How to Stop Procrastinating: A Tool for Self-Development

 Many things can constitute one’s hindrance to development in life.  Those things we ignorantly or forgetfully do without taking into consideration the negative future effect.

Many a time we feel so energetic inwardly but outwardly, we feel lacking in strength to carry out some task. Those tasks are likely to help us achieve one transformation or the other in life.

What is procrastination?

Procrastination is the action we take when we decide to adjourn or differ a task that needs to be done immediately or within a particular time. It goes along to include the voluntary or involuntary postponement of an issue, that is either important or less significant. When sometimes It is either rescheduling to take place at the present or future date.

When we voluntarily procrastinate

This happens when out of your own free will, decides to let a particular task or issue that could easily be done immediately lie in wait while ignoring it. When we voluntarily forward a task to take place tomorrow it might be because of having much of that task and not having enough time to meet up with it. On the other hand, overwhelming could simply be the cause of not concluding the rest. While some other times it does not depict overwhelming but an indication of being too lazy to clear up the assignment.

When we involuntarily procrastinate

This is when we cannot help it, there is no other option available to take so, the only alternative becomes to suspend the issue. An indication that shows it is involuntary is by doing a follow-up of that issue not at a convenient date but with immediate effect. However, this does not reflect procrastination, but because it is not done immediately it produces the image of postponement. Again, it is an involuntary adjournment.

Our main concern here is how to deal with the act of voluntary postponement of things without minding the consequential effect in the future.

Stop procrastinating

Can we really stop procrastinating? Every human being on earth in one way or the other exhibits the habit of pushing issues forward to the next day. Even the next day we still feel unwilling in continuing with the task and that makes it a future agenda. Alright, it’s not all about ignoring issues but it’s all about getting things done at the right time to prevent future damage.

There is every tendency that when we do things immediately we gain satisfaction and some positive reward towards it. Time and tide wait for no one we should make use of many opportunities that give us immediate confrontation. When we become bore of some task we push our slothfulness aside and replace it with effort. This gives us some sense of inner relieve

Stop procrastinating and make a list

Most times it is not as a result of pushing duties and issues aside but the consequences become forgetting entirely that we suspend an issue. Not until it becomes too late, we then seem to do the little of the task we set aside.

Why do we forget after procrastinating? Forgetfulness usually happens when we voluntarily postpone those duties, that is when we show some sign of less importance or engulfing.  A simpler way of overcoming procrastinating issues is by making a detailed list of what you need to accomplish. As you keep adjourning issues you make sure to stick to your list.

The list might just help you to remember but not procrastinate, but as you look at the list it reminds you of many tasks that you need to finish. So that makes you stop including more tasks in arrears and start completing issues immediately. 

A tool for self-development

There are some facts we do not seem to take into consideration, and that is when we ignore some things that need immediate attention by procrastinating. Consequently, when damage occurs, its adverse effect may deprive us of an important opportunity that could increase our successful development. Self-development has got to do with making use of an immediate opportunity and also striving continuously to excel.

How then can one achieve self-development when in essence an opportunity that needs utilizing is thrown away by procrastination? The issue of the differing task comes like an urge, which everyone that needs self-growth is liable to conquer.

This is because we make a present plan and also plan for the future. These plans are strictly for self-development. So, what happens when you set aside a project that can lead to success then on reaching your target time you seem to suspend your idea? The reason for postponing your plan does not have any solid ground. You just feel it is not necessary to continue with your plan and worse still, you have no alternative. You are simply procrastinating.

How procrastinating issues can hinder self-development

When you get rid of procrastination, you see yourself acting immediately to decisions. It shows self-determination towards attaining a target goal. Humans are not as perfect as they ought to be but putting effort can make them near perfect. Procrastinating issues can really deprive you of growth physically and mentally.

The way you think also goes a long way to reflects in your actions. Even in thought, you seem to push back ideas only to end up not conceiving any dreams for future growth. This also happens when you make immediate plan visioning yourself for a bigger opportunity you only wake up to find yourself pushing your dreams aside.

You seem to take solace in time. Rescheduling events and rescheduling things. You seem to forget that as you are rescheduling things you are not only wasting time but also missing good opportunities that can give you something worthful in life.


Procrastination also means pushing aside opportunities that can make give you self-development in life. It is best to try and complete the task immediately and lie in wait for another task rather than packing up chores and issues and lacking oneself behind.

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