How to Start Over in Life; Take This 8 Simple Approach

Do you know there’s a certain point in life when some people feel their life is in a mess? They don’t want to live again. Do you realize there are some certain points in life when some people feel their life has come to an end? So, they can’t continue the journey of life? Do you know that some people at a point in their life feel like taking their own very life, and stop existing?

Starting over in life is a big opportunity to make your life the best again. Although, it’s not always easy to start over, once started it’s always the best. Yes, many people feel this way when confronted by different circumstances which they think are beyond them.

A story was told about a couple who got engaged and was about to wed but a few months to the wedding the bride had an accident and died at the spot. The groom thought he could never live again, but he was consoled and told to start over in life a new life and move on.

Another story was told about a lady who was disappointed by her fiancé and broke the engagement between them. At first, she thought she would never live again. So, she opts for suicide but she was consoled and told to start over in life, a new life, and move on.

Yet another story was told about a young man who was imprisoned for 15 months on grounds of illegal possession of hard drugs. He was living on hard drugs, but when he was pardoned and set free, he was told to start over in life, a new life, different from the old life.

Again, another story was told about a man whose house was set ablaze and he lost everything he has, his family, his documents, his properties, and other valuables. He ran to a river to get drowned, but the neighbors stopped him. They tried to console him to start over in life, a new life.

There was yet again another situation, this time it was a case of betrayal from a very trusted friend. The trusted fellow decided to abscond with a contract. A business contract worth millions of dollars, that was awarded to his fellow friend. The supposed owner of the contract thought he had lost it all and life was just useless. But he was given counsel to move on, he still has better days ahead.

It feels so painful, and horrifying to witness such situations and circumstances. it’s one of the life challenges, but then what other option do you have other than to be consoled, and start over in life, a new life. There are many ways to start afresh when you think all is lost, and there is no more hope. Some of the ways to help and encourage you to get back on track are listed below.

8 Ways of Starting Over in Life

1. Change your environment

Move out of your immediate environment temporally or can be permanent. Take a walk out of wherever you are staying. When you are being confronted by a situation that makes you feel you can’t live again or you want to give up. The best solution at the moment is to vacate such an environment.

2. Travel on a vacation

Travel out, go on a vacation or take a trip to a faraway place. Go on a vacation where you can meet new people and perhaps make new friends who don’t know what happened in your life. Those new people can tell you different stories which can help erase the past from your memory.

3. Don’t resolve to be alone

Don’t always stay alone. Move out of your house on daily basis, take a walk on the streets, on the road, and try a visit to friends and relations. Where you can chat and talk about new things. Again, you can also visit neighbors next door. Don’t  give chances of being consumed by your misfortune otherwise people around might identify it as your weakness 

4. Discard all pictures

Remove all objects of attraction. Objects like pictures, videos, recorded voices of those people, that can make you bring back memories, and give you a heavy heart each time you look at them. Try removing them aside it can help you regain yourself quickly.

5. Try a new thing

Do something completely different. Find new things to do, maybe things you have not been doing for a long time. For instance, you got betrayed by a trusted friend, and you so much felt the effect all over you. If you are the type that doesn’t engage in sports activities, then you can start participating in one of them. By moving out of your home very early every morning and doing one or two of them. Just try something good you have not done before.

6. Get yourself always busy.

When such a situation as this confronts you, staying idle and alone is not the best. If maybe you are the type that lives alone, then whenever you feel lonely start some domestic chores. While doing it put a song on your lips, hymns of praise would be better.

7. Talk to your pastor

Try discussing your problems with a trusted friend, or relation. Make a good step towards confiding in someone you know can help you come out of your trauma, or give the advice to help alleviate your burden. Such a person can best be your pastor or spiritual adviser.

8. Watch some movies

Watch horror movies as well as comedies. This is for those experiencing heartbreaks. Watching horror movies while in your situation won’t make you kill or fight. But it will make your heart stay strong, willing to forget and move on. And watching comedies will cheer you up, and make you laugh away your pains.

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