses fear, and when you overcome fear, you gain confidence. That is when you start improving rapidly.

Overcome the spirit of shy

Sometimes we illustrate shyness as having low self-esteem because shyness is rooted in low quality. It is not able to meet up to expectations. In the same vein, we cannot depict shyness to fear because a shy person can still take risks. The person can also confront things boldly but can only do so personally without people’s awareness.

The issue of low self-esteem comes in when the need arises for the person to defend himself in public or out show his confidence openly. The person automatically lacks confidence, feels inferior and shy.  If the individual with low self-esteem can be able to overcome shyness, the person is another step ahead to overcoming rapidly.

Get rid of isolation 

Another issue to consider in trying to overcome low self-esteem is isolation. Have you get to meet people who isolate themselves from others. Such people tend to be more nervous timid in nature. Although, no individual can boast of having every quality in life, neither can anyone boast of lacking everything.

Isolation also brings low self-esteem. It shuts the individual out from fellow human interaction and social association. If the individual constantly isolates, the person is bound to experience a lack of confidence and hatred. The person might still be a brave fellow but they will still be a space for low self-esteem in him.   

Overcoming low self-esteem is making up your mind and improving rapidly is taking action

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